When applying for ID documents, such as a passport, you must provide a photo of yourself. However, not all of the photos you took are qualified. Sometimes you may be rejected by the government agency in the passport application process because the photo you submit is invalid. If you are troubled by this, read below and ask for more help.

Why Should We Use Passport Photo Resizer?

Each country uses a different and strict passport size, such as 2 by 2 inches in the U.S. and 35 by 45 mm in Australia, to recognize a person’s facial features. To avoid passport application being rejected, your photo should meet the requirements of your county’s passport photos. And you need to use passport photo resizers to help you get compliant photos. If you ‘re struggling to find some easy and user-friendly photo resizers, this article will list several online and mobile tools available to resize photos to passport size.

How to Resize Photo to Passport Size?

There are so many passport photo tools to convert passport photo sizes on the market. To change your passport photos to the correct size, now we’ve selected the top 5 popular online tools and mobile apps for you. Before we start a detailed review on passport photo resizers, here’s a list for a quick look:

  • Persofoto
  • 123PassportPhoto
  • Passport Photo—ID Photo
  • ID Photo-Passport Photo Maker
  • AiPassportPhotos

PersoFoto – Web

PersoFoto is a widely used online photo generator where you can easily create your free passport, visa and other ID photos and convert an image into a passport-sized photo quickly. If you hate complexity, the tool will definitely be your first choice for its simple process.

If you need to hold dual or non-UK citizenship, there are many passport photo templates for different countries, and the issuing authority is up-to-date with the requirements. In addition, after the picture is selected, you can manually move its position, rotate it, and enable the mask option. After your passport image is cropped and you can choose to download the resized image for free.

But there are limitations with the tool’s simplicity. There are no specific guidelines or clear tips in the editor, so you have no clue what to do when you take your passport photo for the first time. And the free passport photo generator does not check crucial aspects, such as whether the photo quality meets the official passport requirements.


  • Free to download resized photos.
  • Straightforward editing interface.
  • Supports many types of photos, such as driving licence, passport, visa, health card, etc.
  • Many countries’ ID photo makers are available.
  • Support printing service and image retouching service. (In paid version for £7.95 or around $10.20)
  • Safeguard privacy. All uploaded images will be automatically deleted after 30 days.


  • No clear guidelines.
  • No compliance check. (Only in a paid version)
  • No background removal.
  • No option for batch processing.

123PassportPhoto – Web

123PassportPhoto is a global online editor tool where you can make your own passport photos and print them yourself. If you already have a digital photo, you can use this tool to resize the picture to passport size according to the different required size of the country. All you need to do is select the country and photo ID type you want. It supports 50+ countries such as USA, UK, Australia, and more. In order to take a passport photo correctly, remember that the image you upload should be less than 10MB and smaller than 4000 X 3000 pixels. And the system only accepts JPEG and JPG formats. Their premium feature can help you to automatically adjust the photo after you add it, so you can get a white background passport photo. It also offers white background enhancement options. Finally, you will get a ultra high resolution printable passport picture which can be printed on 4R (4×6″) photo paper sheet or for online use.


  • It supports 50+ countries’ different ID photos.
  • Choose various white background enhancement photos.
  • Clear and specific guidelines.
  • Compliance check available.


  • Only supports JPEG and JPG formats.
  • Uploaded image size is fixed, less than 10M with 4000 X 3000 pixels.
  • You can download photos and remove watermarks after paying $8.90.


Passport Photo—ID Photo-iOS & Android

We know how difficult it is to take DIY passport photos at home. And if you want to do everything on your phone, this app will be a good choice. With this passport photo app, you can follow basic and easy instructions on converting, resizing and saving photos in seconds, as well as adjusting the light exposure and contrast of your picture. It also comes with passport image templates for 100 countries. Easily select the picture from your library or take a photo with this app right now. When you take a photo, it shows passport photo height restrictions on the head and chin on the screen. Like putting your head and chin in a pre-filled section. However, you can’t remove the background in the free version. You’d better use a white background.


  • Simple editing interface.
  • Adjust light exposure.
  • Supports many types of documents.
  • Large database of countries.
  • Instructions for taking photos.


  • Disturbing ads.
  • No background removal. (Only in paid version for $6.99)
  • No compliance check.

ID Photo-Passport Photo Maker-iOS

Just like the previous tool, this free iOS photo editor app also cares about your convenience. The operation is intuitive, the fastest you just need to click 3 times. Upload a picture or take a photo on the app and choose a full list of document types based on your country’s needs. You can make your ID photo look better with photo beautification. It also supports changing smart identification backgrounds with blue, red and white colors, and changing men and women dress to meet passport photo requirements. Resizing your image into a passport photo is relatively simple. Here you can save, share and print your converted photo. But you can’t download the photo until you watch the 30s ad or choose ID Photo Pro. And the app doesn’t provide users with detailed tips on how to take a passport photo at home in the first place—you only get an example and suggestions on how to pick an ideal background.


  • User friendly and easy to use interface.
  • Supports many types of documents.
  • Large database of countries.
  • Photo beatification, adjusting brightness, saturation and beauty.
  • Intelligent identification background.
  • Photo shape selection – square or rectangular


  • No compliance check
  • Annoying ads. (ID photo pro can let you enjoy unlimited ID photos and remove all ads. But you need to pay $2.49/month.)

AiPassportPhotos offers a cost-effective solution to create your digital biometric photos online in seconds and allows you to obtain printable photos that meet the official requirements of different countries. As an AI technology passport photo resizer, it works like a photo booth in your home. With simple and automatic processing, one click to upload the photo you have, and let AiPassportPhotos do the left. It can intelligently review your passport photos online and resizes photos to 35×45 mm, 2×2 inch and other general ID photo sizes in a flash. No matter what kind of photos you want, passports, visas, ID, or driver’s licenses for businesses or individuals, this image resizer can convert it into a 100% compliant picture in minutes. Immediately get printable passport photos for your application.


  • Smart AI-technology photo tool – processing the photo in seconds
  • Easy and user-friendly interface.
  • Offer suggestions to take your photo, if the photo turns out to be inadequate.
  • Free compliance check for free.
  • Support multiple countries’ passport photo needs.
  • Provide some image editor tools:old photo restoration, photo color correction and blur background.


  • No free download. (As a new user, you can get 5 free credits. But if you want more, you need to pay for it. Downloading a picture needs 2 credits, $5 for monthly/40 credits, or choose $2.99 for 3 credits, check more on the price section.)
  • Annoying ads at the top.


Can I use a selfie for a passport photo?

According to the U.S. Department of State’s official passport rules, you are not allowed to take selfies for passport photos. However, if you use a selfie stick or tripod to take the photo and change it with passport photo editors, then you can get a homemade passport picture. Consider using AiPassportPhotos to turn your selfie into a passport photo.

Can I make a 2×2in passport photo?

Yes. Depending on the official guidelines, passport size photos vary. You can use AiPassportPhoto photo converter and other resizer tools that will crop your picture to 2×2” size or other sizes.


If you are looking for a simple tool to resize your passport images to meet country-specific requirements, online photo resizer AiPassportpor would be the best choice. This program can quickly resize an image in various formats to your desired size and has the key element of passport photo compliance. The subscription is free to choose. If you only want one or two printable photos, pay-as-you-go plan is your prefect choice. Now get ready for quick, professional results without leaving your home.

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