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Photo for US Diversity Visa (DV) Lottery - Technical Requirements

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    Width: 2 in

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    301 dpi

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  • Image definition parameters

    Head height: 1.29 in

    Bottom of the Photo to the Eye Line: 1.18 in

  • Background Color

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Regarding the US Diversity Visa (DV) Lottery Photo

A standard US Diversity Visa lottery photo (green card lottery photo), as the name suggests, is a picture that satisfies all the biometric requirements and is widely used for a US DV Lottery application. It is worth noting that such a photo has to meet certain standards when you taking one.

If you want to learn more about the photo requirements, then you are in the right place as we are going to explain you some of the significance rules in our guide. It is advised that you get familiar with the requirements of a US DV lottery photo before you submit your application, which will increase your chances of photo being accepted. What’s more, you will also get to know how to take photos all by yourself without going anywhere!

US Diversity Visa (DV) Lottery Photo Requirements

The photo attach great importance to the application for a U.S. DV visa lottery and it has to meet a number of requirements that have been set by the official department of the United States. Below you will find all of the useful and important tips and requirements for the U.S. DV visa lottery photo.

  • The applicant is required to upload 1 digital photo or a scan of a printed photo that is at least 600 x 600 pixels up to a maximum of 1200 x 1200 pixels in size and the file size should not be more than 240 KB;
  • The photo must be in color; (Black or while photos will not be accepted.)
  • The picture you submit must be in JPG format;
  • The photo resolution should be at least 300 dots per inch in dpi and the preferable one is 600 dpi;
  • The photo must have a color depth of 24-bits;
  • In case of a scan of a printed photo, the print must be scanned with a resolution of 300 dpi.

US Diversity Visa (DV) Lottery Photo Guidelines

To apply for an American DV Lottery, a recent picture of yourself that is taken within 6 months is a must. When it comes to preparing the green card lottery picture, as we said previously, you have better have an intimate knowledge of the technical specifications of the required photo.

  • Keep your facial expression neutral;
  • Face the camera and look directly at the lens;
  • Avoid inappropriate outfits or uniforms as they may cause photo rejection. It is recommended to wear some everyday and casual clothing;
  • The photo has to be taken against a white or off-white background;
  • Accessories like eyeglasses, headphones, and other similar items are not supposed to be worn. It is suggested that you should avoid too much jewelry as well;
  • The photo must be taken within the last 6 months and has to show your current appearance.

Diversity Visa (DV) Lottery Photo Specifications

When taking your DV lottery photo, there are some must-known rules that you need to stick to, regarding aspects such as size, position, facial expression, clothing and more.

  • Photo Quality: The photo taken must be in focus, sharp and of good quality. No visible pixels or blurring is allowed. The scanned photo must not have nay scratches or fold marks;
  • Head Position: The head must be between 1 inch and 13/8 inch from the bottom of the chin to the top of the hair (also between 25 and 35 mm.) For a digital photo, please make sure that your head is between 50% and 69% of the total height of the image measured from the top of the head to the bottom of the chin;
  • Alteration: Keep in mind that digital alterations and retouching the photo is strictly forbidden. The photo has to show your natural skin tone and natural eye color;
  • Pose: The applicant should pose in front of the camera and both the head and body should facing ahead. The photograph must show the entire face and forehead of the person;
  • Expression: The facial expression must be neutral. It is not allowed to laugh or show teeth;
  • Lighting: The photo has to be of high contrast and should reflect your natural skin color. The image should be properly exposed, neither underexposed nor overexposed is accepted.
  • Shadows: There should be no shadows in the background or on your face, neck or shoulders in the photo;
  • Hats: It is not allowed to wear hats or head coverings in the DV lottery photo. The only exception is made for religious or medical purposes. If you have to keep one, you need to make sure that it must nor cover your face or case any shadows; (Plus, you must have a signed statement.)
  • Hair: It is acceptable to have your hair loose but your ears have to be visible. Remember that your hair must not cover your face. If you have long hair, it is better for you to brush or tie it back;
  • Glasses: It is not allowed to have any glasses on the U.S. DV lottery photo. Glasses such as prescription glasses, sunglasses and tinted glasses are unacceptable.

The Most Common Mistakes When Taking Photo for DV Lottery

We have gathered a list of the most common mistakes that are responsible for the rejection of applications for the Diversity Visa Program. Let’s see what not to do when snapping a DV lottery photo below:

  • The photo is underexposed or overexposed;
  • Submitting a photo from the previous year;
  • The red eye effect or the 'flying head' effect;
  • Wearing glasses in the photo;
  • There are shadows or patterns in the photo;
  • Wearing clothes that look like a uniform;
  • Closed eyes or an open mouth;
  • A wide smile, which is not allowed;
  • The photo has been edited or retouched using a program such as Photoshop;
  • The head in the frame is too close or too far.

How to Take a Good Photo with Your Phone?

Definitely, you can resort to a professional visa photo service to ensure the photo meets all the specified requirements, or your can simply take the photo yourself and this is fully possible! Below you will get to figure out how to take a green card lottery photo with your phone, completely alone in the comfort of you own home.

  • Prepare a tripod or ask someone for help;
  • Set the proper lighting;
  • Get yourself well dressed;
  • Pose according to the mentioned above green card requirements.

Now, it time to put the DV lottery photo tool at work. AiPassportPhotos is an online AI photo processing tool that comes with many features and allows you to edit a photo with your own phone.

All you need to do is upload an image and wait for a few minutes. At a moment's notice, you will receive a perfect digital photo back, which you can attach to the U.S. green card lottery application without worrying about the details of the photo such as size, background, facial features and many more.

For paper application, AiPassportPhotos offers photo printout and mailing service, you can get your printed photos shipped to home directly, saving you time and effort.

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