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Criteria of Ireland Visa Photo

  • Size

    Width: 35 mm

    Height: 45 mm

  • Is it suitable for online submission?


  • Resolution

    300 dpi

  • Is it printable?


  • Image definition parameters

    Head height: 34.5 mm

    Top of the Photo to Top of the Hair: 3 mm

  • Background Color

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Photograph Rules for Irish Visa Applications

If you plan to apply for an Irish visa, you should submit two passport sized photos that ensure conformance to the mandatory requirements. If not, your application will be delayed until you submit the compliant photos. Therefore, to successfully apply for the Irish visa, you should obey the following rules.

● Size. The photos must be 45-50 mm long and 35-38 mm wide. And your face should take up 70% to 80% of the picture.

● Age. Your picture should be less than six months old. Make sure the two photos are identical.

● Paper quality. The picture should be printed on high-quality paper with its reverse white and unglazed.

● Image quality. The photo must be clear, correctly exposed, in sharp focus and in color.

● Background. The photo should be taken against a plain white or light grey background.

● Lighting. Make sure that the lighting is even and sufficient without any shadows, glares or "red eye" in the photograph.

Dos And Don'ts in Snapping Ireland Visa Photos

In addition to the specifications we mentioned before, you should further learn what you should do and what you should not do in your Irish visa pictures.


● Fix your eyes on the camera lens.

● Pick decent dark clothes with a collar.

● Apply natural makeup that matches with your real skin tone.

● Make your full face and shoulders covered in the frame.

● Ask a professional photographer to take photos for you.

● Wear your hair up or tuck it behind your ears to make your features noticeable.


● Rotate your head or look at the other side.

● Wear white, off-the-shoulder clothes or uniforms.

● Wear heavy makeup, such as applying too much foundation, concealer, blush, lipstick, and a lot of other products.

● The distance between the camera and your face is too short or too long.

● Use your selfies as your visa pictures.

● Your face is blocked by your hair.

Can I Wear A Hat When Taking Ireland Visa Pictures?

When taking visa photos, you have to make your hair, full face and shoulders visible. Since wearing a hat will obscure your hair and your forehead, you should remove it when shooting. What's more, other head coverings are also unacceptable. But there is an exception: you can wear them for religious purposes and make sure that your face is clearly visible.

Can I Wear Glasses In My Ireland Visa Image If I Normally Wear Glasses?

If you often wear eyeglasses in your daily life, you can wear them when snapping your visa photos as long as your eyes can be clearly seen in the picture. In addition, dark glasses, tinted glasses, colored glasses with heavy frames are prohibited.

What Pose Should I Strike When Taking My Ireland Photograph?

When it comes to taking Irish visa images, you have to strike a standard pose. Let us show you what to do.

● Overall posture. Straighten your back no matter whether you stand up or sit down. Then keep your head and body vertical. Face the camera and directly look at its lens.

● Local details. Keep your shoulders back and down, aligned. Don't raise your head too high in case your double chin pops up.

What Kind of Expression Should I Have In My Irish Pictures?

All you have to do is to keep a neutral expression. Any other expressions will not be allowed, such as smiling, frowning, squinting, raising your eyebrows, pouting, compressing your mouth, showing your teeth, biting your lips. Bear in mind that your eyes should open and your mouths should close. One more tip to make you look better in the photo! Try to imagine something cheerful to sparkle your eyes, so you won't look dull and unnatural in front of the camera.

The Magic of Ireland Visa Photo Maker

What should you do if you want to see whether your Irish visa picture is standard or not? Well, we highly recommend you use our online photo editor. And we will be sure that you will be amazed by its "magic".

● Simple steps. You can easily use it even though you know little about computers. All you need to do is to click on two buttons: the first one is "choose the document" and the second one is "upload your photo".

● Super fast speed. Thanks to our established technology, it only takes a few seconds to finish the whole process. So you can get a perfect image in a twinkling!

● Excellent performance. It can not only examine the compliance of your photo, but also crop your picture to the right size and eliminate its wrong background and fill the background without influencing the outline of your head and shoulders.

● Extensive application. It can be applied across various platforms like your smartphone, computer and iPad. And multiple types of documents are available, such as passport pictures, driving licence pictures and ID card pictures.

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