It will only be a matter of time before your Malaysian driving license finally expires. Before that time comes, it would be wise to renew your license so you won’t have to deal with driving around with an expired license—which is of course against the law.

When to Renew your Malaysian Driving License

In Malaysia, the expiry date of your driving license is typically set to your own birthday. This makes it easier to remember when it’s time to get it renewed.

When obtaining your very first driving license in Malaysia, its validity period can be anywhere from a minimum of one year to a maximum of five years. You can select how long it will stay valid, though each year will add more to the fee.

When it comes to renewing a Class A or Class A1 driving license, the cost of the fee will be RM 2 each year.

When it comes to renewing a Class B, Class B2 or a Class C license, the cost of the fee will be RM 20 each year.

When it comes to the most standard driving license class in Malaysia, Class D, the fee alternates based on how many years you choose it to be valid for.

  • 1 year of validity costs RM 30
  • 2 years of validity costs RM 60
  • 3 years of validity costs RM 90
  • 4 years of validity costs RM 120
  • 5 years of validity costs RM 150

Renewing your Malaysian Driving License in Person

Renewing your license in person is the most traditional way to do so and is still the preferred option for some people. There are three different places you can choose to go.

The first is your local Malaysian post office. Any Pos Malaysia facility is equipped to help you renew your driving license. You need to bring with you your current driving license and your MyKad identity card to begin the process.

The second kind of location you can go to renew your Malaysian driving license is the Road Transport Department of Malaysia, or the JPJ. Just like with the post office, bring your current driving license and your MyKad. You can also bring an optional photo that you want to use as your new license photograph.

The third and final place you can go to renew your Malaysian driving license is the Urban Transportation Center (UTC). While not all UTCs have the ability to renew your driving license, most do. To make sure that the one near you can renew your driving license, use their official website to check and see.


Renewing your Malaysian Driving License Online

In case you consider renewing your driving license to be too much of a hassle, you are in luck. As of October 2020, Malaysia officially made it possible to renew your driving license online as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdowns.

You can now go to the official Myeg website and complete their online application form so that you can skip the lines in person. This includes paying for your fees online as well as setting your driving license photo.

Keep in mind that there are certain exceptions to this rule. Only standard Malaysian driving licenses can be renewed online such as the Class D license. The LDL or Learner’s driving license and the PDL or Probationary driving license cannot be renewed online and will have to be renewed in a physical location, as per the ones mentioned above.


Selecting your Malaysian Driving License Photo

One of the most important aspects of renewing your driving license is making sure the photograph is right. This is especially true if your Malaysian driving license photo is valid for a maximum of five years. No one wants a photo that looks unappealing or unprofessional.

If you want to sculpt the perfect picture for your Malaysian driving license, it is highly recommended to use the tools provided by AiPassportPhotos. This online photo editing tool uses advanced artificial intelligence technology and cutting-edge software programs so you can craft the ultimate picture for your driving license.

Malaysia Driving License Photo Example

AiPassportPhotos’ facial recognition technology is capable of honing in on your face with perfect accuracy, and isolating it from the background. It can sharpen the image so your face is as clear as possible.

This advanced editing tool can also center your face and frame the final image so that it is the perfect size for a license. Add in the ability to replace the background with a white backdrop and you have the perfect photo processing tool for making your Malaysian driving license photo as professional as possible.

Whether you are renewing your Malaysian driving license in person or online, AiPassportPhotos is the perfect way to complete the renewal process. Just hand in your edited photo when you’re done and it will be fitted to your license when it arrives in the mail.


Are You Allowed to Renew an Expired Malaysian Driving License?

Yes, it is possible to renew expired licenses both in person and online. You must keep in mind that if a Malaysian driving license is expired for more than three years, it will be considered invalid. At that point, you may no longer renew and will have to obtain an all-new replacement, which is its own process.

This is why it’s important to renew your driving license as soon as it expires, as it will be a faster and cheaper process. Considering how simple the renewal process is, it’s in your best interest to get a new Malaysian driving license as soon as possible.


Renewing your Malaysian driving license is a pretty simple process, but it isn’t free, unfortunately. And the longer you want your license to be valid for, the more it will cost.

However, we recommend renewing it for a maximum of five years in order to save yourself the trouble of needing to renew it again anytime soon. Especially if you plan to be driving still five years from now!