Being photographed has become part of our daily lives. We attend events with many photographers taking pictures of us. Even while walking on the street, a photojournalist might take a snapshot of you without your knowledge. Better still, you celebrate birthdays, weddings, and graduation and must take pictures to document the moment. 

However, if you are dealing with social phobia, it’s awkward to take passport photos, as you may experience significant anxiety and discomfort in these situations.  

But it doesn’t have to be this way. The solution to taking bold passport photos, even if you suffer from social phobia, is in this article, all you have to do is to read the paragraphs that follow.

Below are tips to make you more confident before the camera:

1. Identify the problem.

Why are you always excited until it is time to take pictures? Why does it feel like the person behind the camera doesn’t want the best for you? 

Most times, it is not about them but you. You’re probably scared of your looks and what people would say. 

Maybe you don’t have that hourglass body you’ve been dreaming of yet and don’t see a need to show it off. 

Identifying a problem helps you find better ways to address it.

2. Use positive affirmations.

Positive affirmations are positively loaded phrases and statements used to challenge negative thoughts. 

They help to build your self-esteem and make you more confident about your looks. They do not ignore your deficiencies but help you see reasons to live with them. 

You can smile as much as you want, even without a “perfect dentition.” What’s that part of your body you love so much? Instead of bickering over what’s not working, why not dwell on what works? 

Also, boost these affirmations with compliments after the pictures are taken.

3. Practice in front of the mirror.

Practicing in front of a mirror before an actual shoot helps to boost your confidence. 

It prepares you for the task ahead and creates a better outcome after taking the picture. Familiarize yourself with the best angle for the shot. 

Try a pose that does not amplify your weakness. Try as many styles as possible and choose what works. Don’t focus on the poses you don’t like, but on those perfect for your body type. 

Make the pre-photography stage exciting and see how the main photo session will turn out.


a man staring at the camera


4. Wear your best dress.

There’s a connection between dressing nicely and confidence. You fear the camera because you’re not clad in the perfect attire for the occasion. 

Try to find something simple yet classy, depending on the situation. After that, choose the right background that suits the mood. 

You can use other props that make you feel good about yourself. Except it’s an official picture with strict instructions on your appearance, there are no hard and fast rules to taking pictures. 

You can experiment with colors, clothes, backgrounds, and accessories. Feel free to do all that crazy stuff, provided they make you happy.

5. Use a professional passport tool

We are in the era of mobile phones where people hardly need the services of professional photographers. The quality of phone cameras has developed so much that they often replace DSLR cameras. 

In other words, you can take pictures of yourself from the comfort of your home! In fact, it comes out so well that your friends want you to replicate such goodness with them too. The good thing about taking pictures yourself is that you are alone and can express yourself better. 

There’s only one way to ace your DIY photography skills. A professional passport tool like AiPassportPhotos does the magic! You can do a lot with this software, from removing unwanted backgrounds to blurring, colorizing, retouching, restoration, face cutout, etc. You can bring out the best of your picture in a few minutes! 


make passport photo online


6. Focus on the goal.

Why do you need your pictures taken? Is it to show your beauty, document your travel experience, or grow your social media pages? 

Whatever the case, these photos are in the public space for consumption. People see them and have something to say in the comment section. 

The goal is to stay focused on your aim of taking pictures. Yes, you’re shy, but you shouldn’t let it impede your cute pictures. Focus also means looking at the camera lens like your life depends on it. 

Pay keen attention to the angles, and if your photographer has specific instructions for you, adhere to them without complaining. After that, enhance the pictures with photo colorizer, blur background, or retouch feature from AiPassportPhotos.

7. Speak to a friend.

We all have that one friend who takes so many pictures. 

They’ve mastered the art so well that they inspire you. Call that friend, or visit them if possible. 

Speak to them about your shyness and listen to what they say. Allow them to identify your vulnerability, and don’t be scared to open up about them. Make them your photo buddy, if you will, as this would expose you to some of their tricks. 

Follow their social media handles and study how they prepare for photoshoots. You can learn much from them if you’re serious about bringing your A game in photography.


a man standing with his friends



The famous saying that a picture is worth a thousand words is valid here. 

You cannot speak to everyone about your personality. All they need to do is scroll through your Instagram handle and catch a glimpse of who you are. Your strength and weakness are amplified directly or indirectly in those shots. 

If you’ve never paid keen attention to your confidence level, this is a perfect time to start. Think of yourself as the only one in the bathroom when you sing out loud. Consider the world as your stage and you being an A-list actor. You can overcome camera phobia if you imbibe the tips shared here.