Images for USA Official Documents

The official identification documents of America include passport cards, identity cards, permanent resident cards(green cards) and minor's IDs. Though they serve for different purposes and have different application processes, they all have pictures attached to show the appearance of the holder. Thus, before your application, you should prepare your picture well. If you have little knowledge about the photo regulations, don't worry, because our AI-based photo editing tool has mastered them. So, feel assured to upload your image to our website and we will give a perfect one back to you.

Photo Requirements of American Official Documents

The U.S. passport photo, baby passport photo and EAD card photo all have the same size, resolution and background color. To be specific, they are 2 in wide and 2 in high with 301 dpi and white background.

Before snapping your pictures, check the related regulations below. The image must be lit well, clear and in sharp focus. Any blurred, pixelated, overexposed or underexposed pictures will be unacceptable. The picture must have the correct size. If its size is not compliant, you can use our online photo creator to crop it to the right size. The entire face and the upper part of shoulders of the applicant must be included in the frame. The facial features of the applicant should be clearly presented in the photo, so the applicant should take off his/her glasses (if possible) before shooting, or their eyes will be blocked by the reflection on the glasses lenses. Besides, the applicant should submit colored photos taken within six months.