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Make and get perfect biometric photo online with government acceptance.

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Spotlights of AiPassportPhotos

Advantages of our solution

Cost-Effective Solution

AiPassportPhotos can generate your digital biometric photos online in seconds, allowing you to get them printed at stores that provide photo services at a more favorable price.

AI Processing Technology

The inception and application of AI technology is our trump card, which examines your passport photos online intelligently. Let modern technology escort your passport photos!

Ensured Compliance

Rejection is depressing, but you will never experience discouragement anymore with the fully-featured photo tool, for AiPassportPhotos will ensure 100% acceptance of your photos.

Time Saver for Photos

Gone are days when you have to spend hours lining up for taking photos at a photo studio. With the help of AiPassportPhotos, you can get your online passport photos at home in seconds.

How Does AiPassportPhotos Work?

  • Upload an image

  • Crop size automatically

  • Save printable template

  • Cut it out and use it

Passport Photo Near Me - Size and Requirements

  • Size

    Width: 2 in

    Height: 2 in

  • Is it suitable for online submission?


  • Resolution

    301 dpi

  • Is it printable?


  • Image definition parameters

    Head height: 1.29 in

    Bottom of the Photo to the Eye Line: 1.18 in

  • Background Color

United States

Proven Compliance-Guaranteed Photos

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    Instant Photo Processing and Qualified Results

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Must-know Things for Passport Photos at the Nearest Store

It is commonly acknowledged that the government has formulated strict requirements for passport photos. Therefore, no matter where you are going to get a passport photo (For example, Costco passport photos, Walmart passport photos, CVS passport photos, etc), you should adhere to the requirements of a U.S. passport. Just read carefully the instructions below before you get a passport photo at the nearest photo store:

1.A neutral facial expression is an indispensable condition of the U.S. passport.

2.Face the camera directly with a full face in view (Note: make sure there is nothing that covers your face)

3.Wear common clothing (Note: prevent wearing clothes that are extravagant or uniform

4.No glasses and hats (If you really need to wear glasses and hats, you should hand in relevant documentary proof)

5.A plain background (white and off-white)

6.Photo size- 600x600px or 2x2 inches

Where to Get Passport Photos Near Me?

If asked the question, what might emerge in your brain? The traditional way for you to get passport photos lies in professional photo booth service in the photo studio. The photographer at the store will not always be patient enough. Typically passport photo services force you to choose from 2 or 3 shots.  

You can also choose to take passport photos by yourself at home. You will then gain the digital version of your passport photos. Get them printed in places encompassing Walmart, CVS Pharmacy Passport Photo. However, if you are living in a street that is far away from the stores that enable you to print a passport photo, it might be struggling for you to take a passport photo. However, the most tricky problem might be that you can’t make sure whether your passport photos are acceptable.

Don’t fret! Here is a way for you to choose from AiPassportPhotos. The tool ensures you an accepted passport photo within a few clicks. Just upload your photo and have a try! You will be amazed by our service. 

You Can Now Get Passport Photos Printed at Home

The dominance of advanced technology has empowered you to get your passport photos at home. To begin with, you are required to activate an online passport photo tool. With all-in-one stop photo services, you will be able to perfect your photos including background removing and adjusting, and size cropping. Upload your photos to the site and let AiPassportPhotos do the rest of the work for you. With only three steps, you can get your passport photos printed.

1.Upload your targeted picture to AiPassportPhotos. It will check your photos online and convert it automatically according to the offical requirements of passport photos. Only when your photos are perfectly acceptable will you pay for the service.

2.Save printable template of your passport photo with 100% compliance guaranteed.

3.Print your passport photos at your will. You can either print them at home with a home photo printer or print them at any photo printing stores near you.

What Can You Get From AiPassportPhotos?

AiPassportPhotos can be your photo editor and smart time saver for a passport photo via offering you services including: 

1.Compliance check for ensuring acceptance

2 Photo cropping for a proper size

3.A simple tap for changing and removing the background

This all-in-one stop picture processing tool can guarantee you a worry-free experience and quality passport photos.

Green Card Photo/US Visa Photo Near Me

A passport photo can be multi-functional for Green Card and US visa photos as they also have the same standard size - 2x2 inches. In addition, you can also use your U.S. passport photo for other official documents including:  

1. Driver’s license (Note: It depends on state)

2. China visa photo (33 by 48 mm)

3. Russian visa photo (3.5 cm x 4.5 cm)

4. Canadian visa photo

Back in the past days, either going to a photography studio or some stores that provide photo services like Walmart, CVS Pharmacy or Costco can be your apt ways to get your passport photos. However, the modern world proffers you a time-saving way—Online passport photo services. You can leave the task to the tool and be ready to gain your photos at home. Just come and grab your photos on AiPassportPhotos! 

If you have abundant time and energy, you can just book a photo service in a photo studio and wait for a few moments, or you can take a picture in some stores such as Walmart, CVS, and so on. However, it can be a costly and time-consuming option for you. Now, you can have a cheaper alternative: Just let our tool generate your digital passport photo for you and enable you to print your passport photo cheaply. For example, you can get passport photos printed at CVS for just $0.35!

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