Applying for an Indian passport and looking for a photo studio near me for passport-size photos? Or wondering about any alternative to get a passport-size photo in addition to a passport-size photo studio near me? What are the Indian passport photo requirements? In this article, you will find all the answers.

Indian Passport Photo Requirements

A biometric photo is an important part of your Indian passport application. Review the requirements below and learn how to provide a compliant Indian passport photo.

  • Photo Size: The Indian passport photo size must be 51 x 51 mm or 2 x 2 inches, equivalent to 1436 x 1436 pixels with 600 dpi resolution. Head height must be 32 mm or 1.29 inches. The distance from the bottom of the photo to the eye Line must be 30 mm or 1.18 inches.
  • Background: The background must be plain white without shadows, patterns, or objects.
  • Facial Expression: You should maintain a neutral facial expression, with eyes wide open and looking directly at the camera and mouth closed.
  • Head Position: Face the camera directly with your full face in view.
  • Dress Code: Wear daily clothes in dark colors that contrast the background. Uniforms and low-cut tops are not allowed. Accessories such as glasses, hats, necklaces, earrings, and piercings are unacceptable in a passport-size photo. Wearing a head covering for religious reasons is acceptable, but ensure it does not cover your face.
  • Photo Quality: The image must be in a resolution of 600 dpi and printed on high-quality photo paper. The picture must be in color, reflecting your natural skin tone. There should not be defects of any kind such as damage, pixelation, blur, or stains in the picture or it will be rejected.

Indian Passport Photo Studio Near Me

If you want to take Indian passport photos in a photo studio, the first step is to search “photo studio near me passport size photo” on Google or any preferred search engine. No matter where you are, the algorithm will work its magic and offer several local photo studios near you. Make sure to have your location services switched on beforehand.

Another method is to look up local directories, where you can find some photo studio information in your area. However, the information on the directories may not be updated in time, so you’d better make a phone call first before visiting.

In addition, you may ask about photo studio recommendations from your local community. Generally, you will get one or two from them, and service and photo quality are guaranteed.

Here we have listed three photo studios that provide passport-size photo shooting services in three major cities of your choice. Generally, photo compliance with government requirements is assured by such a professional photo studio.

Moonlight Studio

This is a one-stop shop for everything related to photography located in Nagpur. One of its services includes passport-size photo shooting. The opening hours are 9:00 AM – 9:30 PM. You should first make an appointment with it by calling +917122532766 or emailing Price will need to be quoted beforehand as well.

Kaal Photo Studio

Kaal photo studio is located in Ahmedabad. It provides both regular and urgent passport-size photo services. Printing service is available as well. You can visit its website and search “passport size photography services”. It comes with product details and allows you to pay online and offline. Similarly, you need to call +91-7942554360 to make an appointment with it first. The price to print an 8-pack passport-size photo is 50 INR.

Konica Color Lab and Studio

Konica photo studio is located in Chennai, offering passport photo shooting service on-site, and photo printing and delivering services online. It is experienced in taking passport photos of newborns and children. If you already have a digital passport photo template, you can upload it to the website and have it printed and delivered to you, or pick it up in-store. The price for 8 passport photos printing is 118.64 INR. If you need to take a new passport photo, make an appointment with it first.

Digital Passport Photo Studio Near Me

What if I can’t find a photo studio near me for passport-size photos? No worries, in addition to photo studios, another convenient option is online passport photo editor applications. Such passport photo makers can crop the photo size according to the official photo requirements. Here are two passport-sized photo makers for choice.


AiPassportPhotos is a professional passport-size photo maker backed by advanced AI tech. It comes in handy whenever you need a biometric photo for various documents such as a PAN card, OCI card, and visa. Features of AiPassportPhotos include:

  • Compliance guaranteed: It comes with a compliance test for the picture you upload to ensure the picture you use for the passport application is 100% government-compliant.
  • User-friendly: The website can be easily accessed on smartphones and PCs through a web browser. It features a user-friendly interface that allows you to edit your photo easily.
  • Easy to use: Upload the photo with just one click, and you will receive a digital photo template and printable photo template for your passport application within seconds.
  • Cost-effective: Compared with taking a photo for a passport in a photo studio, creating one yourself with AiPassportPhotos costs much less. In addition, it spares you the time waiting for an appointment and lining up at a photo studio. If you need a digital image urgently, such an online photo editor is the perfect solution.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use AiPassportPhotos to create a passport-size photo.

Step 1. Crop the photo with AiPassportPhotos

Upload the photo you just took with your camera to the AipassportPhotos website. It will automatically crop the photo to 2×2 inches size and remove unwanted backgrounds to meet the official Indian passport photo requirements 100% compliant.

You also can run a quick compliance test with AiPassportPhotos. Based on the official requirements, it will check each facial features to make sure your photo is compliant. If the picture can’t be used for Indian passports, you will receive detailed feedback via email.

Step 2. Download and print the photo

Download the digital image and printable photograph template of your passport photo. You can print it on high-quality photo paper with a printer or at a photocopy store nearby.


Cutout.Pro is a comprehensive AI-powered image and video editing tool kit with a passport-size photo maker. However, it does not offer a compliance test on the picture. Chances are the final photo will be rejected in the passport application. If you decide to use this photo maker, ensure your photo complies with the passport photo requirements. Here is how to use Cutout.Pro to convert the picture size to 2×2 inches.

Step 1. Access the Cutout.Pro website and click “Upload Image” to upload your recently taken photo.

Step 2. Type in “India” in the search bar and select “India(Passport 5×5 cm)”. Then click “Done”. then click “Download” and save the output image in JPEG format.

Comparison Between Passport Photo Services

With so many choices, what’s the best option for Indian passport photos? The table below is a comparison of these passport photo providers to identify which service best caters to your needs:

Moonlight StudioKaal Photo StudioKonica Color Lab and StudioAipassportPhotosCutout.Pro
PricingGet Quote50 INR/8-pack (photo print)120 INR/12-pack (photo print)FreeFree trial, 166 INR/pic (digital image)
Opening hours9:00 AM – 9:30 PM09:30 AM – 08:30 PM10:00 AM – 08:00 PM24/724/7
Acceptance guaranteeYesYesYesYesNo
Processing timeMinutesMinutesMinutesA few seconds (digital image)A few seconds (digital image)
Digital imageNoNoYesYesYes
Online or on-siteOn-siteOn-siteOn-site and onlineOnlineOnline
Home deliveryNoNoYesNoNo


How can I take passport-size photos at home?

Taking a passport-size photo at home is as easy as getting one in photo studios, but cost-free! Ask your family or friends to take pictures of you using a smartphone or a digital camera for the best results. Here are the instructions:

  1. Before the photo shoot, follow the Indian passport photo requirements and dress accordingly.
  2. Prepare adequate lighting, preferably on a sunny day near a window. If using a lamp, ensure your face is evenly lit without any shadows.
  3. Pose correctly and maintain a neutral facial expression.
  4. Ask your assistant to set the smartphone camera 1.5 to 2 meters from you and take multiple shots. After that, select one or two best shots.
  5. Use a passport-size photo maker called AiPassportPhotos to make a 100% compliant passport-size photo. It will automatically crop the size and change the unwanted background of the picture you upload to the passport-size photo maker, to make the picture 100% compliant with the Indian passport photo requirements.

How many photos are needed for an Indian passport?

When applying for an Indian passport, 2 photos of 2 x 2 inches are required. The pictures must be taken in the last six months and reflect your appearance.


This post introduces several photo studios in three major cities that provide passport-size photo shooting and printing services. They generally require an appointment. If you need a biometric photo urgently, consider online passport photo makers. Such digital passport photo studios allow you to obtain a passport-sized photo within seconds without leaving home. Remember to choose one with a photo compliance guarantee such as AipassportPhotos, in case of any photo rejection.

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