People are visual creatures. We have a strong passion for beautiful things and go about our daily lives relying mostly on vision. That tells why we are so obsessed with improving images before we share them.

There are few things more annoying than a blurry image which can spoil special or spontaneous moments that you spend a long time capturing. Or if you simply want an enhanced version of a blurry picture that was downloaded from the internet. Fortunately, there are easy-to-use and practical image enhancers available. Here, we will explain the best ways to make blurry pictures clear using computer software, an online tool, and a mobile app. Let’s dive into how to enhance photo quality so that you can turn your shots from everyday to brilliant.

How to Enhance an Image with Adobe Photoshop (Windows and Mac)

For those professional photographers who have high requirements on refining pictures for E-commerce, advertising, and passport use, the computer software Adobe Photoshop is the most favorable and powerful on the market. Compared to other one-click AI technology-free image enhancers, Photoshop may seem to be overwhelmingly complicated. At the same time, it offers a lot of creative freedom and a great deal of control over selective adjustments. If you’ve ever wondered how to improve a photo in Photoshop, here are the general instructions:

  • Import the picture you want to edit and click “Open” on the start screen.
  • Click “Crop and Straighten” to bring more focus and improve the overall composition.
  • Use the “Clone Stamp” tool to Experiment with Selective Color and Color Balance tools for desired color adjustments.
  • Use the High Pass filter to sharpen your image.
  • You can further fine-tune the adjustments you make to the light settings of a photo.
  • Finish and save the changes go to File (choose the file name, desired location.)

Mastering image editing in Photoshop might require some time, but if you want to manually adjust, this software allows for the most precision.

You can use the Photos adjustment tools to easily change a photo’s light and color with optimal results. If you don’t have time to focus on detailed enhancement, Photoshop also supports automatically enhances a photo, and it analyzes your image and applies the correct mix of adjustments to make your photo look its best. If necessary, a paid version contains more functions.

How to Enhance an Image with Fotor (Phone)

If you are an amateur photographer and have no high requirements for detailed pictures, then you don’t have to always use your desktop to get your enhanced images. After years of development, the phone now is capable of taking and editing photos with ease, dealing with photos anytime and anywhere you want. If you want to enhance the image on your phone, go to the Fotor App, which is available on both iOS and Android. A powerful image editing tool enjoys a good reputation for convenient Photoshop. So let’s check it.

  • Download and open Fotor from the App Store or Google Play Store.
  • Launch a photo that you wish to improve the quality.
  • Choose the “Enhance” option to improve the whole picture quality in low, medium, and high levels according to your need. 
the photo enhancement feature of Fotor
  • Click AI Enlarger to enhance the solution and fix blurry pictures with one click. That will take a few seconds.
  • If necessary, go further adjustments on hue, saturation, lightness, and filters. They are the fundamental adjustment tools you want here.
the photo enhancement feature of Fotor
  • Check the Contrast while you’re struggling to adjust the picture to make them better.
  • Save your photo and select the location. This method is free, and you won’t get a watermark on your photo. You can pay to get access to more advanced features.

That’s the simple way how to enhance a photo on your phone with an application. You can also reveal a smidge of detailed editing in the photo library without paying. Let you fine-tune each adjustment, including exposure, highlights and shadows, brightness, and contrast. This can’t fix the blur perfectly, but it does make the image pop a little more, giving the enhanced illusion. 

How to Enhance an Image with AipassportPhotos

If you feel frustrated about blurry photos and always want to figure out a one-click and smart way to fix pixelated images, image enhancement has never been so easy with the help of AiPassportPhotos. It is a professional AI image enhancer tool and it is helpful to improve image resolution as well as other retouching details with a one-click AI solution. It saves a lot of time with perfect results, using AI technology to analyze and change your person images into an HD format instantly.

(Go to this website:

  • Browse the website above, sign up for your e-mail and password on this website if you are a new user. Log in if you have an account already. Because you are not required to create an account to use the editor but need one to save the picture later on.
  • Select and upload any of your desired images from your file or photo albums that you want it looks clear. 
the photo enhancing feature of AiPassportPhotos
  • Wait for a few seconds and let intelligent AI technology detection enhance the image automatically, which frees you from the annoying manual enhancement. 
  • If you are unsatisfied with the result, go for further personalized editing, sharpen details, and adjust color.
  • Once done, get your photo immediately, select a position, and download it on your device. Or you can share the enhanced pictures via the URL of the website.
the photo enhancing feature of AiPassportPhotos

Based on advanced AI tech, this online tool achieves one-click enhancement, smartly improving photo resolution and unveiling stunning details without a hassle. Besides image enhancement, it also employs other surprising features, such as image sharpener, portrait retouching, and photo colorization. Experience the magic of photo enhancers with AI-powered solutions, get unmatched clarity photos, and share them with your friends and family now. 

Closing Thought

Higher-quality photos catch more attention. Even the smallest details make a big difference in the appeal of an image. That’s why we need a practical and easy-to-operate image quality enhancer. If possible, improving photo image quality and making the picture clear with no manual operations should be the best choice for everyone. You now have several methods to fix blurry images at your will. Ready to get crystal clear pictures?