Mobile photography is now popular. You finish the trip and go home, but find some of your favorite portraits and family photos on your iPhone either overexposed or underexposed? You feel so frustrated about it. You may be wondering if overexposed photos can be fixed? Fortunately, your question has now been answered. Even the most skilled photographers have the same problem and need to deal with overexposed or underexposed photos from time to time in Photoshop. So as hobbyists, we can also use some photo editors on your iPhone to fix some photos that are too bright or too dark for post-production. In this guide, we will discuss how to fix overexposed photos on an iPhone.

Overexposure and Underexposure Photos

Before we use editing tools to fix our photos, let’s figure out what overexposure and underexposure are in an image at first. An example of overexposure is when your photos appear brighter than what you see in real life, such as black appears grainy, while white appears to glow. On the contrary, underexposure is that your photos appear darker than they should, and it looks too dark and lacks details in the shadows. But what we want is correct balanced exposure, which means nothing is blown out or lost in shadow in your photos.

Fixing Overexposed Photos on iPhone

The pictures you took isn’t as good as what you saw in the real life? There are many automatic or manual methods on the market to help you fix an overexposure image. So now you can take a breath, follow the simple step-by-step methods below and start improving photo balance.

Fix Overexposed Photos with Built-in Photos Editor Manually

If you don’t want to turn on your computer to fix overexposed photos or just have one or two photos to correct, you can open the built-in Photos app directly on your iPhone. It’s easier to fix photos on your iPhone manually than on your PC. Here you can follow these steps.

  • Open the Photos app on your iPhone, go to the Library, and choose the picture you want to color.
  • Tap “Edit” from the top menu.
  • Adjust the Exposure on the menu and correct the uneven colors.
  • If you want to modify photos in a detailed way, adjust the Brilliance, “Highlights”, “Shadows”, Saturation, Sharpness and “Brightness” options until you’ve achieved what you desire.
  • Once you have a perfect photo, tap “Done” and save it as a new photo on your iPhone.

Now you can also fix an overexposed photo by manually editing in the built-in iPhone editor. The method is free and easy to operate. No need to download any editing application or jump to the computer. There is also another way to automatically fix color imbalance in the Photos app. Select “Auto” the first icon in the menu and your photo is now adjusted to the correct exposure. But this automatic way of improving color balance doesn’t work effectively and obviously.

Fix Overexposed Photos with Snapseed Manually

How to fix bright light in photos on the go freely? Check out Snapseed, a free mobile photo editor compatible with your iPhone. If you want to get obviously improved photos, follow the steps below and help you make some adjustments manually in Snapseed.

  • Download and launch the app on your iPhone.
  • Tap the+ icon and select an overexposed photo from your device, open the recent image, or the camera.
  • Select TOOLS at the bottom, and then open Tune Image. Adjust Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Ambiance and Shadows by swiping left. Or you can change the 20 different LOOKS filters at the bottom.
  • Once done, tap Export and save it to your device, or you can share the edited photo via social media.

Hence, you already know how to fix overexposed photos on your iPhone for post-production with this free and easy-to-use photo editor app. Let’s fix the unexpected parts and help you get the natural and stunning photos.

Fix Overexposed Photos Online Automatically

If you are tried of going through hours of professional photo editing tutorials and training to get the best image for your imperfect photos, then you must want to use an easy and time-saving method to get improved photos in the blink of an eye. How to fix overexposed images automatically? Choosing the best tool can be challenging. Now AiPassportPhotos can do the trick. An all-in-one online color correction tool that can be used to adjust the color exactly to your needs and help avoid downloading any photo editors on your iPhone.

  • Launch AiPassportPhotos on your browser.
  • Select Photo Color Correction from Product on the top menu.
  • Upload a photo, drag and drop your photo from your iPhone and start color fixing.
  • One-Click Correct. The AI color correction tool automatically and intelligently adjusts color balance, exposure, color tones, brightness, vibrancy, saturation, highlights, shadows, and contrast. This process may take a few seconds.
  • If you have your color improved photo, go to personalized editing, such as changing the background and adding some background colors.
  • Once done, select Get Photos Now and get your new photo on your device.

An online auto color correction tool, AiPassportPhotos, can improve the color balance of images in seconds, such as restoring, enhancing, colorizing and retouching photos with just a few clicks. Get the perfect photo enhanced by intelligent color correction algorithms without any technical skills during photo processing. It is free, simple and quick to use and lets you get images that are just as your eye saw in person. You’ll never have to be angry with image color again, get started improvinig color balance in your photos now.

What to Do If the Image is Underexposed?

If your whole photo looks too dark, you should think about how to improve the color balance. In fact, the way to deal with underexposed and overexposed photos is the same when you use an auto photo editor. But when you manually adjust an underexposed image, you need to adjust contrast to highlight the subject and bring out more hidden details to your photos. The smart method automatically adjusts exposure, contrast, highlights and shadows for your photo with the help of auto editor tools.


Currently, you know how to correct overexposed photos in multiple ways – iPhone apps and online photo editors. With these introduced tools, you can fix overexposure and underexposure images with no hassle. But if you hate a complicated and long photo correction, and you’re not prepared to spend some money in photo editing, then AiPassportPhoto might be the right alternative for you. If you have other better options we haven’t mentioned, please let us know.

By Dolores Xiao

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