In the Philippines, there is no requirement that passport photos be taken by a paid professional. However, you still have to prepare well on what to wear, because the Philippines passport photo will be one of your most important identifications for a long time. It is never too careful to wear smart for your Philippines passport portrait. 

Philippine Passport Photo Clothing Requirement

To take a valid photo for a Philippines passport, it is not as simple as taking a common headshot randomly. There are some official requirements to be fulfilled for a valid passport image taken at home. Your passport image should emphasize your face, so to dress modestly is necessary to generate a valid passport photograph. Dress codes for an acceptable passport photograph in the Philippines are diverse depending on gender and age. Keep reading and you will find detailed specifications on the Philippine passport dress code for women, men, and children for your information. 

philippine passport photo dress code

Passport Photo Dress Code for Female

For female applicants, always remember that simple is the best for passport photo attire. Anything that is reflective and shining is not a good option to be on your passport outfit. To name a few, facial piercings, caps, scarves, earrings, glasses, and jewelry are not supposed to be taken into consideration. A professional and simple top is enough to build a good image for a Philippines passport. 

Passport Photo Dress Code for Male 

It is recommended that men wear clothes in solid color, rather than with a big-name logo for a passport photo. The button line of passport shooting is to demonstrate your face instead of your clothes or any other decorations. It may go against our common sense but modest clothing lowers the chances of being rejected during passport application.

passport photo dressing code

Passport Photo Dress Code for Minors

Minors might have no idea of what is going on during passport photography. As a result, it is essential to make them feel comfortable in the course. Plain but comfortable clothes are the number one choice for a child in professional photography. 

Colors of clothingA plain, solid color that is contrary to the shooting backgroundThose that are too close to the backdrop. 
Remove and put aside (unless a signed doctor’s statement is submitted)Simple but professional apparelLet it be on your face and renew your passport photo after getting a new one
Glassessee-through tops, sleeveless boleros, spaghetti-strapped tops, plunging necklines, sando, halters, tube tops, etc. Wear during shooting
Head CoveringsRemove and put aside (unless for religious purposes)Wear during shooting
Electronic DevicesRemove and put asideWear during shooting
JewelryRemove and put asideWear during shooting
TattooLet it be on your face and renew passport photo after getting a new oneCover it with heavy makeup

Tips on What to Wear for Passport Photo Philippines 

You may use your passport photo on various occasions other than traveling. A vivid example is that your potential employer may conduct a background check of your passport when making a decision to accept you to his organization. So, keep reading and this article will provide you tips to make you look smart when taking a portrait for your Philippines passport. 

  • Wear solid-colored attire in muted tones and make yourself comfortable in it. Try colors that go contrast to your photography background to make your shoulder shape easily noticed. 
solid color t-shirts
  • Preferably, wear decent apparel to prepare your Philippines passport photo. Some clothing is banned, such as tube tops, spaghetti-strapped tops, see-through tops, sleeveless boleros, plunging necklines, sandals, halters, or other casual clothes. Uniforms are also not a good option for your passport image unless they are religious attire that you wear every day. 
  • Be careful with metal decorations or other reflective accessories like sequins on your top when you make a choice on your passport photo attire. They may reflect lights from your photographing devices and obscure your face. 
a woman wearing earrings
Photo Credit: gretasjunkyard
  • Avoid visible accessories on your body, including earrings, shining brooch, facial piercings, necklaces, hair accessories, and the like. Accessories have a chance to shift photographing focus and blur the photos generated at home. 
  • Light make-up is recommended for both males and females to make your face look clear and clean. You may need to add a bit of oil-absorbing powder at the last minute to build a matte finish. Also, check for lipstick smears or eye makeup that has smudged. Please note that you are not supposed to cover your facial features such as moles or scars, because disguised facial features can induce problems to recognize the applicant. 
makeup level
  • Your ears should be visible as much as possible, so take off your headphones, earphones, or any other electronic devices that you put on your ears. 
  • Take off your hats or any other head coverings before capturing photos. Those coverings would hide some of your appearance features, such as your hairline and color. 
  • Remove your glasses or colored contacts from your face before photographing. They would cover your eye color. Eye color is a key information of your identity. Thus, your eye color should be demonstrated clearly in your passport headshot. 
passport photo glasses

How to Make Philippine Passport Photos at Home

Once appropriate attire is on, with soft and stable lighting and a natural smile, a professional passport headshot is about to come. To further improve the image, you can turn to AiPassportPhotos for free at any time. With only a few steps, the original picture will be adjusted automatically in seconds to form a valid photo. Below are simple clicks to edit a Philippines passport picture online. 

  • Visit the website here which provides you a shortcut to adjust the Philippines passport image as shown below. 
make philippine passport photo online
  • Click the “Upload a Photo” button to upload a portrait taken at home from your file. 
  • Wait for seconds for the AI-backed editor processing and you will get an acceptable passport image that is examined, resized, and improved by this AI helper. 
download philippine passport photos online
  • Save the printable picture on your phone and you can reach them at any time. 


❇️ Can I wear a T-shirt in passport photo? 

Yes. A T-shirt that is not distracting is a proper choice. 

❇️ Is jewelry allowed in passport photos Philippines?

No, it isn’t. As said, jewelry should be as little as possible. Hence, we recommend you put it aside for the photographing to ensure that the photo won’t meet rejection. 

❇️ Can I wear a scarf in my passport photo?

There is a chance that the scarf you wear may induce shadow or partly cover your jaw. Apparently, it is not recommended to do so. 

❇️ Can I wear makeup in a passport photo? 

Heavy makeup should be avoided but a light one is beneficial to showcase the applicant’s facial features. 

❇️ How to look good in a passport photo?

You can try these tips to look good in a passport photo, such as sleeping well the night before, arranging your hair over your shoulders, standing straight, plucking your eyebrows a day before, and checking your teeth at the last minute. 


Dress codes for a Philippines photo can be different for different genders, but there is only one golden rule to avoid potential rejection – to demonstrate your face. Do not let any other elements distract viewers’ eyes from your face. This rule works for all people to develop a valid passport photo in the Philippines. 

By Erin Lo

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