Are you looking for a way to display or share your memories in a unique way? A photo cutout collage can be a creative way to making multiple images into one by using photo editing software or physical tools like scissors.

In this article, we’ll talk about how to select the right photos for your theme, how to edit the photo to make it fit the cutout effect, and how to print and share your photo cutout collage with others.  Follow us to make an artistis collage that captures people’s attention.

Choosing the Right Photos

Using the right photos is the fundamental of making an impressive photo cutout collage. Let’s see how to select quality pictures and an attractive theme.

Selecting Quality Pictures

No matter you’re going to share the photo cutout collage online or offline, clear and well-cut pictures should be the most important factor you shoud consider.

Gather all the photos you’re going to use and exclude those blurry ones.  Quality pictures should be the ones with:

● Consistent lighting and clear focus.

● Various colors, textures, and patterns.

● A dynamic sense that are taken from different angles.

If you have a blurry image but still want it to be in your photo cutout collage, there is a smart solution for you. 

Online AiPassportPhotos photo enhancer automatically unblur your image in one click.

1.Upload an image

2.One-click enhance

3.Personalized edit

4.Download image

Try it for free. Visually high-quality pictures will make your cutout collage look like a high-end artwork that withstands the test of time.

Picking a Theme

Why are you making a photo cutout collage? Who are you sharing it with? How engaging do you want the photo cutout collage to be? Answer these questions will help you pick a proper theme.

You can go to an online platform like Picsart to choose a theme you like most. Don’t worry, here are a few more tips for your to choose a theme that align with your goals:

1.  Events: Anniversaries, travel, graduations, weddings, or birthdays.

2.  Hobbies: Things that you’re interested in, such as clothes, sports, or writing.

3.  Emotions: A specific type of emotions that you want to share with others, like happiness, love, or nostalgia.

4.  People: People whom you care about, including your friends, your child, family members, or your pet.

Your theme will guide you choices along the way to create a visually appealing photo cutout collage. Brainstorm to find the theme you want to focus on. It’s worth the time. 

Preparing Your Photos

Now you’ve selected quality features and a lovely theme, let’s go over these steps to make your photos looks consistent and vivid for your cutout collage.

Cropping Images

Notice something in a picture that you don’t want to be included into your cutout collage? Crop the image to get rid of the unwanted elements from the image.

Only keeping the necessary parts in a image highlights the theme. Use one of the photo editing software or tools like Adobe Express to crop your images. 

Do not limit yourself to cropping unwanted elements. You can even remove the background of a photo with the help of an online background removal tool.

 Alt-text: Remove Photo Background Using AiPassportPhotos

Adjusting Color and Lighting

Once you’ve cropped your images, it’s time to adjust the color and lighting. This process will help balance the overall appearance of your collage. 

Use an online tool to enhance the image. For example, AiPassportPhotos Color Correction can help you improve color balance of images in a few seconds.

The photo color correction tool can be used to adjust the saturation and hue, fix shadow, contrast, and exposure and improve the color balance of a photo.

Alt-text: Use Photo Color Correction Tool to Improve Color Balance of A Photo

You can also use the tool’s Old Photo Restoration and Photo Colorizer functions. These functions are free for you to restore your old family photos, portraits, and fix old damaged photos.

Creating the Cutout Effect

In this section, you’ll learn how to create photo cutout collages using two approaches: using photo editing software and cutting by hand.

Using Photo Editing Software

Enhance your digital cutout collage skills with user-friendly photo editing software available for both Windows and Mac operating systems. 

For instance, consider using Adobe Photoshop to create a seamless collage with precise cutouts. This software can be used on your computer as well as on iPhone and Android devices. The only disadvantage is that the software may be difficult to use for beginners.

Another option is an online tool like AiPassportPhotos, which is easy to use. You can personalize your photos creatively without downloading anything to your computer. Plus, the image processing speed is fast if you use this oneline tool.

The tool has a strong capacity for face-hair segmentation for adults, kids, and pets with hair-level fine details. Take advantage of its AI technology to do automatic face cutout.

Printing and Cutting by Hand

If you prefer to make physical photo cutout collage, print the edited images and carefully cut them using  scissors. To create uniqye shapes and patterns, you can ue curved blades.

When cutting your photos, be patient and maintain a steady hand for your safety. Once you’ve completed cutting out your photos, glue or tape the pieces onto a cardboard or paper.

Add more decoration like flowers or ribbons to make your cutout collage more interesting. Refer to the above steps or come up with your ideas to create personalized photo cutout collages.

Planning the Collage Layout

Whether you’re going to share the cutout collage online or print it out, you can use some oneline tools or software to plan the layout. 

Things you should consider when deciding to use a certain layout:

● Collage theme

● Materials you need (if you’re printing the collage out)

● Social platforms you’re going to use (if you’re sharing it digitally)

Keep these in mind as you start to plan the collage layout. Adding decorative accents to your layout to diverse the collection of images. 

One simple method is to add interesting cartoon selfies to your image collection. As long as they fit with your theme, cartoon selfies can help increase engagement with your cutout collage, whether you share it online or offline.

The Cartoon Selfie is an online free tool that creates fun cartoon images of yourself in a couple of seconds! Take a look at its ultra realistic effects and try it for free now.

Alt-text: Online Free Tool Cartoon Selfie

Once you have your cutouts, print them out or use an online software to finish the collage.

If you are going to share the cutout collage digitally, use Canva or Piscart to form your layout. These tools have plenty options for you to choose from.

Feel free to try different arrangements and placements until you’re satisfied with the overall look of your collage.

Assembling the Collage by Hand

Lay your cutouts out on the table and put them in the position they belong according to your layout.

Apply a glue stick or adhesive spray evenly on the back of each cutout to glue it onto the background. Remember to remove nay wrinkles if you want the collage looks clean.

Sharing Your Collage Online

After creating your stunning photo cutout collage by hand or using online software, don’t be shy to share it online with your friends, or to reach a broader audience.

Social Media: Share your collage on popular platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. People who are interested in it will view, like, and share your artwork. 

Online Portfolios: If you are a designer or just prefer to gather your work at one place, add it to your online portfolio, such as Behance.

Email and Messaging: You can also send your collage to people via email or your favorite messaging app. 

Remember to consider the format and size of your image file when sharing your collage digitally. Saving your work in a format like JPEG or PNG ensures that more people can get access to it.

The Essential: How to Make Photo Cutout Collage

To make a photo cutout collage by hand or online, you have to select quality photos and edit them for a appealing look.

Use photo editing software Adobe or online photo editor AiPassportPhotos to get professional or interesting photos.

You can print the cutouts out and make the photo cutout collage by hand. Or feel free to use Canva for creative layout before sharing the collage on social media platforms. Bring your ideas to life and share your photo cutout collage with more people.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Best Apps for Creating Cutout Collages?

Some of the best apps for creating cutout collages are Adobe Photoshop Mix, PicsArt, and Canva.

Compare the pricing, the amount of the templates, the effects, and the ease of use before making up your mind.

How Can I Create a Cutout Collage Using Canva?

Follow these steps to creat a collage using Canva:

● Open Canva and type in”collage” to search for available templates.

● Choose one of the collage options from the dropdown menu.

● Upload your photos and drag them into the layout.

● Edit the photos and save the effects.

● Choose the “Cutout” option and adjust the settings.

● Explore more features to make your collage unique.

How Can I Create a Cutout Collage on iPhone?

Use apps like PicsArt, and Cutout Studio, or Microsoft Powerpoint to creat a cutout collage on your iPhone. Follow the app’s instructions to upload your photos and create your collage.

What Are Some Tips for Creating an Eye-catching Photo Cutout Collage?

Some tips for creating an eye-catching photo cutout collage are:

● Use high-resolution photos.

● Use an online tool to personalize your photos.

● Try different shapes and sizes for the cutouts.

● Choose a platform like Canva to plan your collage layout.

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