If you need to cut objects out of the background quickly because of business, advertising, or personal portrait needs, you definitely hate erasing them manually with professional photo editors, such as Photoshop. Now you don’t have to be an expert photo editor and spend hours in front of a computer dealing with your photos. With some free and easy-to-use one-click upload background removal online tools on our list below, you’ll significantly improve your photos by removing the background, such as random people, unnecessary objects and landscapes, or replacing it with a new one. Keep reading and find the best background remover.


One of the best AI background removers, Aipassportphotos, can automatically and intelligently remove and change the background in one click. It is a professional tool that specializes in removing the backgrounds of portraits, such as men, women, seniors and children. Moreover, it offers detailed background removal, handling all details carefully and perfectly, even your hair. After you have removed the background, you can change a new solid background color or add a new background from the online background library. If you are not satisfied with the background it offers, you can upload your photo as a new background from your device. Plus, you can adjust the blur intensity of the new background with one click to make it more natural.

AiPassportPhotos's Remove Background Processing Page


  • Advanced AI transparent PNG maker.
  • Automatic processing.
  • Customized editing, such as resizing, blurring images
  • Unlimited photos are uploaded.


  • Now only biometric and portrait photos are supported.
  • For more downloads, you need to pay credits. (5 credits for a new user, and get 5 more credits by sharing with friends.)


Undoubtedly, Removal.ai is a reliable, efficient and scalable AI background remover. After you upload a photo, this tool instantly uses artificial intelligence to detect the backgrounds, such as products, people, cars, animals, and graphic photos, and then quickly remove it. It’s more than just a background remover, not only creating a transparent background quickly, but also turning your images into stunning art by adding text and effects and changing the background to whatever you want. What’s more, it provides neat, clear and smooth cutout edges, which are even capable of handling hair or any other fur edge. If you have many images to remove the background at once, it can also handle more than 1,000 images in a single upload. But you need to make sure that the photos you upload have a solid color or simple background, to make it very clear to the AI, avoiding creating imperfect background removal.

Removal.ai Homepage


  • Remove the image background instantly and automatically.
  • Process more than 1000 images at a time.
  • Make cool designs as you like.
  • Support different types of images, such as animals, portraits and cars, etc.


  • Download high-quality versions of different image sizes for the subscription.
  • The background of the images should be simple.


PhotoScissors is a decent online background remover, which also has an app version for iPhone and iPad. With a powerful algorithm, you can remove your photo background with one click, achieving a flawless and perfect image clip without the need for any specific skills. It can easily handle complex semi-transparent objects like hair, allowing you to get real pictures when you change new background photos to any other scene. There are dozens of appealing uses, such as uploading preset cropping images to eBay, Etsy or Amazon, and creating photo jokes. So it will be a good helper if you need to handle lots of product photos, because you have an unlimited number of uploads with PhotoScissors. However, you’ll need to pay for photo credits, if you want to download high-resolution results. And according to PhotoScissors’ requirements, you need to make sure that the photo formats you upload should be JPG, PNG or WebP, and the image size is no more than 10Mb and the image resolution is less than 4.2Mpx.

PhotoScissors Processing Page


  • User-friendly interface for easy navigation and quick start.
  • Handle tricky objects like hair.
  • Change backgrounds to any desired color, including transparency.
  • Remove product backgrounds for eBay, Etsy, or Amazon listings.


  • The upload photo format should be JPG, PNG or WebP.
  • Maximum image size: 10Mb
  • Maximum image resolution: 4.2Mpx
  • Pay for credits if you want to download high resolution photos.


Remove.bg, a free and simple online tool, uses AI technology photo editing to remove the background from images, make a transparent PNG, and change the colored background in seconds. It can work well with different kinds of photos, such as people, animals, products, cars and graphics, meeting your various photo needs in your e-commerce store. Just one click to upload your photo and you don’t have to choose background layers or anything, which really saves your time and effort. It can handle annoying, feathery hair in a portrait without making an image look jagged and amateurish. Plus, it will be perfect for you to use API to integrate background removal into your website, app, or workflow. However, it only allows you to upload any JPG or PNG image with up to 12 megabytes. And images must have a subject that is clearly meant to be the foreground, otherwise, it can’t remove the background in a good way.

Remove.bg Homepage


  • App for Windows / Mac / Linux and Photoshop are built on top of the API.
  • Remove the image background in seconds.
  • Make the background transparent (PNG).
  • Process 500+ files per upload.


  • Upload JPG or PNG images less than 12MB.
  • Need to pay for high-resolution downloads.


Cutout.pro, favored by individual and business users, is a visual online platform that uses AI technology to automatically remove images or video backgrounds. It also lets you retouch, colorize, and correct photos and other necessary photo editing tools, so you can say goodbye to tedious and time-consuming manual editing. This tool really cares about your privacy, deleting processed information once your photos are downloaded after 60 minutes. It provides free preview results that are available for most features. Like other online tools, it supports general image formats including JPG, PNG, JPEG, or WEBP with no more than 16 MB. If you want to get a perfect image background removal, make sure that the subject in the images is clearly intended to be the foreground, no matter what the picture is, such as a person, animal, product, cartoon, car or graphics.

Cutout.pro Homepage


  • Automatically remove backgrounds from images and videos.
  • Superimpose images and videos.


  • Only supports PNG, JPG, JPEG or WEBP images.
  • To download HD results, you need to pay credits. (5 credits for a new user, and get 5 more credits by sharing.)

Adobe Express

Offering online and mobile image background removal, Adobe Express easily helps remove a portrait photo background or design a new picture quickly with just one click image editing on the go. Simply upload any JPEG or PNG to the Adobe Express website, then create a transparent background or add a new background immediately. You can also use this professional background removal and photo design tool to make your photo look its best. With an easy-to-use, all-in-one solution, it can turn your images into amazing content with thousands of beautiful templates for social photos, flyers, banners, and more. If you’re looking for a reliable and safe tool to remove the background from an image, Adobe Express should be your first choice.

Adobe Express Processing Page


  • Available on mobile.
  • Mix art and technology.
  • Create transparent backgrounds easily.
  • Professional photo editing and design tools, such as resizing, cropping images and converting PNG to JPG.


  • Need to register for normal use.
  • Need to subscribe for premium uses.


PicMonkey is a must-have online background remover, when you need to impress everyone with professionally edited pictures, especially for your YouTube, Instagram and logo pictures. It’s so surprising that PicMonkey automatically saves everything in the cloud so you can access it from any of your devices, such as phone apps and desktops. If you are a beginner and want to get amazing results, the background eraser provides one-click convenience. In addition to getting a transparent background, you can do further editing on it, such as cropping, resizing, adjusting exposure, and adding text, graphics, filters, multi-layered effects, and more. It has both an automatic and manual background remover, but only PicMonkey Pro subscribers have access to an automatic background eraser tool. And if you want to download the image you’ve been processed, you’ll need to pay for an annual or pro subscription.

PicMonkey Homepage


  • Automatic cloud storage.
  • Built-in tutorials and resource center.
  • Photo editing tools and templates for collages and banners.


  • Irritating ads.
  • One-click background remover (not available in the trial).
  • Free seven-day trial, then $72.00/year for a basic version.


There are so many online tools to help remove a photo background for business or personal purposes. With AI technology processing online photo background tools, you can say goodbye to annoying manual adjustments. Whatever you want, simply cut the object out or replace the existing background with a more suitable one, you can choose the best free background remover. Prepare yourself for a new flawless picture.

By Erin Lo

My passion lies in the intersection of technology and storytelling, and I'm thrilled to explore the world of AI and its impact on passport photography. I strive to make complex concepts easy to grasp for readers, sharing the wonders of AI in our everyday lives. Beyond writing, I find inspiration in art, diverse cuisines, and outdoor adventures. Contributing to AiPassportPhotos' innovative approach is an exciting journey, making passport photos and more creative pictures simpler and more efficient through the power of AI.