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Spotlights of AI-Photo
Advantages of our solution

Cost-Effective Solution

AI-Photo can generate your digital biometric photos online in seconds, allowing you to get them printed at stores that provide photo services at a more favorable price.

AI Processing Technology

The inception and application of AI technology is our trump card, which examines your passport photos online intelligently. Let modern technology escort your passport photos!

Ensured Compliance

Rejection is depressing, but you will never experience discouragement anymore with the fully-featured photo tool, for AI-Photo will ensure 100% acceptance of your photos.

Time Saver for Photos

Gone are days when you have to spend hours lining up for taking photos at a photo studio. With the help of AI-Photo, you can get your online passport photos at home in seconds.

How Does AI-Photo Work?

  • Upload an image

  • Crop size automatically

  • Save printable template

  • Cut it out and use it

Proven Compliance-Guaranteed Photos

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    AI Facial Detection Without Delay

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    Fulfillment for Different Biometric Photos

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    Instant Photo Processing and Qualified Results

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  • It is so convenient to take my passport photo online. I am unwilling to go to the photo studio to make the passport photo. This online photo editor helps me out! I just follow a few steps and can get my picture. Amazing!

    Samantha Jones, UK

    Recreation and parks director

  • I appreciate this passport photo generator. It is very useful and helps a lot when perfecting my passport photo to meet all the requirements. All I need to do is upload my picture and wait. Love it!

    Paige Burns, US

    Gaming machine repairer

  • My friends tell me that I can make my passport size photo online so I try AI-Photo. I am completely satisfied with the results. Just wait for a few seconds so can I get my standard passport photo. I don’t need to go to a professional studio anymore!

    Rosie Bartlett, PH

    Mine examiner

  • It surprised me that I can get my ID photo at such a low price! I can save a lot of money since I have a large demand for taking my passport pictures. If only I had found this online editor earlier. Highly recommended!

    Ella Blake, AU

    Nutrition director

  • I must say this online picture editor is very professional. It helps me to adjust my photo to a standard one, saving me a lot of energy and time. Thank you so much!

    Lucas Howe, ZA

    HIV/AIDS nurse

  • Excellent online passport photo maker! The processing speed is very fast and can provide me with a perfect picture within seconds. I can take my ID photo at home at any time I want. It is so convenient! I can say goodbye to any photo studio!

    Toby Connor, UK

    Information systems manager

  • Simple and easy to use. The homepage information is concise and easy to follow. There are also some pictures to lead you to every step. It is indeed a very friendly online editor. Very good!

    Brandon Byrne, IN

    Clinical manager

  • Awesome! With the help of this passport photo generator, I can take my passport photo by myself. And the price also surprises me. It helps to save me a lot of money and time. I appreciate it.

    Patrick Bull, GE

    Extruding and forming machine operator


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