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  • Image definition parameters

    Head height: 32.8 mm

    Top of the Photo to Top of the Hair: 4.9 mm

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What Is Required to Apply for a UK Visa?

A UK visa is a document issued by the UK government that provides permission for gaining entry into the UK. Different countries have various requirements for their visas. Here is a list of documents you need to prepare when applying for a UK visa:  

  • A UK visa application form.
  • Two photographs taken within the previous three months.
  • A passport valid for at least three months beyond the date you plan to leave the UK after your trip.
  • Proof of financial ability to pay for living expenses in the UK.
  • Proof of accommodation.
  • A detailed travel itinerary.
  • Biometric information, including fingerprints and a biometric photo.
  • Tuberculosis test results.
  • A receipt for payment of UK visa fees.

UK Visa Photo Requirements

As mentioned above, two identical photographs are needed when applying for the UK visa. Be sure to check these photos’ requirements before taking them:

  • The photographs must be in color. Black-and-white photographs will not be accepted.
  • The photos should be recent, taken within the last three months.
  • The photos cannot be blurry, lined or marked.
  • The photos should be printed on white, high-quality gloss or matte photographic paper.
  • Ensure that your photos do not have the ‘red-eye effect’ from the camera flash.

The following are the technical specifications for digital photographs:

  • Dimensions: minimum 600 x 750 px wide and tall.
  • Photo file size: 50KB - 10 MB.
  • Image file format: JPG or JPEG.

UK Children’s Visa Photo Requirements

Your children also require a visa when entering other countries. For younger children, visa requirements are somewhat relaxed:

  • Children under age six do not need to look directly at the camera or keep a plain expression.
  • Children under age one do not have to keep their eyes open.
  • You can support your children with your hand as long as you make sure that your body does not appear in the picture.

Nevertheless, some regulations for UK children’s visa photos are as strict as those for adults:

  • Children must be on their own in their picture, without holding toys or using dummies.
  • Children older than six years old must fix their eyes on the camera lens and cannot smile, cry, frown or giggle.
  • Children must keep their eyes open and mouths closed when taking photos.
  • Children’s faces must be centered and not tilted in the photo.

Under What Circumstances Should I Take a New Visa Photo?

The aim of submitting a biometric photo is to help the facial recognition system or government officials identify you when you enter another country. Therefore, if your appearance changes so significantly that you cannot prove your identity from your visa picture, you must take a new UK visa photo. If any of the following pertains to you, you should obtain a new visa photo:

  • The photo you took is more than three months old.
  • You have undergone severe facial trauma or surgery.
  • Your figure has changed dramatically (for example, significant weight loss/gain).
  • You have added or removed a visible facial tattoo or piercing.
  • You have become more religious and must wear a uniform or head covering.
  • You have experienced a gender transition.

Common Mistakes When Taking UK Visa Photos at Home

These days, more people are taking their visa photos at home because it is both cost-effective and convenient in today’s busy world. However, most people are not professional photographers and have limited photographic equipment, and therefore make errors when taking their own visa photos. The following are some of the most frequent mistakes made by individuals taking their own visa photos:  

  • Wearing exaggerated makeup that changes one’s appearance.
  • Wearing sunglasses or colored glasses.
  • Wearing glasses whose frames cover their eyes or with reflective lenses.
  • Smiling or showing one’s teeth.
  • Wearing clothes that are the same color as the photo’s background.
  • Having hair that covers one’s eyes, eyebrows, ears or the edge of one’s face.
  • Wearing a hat or head covering that is not for medical or religious reasons.
  • Having other people or subjects appear in one’s picture.

Reasons For Choosing AiPassportPhotos 

The most important but demanding task when taking your UK visa photo is resizing it to meet suitable standards. To meet all government requirements, you must check the official government website and crop your photo accordingly. Find this tiresome? Why not use our online photo processor, AiPassportPhotos, to perfect your visa picture?

Upload your photo to our website and we will examine whether your photo meets government standards. If it does not, don’t worry! We will transform your photo’s background color and crop your photo’s size so that it meets government requirements. Moreover, you will not need to download any software or app. Most importantly, AiPassportPhotos will respect your privacy and protect all your information.

For your convenience, we also offer printing and mailing services. With our printout service you can get printed pictures shipped directly to your home, saving you time and effort.

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