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Infant and Baby Passport Photos

If you are planning to fly to a foreign country with your family, a valid US passport will be needed, regardless of the age.


For most parents, making passport photos for kids has always been a tough job to be done, especially for the little ones. So, we will show you some useful tips and tricks on how to make a perfect baby passport photo at home.


It’s crucial to note that infant passport photo requirements are much less stringent than those for adults or older children. As for infants, closed eyes and an open mouth are allowed, as well as unnatural facial expressions. However, please keep in mind that the baby’s face should not be covered by toys, hands, or other objects.

US Baby Passport Photo Requirements

A baby passport in the United State must meet the same requirements as a regular passport photo:

  •  The photo must be in color.
  •  The photo should be of good quality.
  • The photo should be sharp with no single pixels.
  •  The photo must be taken within the last six months.
  •  The face of the baby should be shown in a frontal view.
  •  The face of the baby should occupy 70-80% of the picture.
  • The face of the baby should reflect the natural color of the skin tone.
  • The face of the baby should be evenly illuminated on both sides.
  •  The size of the photo should be 2x2 inches or 51x51mm.
  •  The resolution of the picture requires 301 dpi.
  •  The background color should be white only.
  •  There should be no objects or other people in the picture.

Tips for Photographing an Infant or Very Young Child

Now that you know the basic rules of baby passport requirements, you can easily and quickly take passport photos of your baby at home. There are some things you should be aware of when taking a passport photo for the young:

  • Positioning the Baby: One of the simplest ways to take a perfect passport photo of your baby is to lay him or her on the back of a white sheet and make sure that there are no shadows on the face, then take a photograph as quickly as possible.
  • Choose the Right Time: The best time of the day to take a baby’s passport photo is obviously the daytime. As for newborns, you can take their passport photos when they fall asleep, and it’s also acceptable for their eyes and mouth to be closed.
  • Select the Best Place: Pick a room in the house that your young child is familiar with, which will greatly help in taking a satisfactory photograph.
  • Lighting: All passport photos should be taken using natural lighting. If the light of the room is too bright, you can diffuse the light by drawing the curtains to make it softer and less intense.
  • Clothes and Hairstyle: It is advised to dress your child in some colorful clothes as this will be a good contrast in the picture. Any hairstyle is fine as long as the hair of the child does not cover his face in any way.
  • Positioning the Camera: The camera has to be parallel to your baby’s face, and you need to leave some space for the baby’s head. The smartphone should not be placed at an angle, and the baby should be in the middle position with his face straight on. 

What Are The Most Common Mistakes in Passport Photo for a Baby?

The case is people often repeat their mistakes when taking U.S. passport photos of their newborns and children. If you try to take a photo at home, you had better understand the important rules about how to take a good baby passport photo yourself.

  • Unacceptable Background: The most common reasons that lead to a newborn passport photo rejection are usually the incorrect background or even not using one at all. The background needs to be plain white. 
  • Wrong Dimensions and Low Quality: Incorrect size, low resolution, and the bad quality of the passport photo are also common reasons for the rejection of your child's passport photo. Bear in mind that the photo should be perfect and follow all the mentioned above requirements. 
  • Shadows in The Picture: It is unacceptable that any passport photo with shadows either on the face or on the background. So, please make sure that the light is evenly lit. 
  • Do Not Look Straight at The Camera: This is the most simple rule that most people will forget on a frequent basis. If a newborn does not look directly at the lens, the application for the passport will surely be rejected. 

How to Take US Baby Passport Photos on Your Own?

Now that you know the basic infant passport photo requirements, you can get a high-quality and standard passport photo of your baby without stepping out. Editing or DIY the baby photo online can help you save time and money, without the need to wait in lines with your little ones at a photo booth. Take a closer look at how to take a perfect US baby passport photo in the following:

1. Select the Place: Select and pick a room in your house that your infant is familiar with - which will obviously increase the chance of taking a successful photo.

2. Look at The Camera: When people take baby photos, they typically smile, shake things and make faces. This is awesome for candid photos. However, infant passport photos should have a neutral expression. Therefore, try to use another way to get the baby focus on your rather than other tricks.

3. Set up The Picture: Usually, the easiest way is to lay babies flat with their heads facing up and take the photo from above. However, if your baby is a newborn, he or she will likely not have enough head control for this. In this case, you can spread the white sheet in the car seat or bath seat, and set the baby down on top of it.

4. Upload Passport Photos Online: Al-Photo - This service lets you know whether the photo meets all the compliance requirements and directly sends the digital format to your email inbox.

Printing Baby Photos for U.S. Passport

Now, you are only one step left of the entire process - and that is printing the baby passport photo that you have just successfully taken yourself! In case you need to print the baby photos for the US passport, you can use our photo tool to get digital images of your baby sent directly to your email so that you can later print them at any drugstore or photo printing center near you. 

If you have made up your mind to print the photo yourself, you need to ensure that they are printed on high-quality photo paper as well as in perfect size. To avoid errors, you can prepare a 4 x 6 photo template with an AI-Photo passport photo maker online and print your pictures at any photo department, store, or studio for a cheaper price. 

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