Australia is a popular tourist destination across the globe. Singaporeans also love to visit the country to glimpse the tourist attractions there. The country is known for its rich wildlife, hospitality, and gorgeous landscape. 

Therefore, it is busy from January to December annually. Aside from the COVID period, the country is lenient in the number of tourists it allows permits. However, undocumented migrants cannot come into the country. 

This means you need a visa and all the necessary documents. Before planning your next trip from Singapore, you may be curious to know if Singaporeans need visas to Australia. The simple answer is yes!

All foreigners to the country, except New Zealand citizens, require a valid visa to travel. This article answers mind-boggling questions about applying for an Australian visa in Singapore. So, here we go!


Australia Visa Application Type for Singaporeans

While you can apply for a traditional visa to visit Australia, the best option is the ETA, meaning electronic travel authority. The country offers this visa type to some Schengen and European countries, including Singapore.

This electronic visa is issued for a short period of tourism and business purposes. Usually, it is valid for a year, but the holder can only stay in Australia for 90 days. Before applying, you must check your eligibility for this visa. Here are the requirements to fulfill:

  • You are not traveling to stalk or harass an Australian citizen
  • Not suffering from a contagious disease
  • Don’t have a criminal history
  • Have a valid passport
  • Not need health services at the cost of Australian residents


How to Apply for an Australian Tourist Visa in Singapore

After confirming your eligibility for this visa type, what follows next is to apply via the Australian ETA app. The app is convenient, especially for those who don’t have enough time to visit a physical office for documentation.

It is available on both Android and iOS devices. To apply for ETA, you need to do the following:

  • Fill out the ETA appication form on the app
  • Pay the visa processing fee
  • Submit the required documents

The process is fast and takes ten minutes or less, depending on the person. If you’re applying for a traditional visa (often valid for longer), you must visit the Australian embassy to get an ETA. 

Seeing the number of people who apply for the Australian tourist visa in Singapore, the Australian government decided to make the process more seamless.




You need the following documents to process this visa:

  • Passport – you need an original passport valid for at least three months before application.


  • Email address – your email must be active as it is the main communication channel. It is electronically linked to your passport. If your ETA is approved or rejected, you will receive mail via the provided address.


  • Means of payment – you must pay the visa application center and service fees. The payment channel is online, so you need a valid debit or credit card.


Processing time for Australian ETA

The standard processing time for Australian ETA is 1-3 business days. However, those who need it urgently can apply for rushed visas. Because people apply for visas for different needs, the government considers this.

Therefore, there are three processing time options to suit every category of applicants. As expected, each option comes with its fee. The sooner you want it, the higher the fee is. It is best to know what you’re getting into before the process. So, here are the three processing times and their fees for Australia visa applications in Singapore:


Standard processing time

The standard time is the slowest option available. This allows your application to be processed between 1 to 3 business days. It is the cheapest option available, with fees starting from $75.

Rushed processing time

From the name, you can guess that it suits people who need visas to meet urgent needs. The document is ready within 12 hours, and the fee is higher. It starts from $129.

Super rush processing time

If you’re looking forward to joining the next available flight to Australia, the super rush processing time is for you. It takes as little as 4 hours to be ready. As you may expect, the cost is almost three times the standard processing time. Anyway, it is worth it. You would be charged $196 to get your ETA that fast.

These processing times are not cast in stone. That is, many factors can affect the speed. For instance, there are usually increased applications during festive seasons. This means it may take longer to get your visa ready, even after paying for the super rush processing time.

However, the authorities have mastered the act of keeping to time. Even when they exceed the expected delivery time, they still deliver within the agreed period. Another reason that could cause delays in visa issuance is a discrepancy in documents. 

Better still, if your passport photograph does not meet the standard, it will be returned. Singaporeans who need visas to Australia must ensure they follow the guidelines for visa application, especially the format for a passport photo. After taking a photo with your mobile phone, you can use the features on AiPassportPhotos to ensure it meets the standard requirements.


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The Visa application process follows strict guidelines. Applicants who miss out on the instructions get turned back. From the format of your photo to your passport validity and the correctness of all other documents, you must ensure you’re on track. 

It’s frustrating to physically and mentally prepare for a trip only to be turned back due to incomplete documentation. Even more exciting about this visa type is that you can apply on the go provided you have the necessary documents on your mobile phone or PC. You don’t need expedition services or a visa expert to help you out. If you found this guide helpful, give us a thumbs