It is widely acknowledged that an image conveys a thousand words. As social media springs up, it is more and more convincing. Images are the first attraction when people browse your profile. It helps you stand out from billions of users. Sometimes you have to look show different temperaments for different kinds of social media, like professional for Linked In and casual for entertainment media. And today, we are going to talk about how to make profile pictures for TikTok.

A good TikTok PFP should raise people’s interest in following and interacting with you. Unlike ID photos, they could be cute or funny. In this case, it is recommended to use a profile picture maker if possible. Let’s move on to learn more about profile picture ideas.

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What Are Good TikTok Profile Picture Ideas?

Profile thumbnail acts as your “ID photo” in the virtual online world which reflects who you are. Although it could be changed afterward, the first impression will determine whether to draw viewers in or keep them away. What do you want to convey through TikTok PFP? Amusing or respectable? Personal image or brand story? Think about it carefully before uploading, and next is some generally acknowledged good TikTok profile picture ideas.

TikTok Profile Picture Size

The required minimum size is 20 x 20 pixels. We advise you to use 200 x 200 pixels which ensures clarity and recognition, especially on mobile devices.


Selfie is commonly seen on social media which directly tells the fans who you are and what you look like.

It doesn’t have to be formal and serious like a passport photo. Adding special effects instead distinguishes you. Don’t worry, we would introduce a profile picture maker in the next session, helping you make a standout TikTok PFP.

Providing that you are representing a brand or organization, it would be more effective to impress your viewers with logos as profile pictures for TikTok. The audience would easily recognize you when they think of the products or services you promote.

Funny profile pictures

Funny profile pictures can easily arouse people’s curiosity. Imagine that when happening to see an amusing picture and you burst out into a laugh, will you click to learn more about the accounts? Maybe there is more interesting content. This kind of TikTok PFP could be an emoji, a funny face or a simple icon. Don’t make it complicated.

Cartoon Avatar/Cute Profile Pictures

Anime profile pictures can not only make you look more easy-going on TikTok but also protects privacy when you don’t want to show your real picture. Either a cartoon character launched on the market or your own avatar picture is acceptable.

One of the biggest advantages of using a cartoon avatar is that it easily links you with your audience. Considered as one of the most influential art media, TikTok profile pictures and cartoons are attractive to almost any age group.

No one can resist cute profile pictures. Although it might vary from person to person about what is cute, viewers tend to link cuteness with animals or cartoons. Most pet keepers would like to use their pet pictures as TikTok PFP, such as cats, dogs, rabbits, etc., especially when they mainly post videos about their lovely little ones. More importantly, these images help you attract those with the same hobbies as you so that you can quickly make new friends.

a cat with white and brown fur

A Picture of Your Interest/Talents

TikTok, as an entertainment medium, welcomes all funny profile pictures. They could be anything, like beautiful scenery pictures, non-portrait photos, or even the default system picture.

It could be intuitive to show your professionals/careers/industries in TikTok profile picture. For example, supposing you are running an account related to fashion (more specifically, cosmetics), your thumbnails could show that you’re testing makeup. If you want to introduce cooking, what about showing your delicious cuisines? In a word, please demonstrate yourself as an expert, so your viewers could quickly learn who you are and trust you.

A man playing skateboard

In order to attract people’s interest and impact them, you have to show that it deserves to subscribe to your channel. It is highly recommended to show your talent on your TikTok profile picture, especially something that you have spent much time and great effort on it. For example, you might be good at a specific sport. Take a wonderful shot when you join it. It could be a shot of swimming, skateboarding, skating, etc.

How to Make Tiktok Profile Pictures

In order to make eye-catching profile pictures for TikTok, you can adjust the background, enhance the photo or convert the picture to a cartoon, etc.

Beautify your Selfie

Nowadays, TikTok has become one of the most popular marketing media. KOLs run their channel to promote a brand or person. If you want to act as an “influencer”, you have to build a reliable image through your TikTok profile picture. A high-definition selfie is recommended because you have to make to convince people that they are following a real person instead of a robot or fraud. The quality of the picture hence matters which is determined by clarity, resolution and color matching, etc.

Then you might be worried about enhancing photos if you know nothing about Photoshop. Don’t worry, here is a perfect alternative – AiPassportPhotos. It is equipped with an AI Photo Enhancer tool that helps you unblur and sharpen pixelated pictures, improve resolution, colorize and retouch poor images. All these are automatically fulfilled with one click. Time to say goodbye to retouching photos in manual photo editing tools bit by bit by following the steps below.

  • Visit the Photo Enhancer Page and click the “Upload a Photo” button. And the tool would automatically work. 
Uploading a picture on Photo Enhancer
  • Preview the outcome on the right. If you are satisfied with the picture, click the “Get photos now” button to download it.

Convert Photo to Cartoon

Drawing anime profile pictures of yourself could be difficult for those bad at drawing. The good news is that there are a variety of cartoonizers that helps you to convert picture to cartoon style. For example, Cartoon Selfie, powered by AI algorithms, could portray noticeable features (eg. eyes, nose, mouth, etc.) and make an image that significantly fits your physical characteristics.

Four different cartoon styles from AiPassportPhotos

Cartoon profile pictures can not only make you look more easy-going on TikTok but also create a touch of mystery when you don’t want to show your real picture. Making a cartoon selfie is quite easy through AiPassportPhotos.

Uploading a photo to Cartoon Selfie
  • Choose a favorable style on the left side, such as sketching or penciling.
Choosing a favorable cartoon style on Cartoon Selfie
  • Preview on the right. If you are satisfied with the picture, click the “Get photos now” button to download it.

Adjust Background

It is popular to upload images with transparent backgrounds when using a portrait as a TikTok profile picture. It is achieved by simply removing the background from photo and maintaining the subject only. Then users can add any other elements to make cute profile pictures. Isn’t it a good idea to show your personality and creativity? There are various ways to fulfill this task on the market, either online or through apps. For example, AiPassportPhotos launched an AI-supported background removal tool that allows you to blur background, remove or change background color and picture.

Remove Backrgound using AiPassportPhotos

It is an online photo editing tool that pre-installs deep learning AI technology. The profile picture maker can intelligently remove or replace the background by leaving neat and smooth edges of the portrait. It is so user-friendly that even a computer novice could operate it with a few clicks. Here’s a quick instruction on how to use it. The following instructions provide various options to adjust the background.

uploading a picture on Remove Background from Photo
  • Choose desired services on the left side, such as blurring or replacing the background.
Remove Background from Photo processing panel
  • Preview on the right. If you are satisfied with the picture, click the “Get photos now” button to download it.

Cut out Faces

Big head cutouts used to appear on T-shirts or display boards. Today it is also a popular PFP idea. By cropping out the face, you can customize it into funny profile pictures. Have no idea about making big head stickers? Please continue reading.

Fun picture with "Happy Birthday Baby" and two baby's faces

AiPassportPhotos could automatically recognize faces among backgrounds and objects. Then it will remove the distractions and maintain the face only with precise image cropping.

uploading a picture on Face Cutout
  • Preview on the right. If you are satisfied with the picture, click the “Get photos now” button to download it.

Work with your Partners

There is no restriction on what and how many people should be involved in the profile picture, so thinking out of box and uploading group photos could also be creative. You can invite your couple, best friends or even the whole family.

Attention. Group photos are usually larger than common ones. Please make sure it fits the TikTok profile picture size.

How to change profile picture on TikTok

TikTok, as one of the most popular short video applications, is featured with quite a simple and user-friendly interface. To change your TikTok profile picture, please follow the instructions below.

  • Start up the application and click the “Profile” tab.
  • Tap the profile picture and upload a new one. Editing profile is also available on this page.
  • Click and confirm the replacement.


As a standout TikTok profile picture plays an important role in increasing views, likes and followers, it is worthwhile to well prepare an image. In this article, we have introduced some critical profile picture ideas, including tricks and tools. You can customize an eye-catching photo through one of them or even combinations. Start surprising your viewers from now on. Moreover, AiPassportPhotos provides more functions than we stated before. Sign up and find more if you are interested.

By Erin Lo

My passion lies in the intersection of technology and storytelling, and I'm thrilled to explore the world of AI and its impact on passport photography. I strive to make complex concepts easy to grasp for readers, sharing the wonders of AI in our everyday lives. Beyond writing, I find inspiration in art, diverse cuisines, and outdoor adventures. Contributing to AiPassportPhotos' innovative approach is an exciting journey, making passport photos and more creative pictures simpler and more efficient through the power of AI.