The release of Matric results is important for students. If you want to know the matric exam result on the national release date quickly, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will show you a complete guide on preparing for the matric result and how to check the matric results online with your ID number.

Prepare for the matric result

Before you check the matric examination results on the release date, you should gather the required documents in advance. You must have all the necessary documents ready, such as:

  • ID number
  • Exam number
  • Contact information, such as accessible phone number and email address

When you have these details at hand, the process of checking the matric result will be easy and smooth.

In addition, you should know the difference between the Matric pass rate and Matric results, which may help you make informed decisions about your further education or career choices. Here you can check the basic difference between them:

  • The matric pass rate shows the percentage of students who pass matric exams across the country, which reflects the overall performance of education in the country.
  • Matric results are your scores in each subject taken in the Matric exams, which reflect your academic performance and abilities. It will depend on your preparation and performance in exams.

How to check matric result with ID number

After you have prepared the necessary documents for the matric result check, you can use the following different methods to check the matric results with ID numbers, such as the online platform, SMS service, USSD service , etc.

Online platform

It is one of the most convenient ways to check your Matric results with your ID number. The Department of Basic Education provides you with an official online website, so you can enter your ID and exam number to access your results in seconds. Here you can follow the steps below and check the matric result with an online platform:

  • You need to visit the website of the Department of Basic Education (DBE) with the stable Internet.
  • Click on the “Exam Results” tab
  • Then you need to enter your exam number.
  • You may be asked to provide other personal details( if required)
  • Click the “Search” button
  • Your matric results will be shown immediately.

SMS service

If you want to know the matric result, you can simply send your ID number and exam number to 35658. You will receive the results on the phone if the results are available. However, the SMS service will charge you about R1.50 (per message).

USSD service

In addition, you can get the matric result by dialling the USSD code 12035658#. When you call, follow the instructions and provide the exam number, ID number and other personal information. Then you will get the results of the matric examination.

Check at your school

In addition to the online tools mentioned above, another way to access your Matric results is to visit your high school. You can go to high school to collect your matric results because they usually have physical copies of the results on release day. So you can get your results on an envelope for privacy purposes.


It is a traditional way to receive your Matric results in person. On the national release day, you can find your Matric results in the newspaper. Once published, there are various publications that will print Matric results. You can buy one in time because they sell out quickly.

How to check NSC matric result by SMS

If you do not have data on the phone to check the NSC matric result on the DBE website, you can use the alternative method, SMS service. Here you can follow the steps below to check the NSC matric result by SMS:

  • Click on the SMS app on your mobile phone.
  • Write a new text message with your exam number and ID number.
  • Send the message to 45856.
  • You will receive the message with your matric results in a minute.

How to check IEB matric result

If you want to know the IEB matric result, you can visit the IEB official website. Here you can follow the steps below and check the IEB matric result in seconds.

  • You must enter exam number and password.
  • Then you can click ‘Submit’.
  • Your matric results will be displayed in seconds.
  • You must ensure that you enter the correct details, otherwise, the results can not be accessed. If you want to download the results as a copy, you can do so on the page.

How much does it cost to check matric result

Since there are different ways for you to check the matric result, the potential costs associated with checking your results vary. Here are the costs of checking your matriculation results.

  • Online verification fees: When you access your Matric results online, it requires an internet connection. You are therefore required to pay for Internet Data charges, which depend on your Internet service provider and data plan. Or you can connect to a secure and free Wi-Fi network to avoid additional costs.
  • SMS charges: If you want to check your matric results via SMS, you are required to pay for the R1.5 for every SMS.
  • USSD Charges: When you use USSD services to check your results, it may also incur charges depending on the different mobile network providers.
  • The newspaper checking: If you want to get the matric result from the newspaper, you need to pay for it according to the different publications.

If possible, you can consider the most cost-effective options to check your matric results. For example, you can visit a high school to get results without paying any fees, but it may cost your time to reach the school. Or you can check your results online by using the free Wi-Fi.

Understanding my matric results

After you have received your Matric results, you should understand them correctly for your future planning. Here you need to pay attention to the following aspects.

  • You need to understand the basic symbols and percentages that indicate your performance in the respective subjects.
  • You need to understand the pass requirements in the Matric result, so you can know eligibility for further studies or employment opportunities.
  • You need to analyze the specific subject results, which can help you choose your field of study or career.

If you find the Matric result confusing, you can seek guidance from teachers or dedicated counselors, who may provide useful advice on further study.

What to do after checking matric result

After you have checked the matric result, you are required to prepare well to prepare for the next steps towards your aspirations.

Evaluate your options

You need to evaluate your choices carefully and consider your interests and careers. Because Matric results will determine your eligibility for further education, training, or career goals.

Further Education and Training

If you have a good Matric score that meets the requirements for further education, you may be enrolled in a university, college, or vocational training institution. You must assess the admission requirements for your chosen field of study.

Exploring Employment Opportunities

If you are looking for a job, your Matric certificate can be a valuable asset. You can obtain employment opportunities by considering seeking guidance from career counsellors or employment agencies.

Seek support

If your matric results did not meet your expectations, you can reach out to your teachers and mentors for guidance and support. Remember that results don’t define your worth or potential.

The Matric exam is just a stepping stone in your academic journey. In the future, there are many opportunities to learn and grow. Regardless of whether you have a big or small achievement, you should take some rest for now.

Once you have applied to study in a university, you can check application status online as well. Our dedicated guide on UNIVEN Status Check Using ID 2024 allows you to learn registration status with ID number in simple steps.

How do I appeal my matric result

If you find that the Matric results do not match your level, you can appeal the Matric results by providing a valid reason.

Prepare for the appeal application

Before initiating an appeal, it is important for you to have valid reasons, such as technical issues during the review or discrepancies in the marking process. So they will take it seriously and process the appeal effectively.

Request a re-mark or re-check

You need to re-mark or re-check your exam paper. Your paper will be evaluated by a different marker.

Submit an Appeal

If you are not satisfied with the re-marking results, you can file a formal appeal with the Department of Basic Education with a detailed explanation of the incorrect results and any supporting evidence you may have.

Investigate your results

After the Department of Basic Education receives your application, they will investigate to determine the validity of your claims, which may take some time.

During the appeal process, it is important to remain patient. To get a successful appeal, you should provide a clear and concise explanation of your problem.


In conclusion, it is necessary for you to know the effective ways to obtain the Matric Results 2024. It matters a lot in your life, which may determine your future career and further study. If you do not know how to analyze the results, it is recommended that you seek help from your teachers or educators.

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