With COVID-19 restrictions on crossing outside having been slowly relaxed, traveling abroad also becomes possible for everyone to view different scenery. But do you know what kinds of things, for example, documents or any application, you need to take? Move forward to unlock the details you should know on how to get a compliant Indonesian passport!

Types of Indonesian Passports

The types of Indonesian passports vary depending on the user’s identity and using purpose, each type of them has a different color and logo to represent its purpose.

Here briefly introduce some common types of Indonesian passports:

  • Regular passport (Paspor Biasa): For Indonesian citizens to travel overseas or do business activities. Blue cover with the printed words “Republik Indonesia Paspor” and the Indonesian national emblem.
  • Diplomatic passport (Paspor Diplomatik): Specialized for Indonesian government officials, diplomats, and other designated individuals to travel abroad to conduct diplomatic activities on behalf of the Government of Indonesia. Red cover with passport title “Paspor Diplomatik” printed and also along with the Indonesian national emblem.
  • Service passport (Paspor Dinas): Only release the passport rights to those who carry out official duties overseas, such as Indonesian government officials, employees, and other individuals who are employed by government official agencies. Differing from the other 2 kinds of passports, the Service passport is designed with a green cover without printing the national emblem nor Indonesian wording, instead, it is identified with the words “PASPOR DINAS”. 

Requirements for Indonesia Passport

Follow the steps below to obtain a compliant Indonesia passport:

First, you have to decide what kind of Indonesian passport you need to hold, Regular, Diplomatic, or Service passport.

According to your needs, prepare the required documents in advance for saving time and efficiently making it done at once. Those of which include a valid Indonesian ID card, birth certificate, proof of citizenship, and most important thing – a compliant passport photo.

What Is a Compliant Passport Photo and How to Get It?

An Indonesian passport photo requires a specification for:

  • Size: 2 inches by 2 inches.
  • Photo Resolution: 300 dpi.
  • Photo Background Color: white
  • Picture Definition Parameters
    • Head height: 1.29 inches
    • Photo Bottom to Eye Line: 1.18 inches

Do you feel fretful when repeatedly adjusting and modifying the specifications? Sometimes the photo has been shot to specification but the lighting dims after exporting, probably leading to being rejected for not meeting the passport requirements.

Here an online passport photo maker is recommended to you as a perfect solution to solve your problem with only one click. This website will automatically convert your photo uploaded to match all the specifications for the Indonesia passport photo and result in a digital template allowing you to print it after storage.

And it can perfectly incorporate the shortcomings of your non-compliant photos, such as the non-solid color background, this online passport photo creator will automatically replace it.

Applying for Indonesia Passport Online

Where to Apply It?

All the documents are done, then go to the next step – Online Application. You have to fill out the online application form first.

The official website of the Directorate General of Immigration of the Republic of Indonesia provides a form for applying for a passport online, click and access the English website at the following link: https://www.imigrasi.go.id/en/.

How to Apply It?

In the top menu bar of the page, tap “Online Services”, and select “Passport Online Application” to begin completing the online application form. Here should note that before filling out, you will need to sign up and log in to the website.

After filling it out, you need to pay the passport application fee and then make an appointment at the nearest Indonesian embassy or consulate for Biometric Data Collection. 

Tips: You may be required to submit some paper documents such as identification and birth certificates.

What Payment Methods Are Supported?

How many kinds of payment methods could be used depends on where you live, refers to your country, and your region.

In general, here are the common payment methods used in the Indonesia passport application:

  • Cash payment at the Indonesian embassy or consulate;
  • Make an online payment with a credit or debit card;
  • Make payment by bank transfer or remittance.

If you choose to pay online, you need to visit the payment page via the official website of the Indonesia Immigration Office, select the payment method, and enter the necessary payment information. You will get a digital receipt file once successfully paid, print it and submit it along with other application materials.

Handling fees may incur because of the different payment methods, and it may take more time to check the billing.

How Much Does It Cost?

The application cost depends on the type and validity period of different passports, according to the regulations of the Indonesian Immigration Office. Here are the current fee rates (takes 5-year validity as examples for reference only):

  • Regular passport: Rp 355,000 (about USD 23)
  • Diplomatic passport: Rp 555,000 (about USD 37)
  • Official passport: Rp 355,000 (about USD 23)

Please note that these fees only represent online applications. If you choose to submit your application by mailing the offline documents, you may need to pay extra postage fees. Additionally, the fees may change due to unstable exchange rates.

Appointment for Biometric Data Collection

Make an appointment with the nearest Indonesian embassy or consulate for biometric data collection at your convenience, those collections include fingerprinting recognition and facial recognition.

Attend and Wait for Your Application to Be Processed

Always remember that you should attend the appointment on time, and carry all the necessary documents.

Notice: Do not forget to submit your printed Indonesia passport photos to the staff before starting the biometric data collection aims to ensure that the collected biometric data matches your photos.

After finishing your biometric data collection, go home, and wait for the Indonesia passport application processing, this often takes about 7-14 business days.

Get Your Indonesia Passport in 2023

Get the new Indonesian passport by yourself at designated locations – the Indonesia Immigration Office will send you notice; or choose postal service when you are at work or cannot leave your urgencies, if supported locally.

What you need to take note of is that the requirements and procedures for obtaining an Indonesian passport may vary depending on the individual circumstances of the applicant or the regulations of the Indonesian government. And you may be charged extra fees for the Mailing Service.

Follow the Latest Info

Consequently, if there are any other problems, always check the official website or try to contact the nearest Indonesian embassy or consulate for the latest information and guidance. Hope this article really solves your problem and good luck with your successful application on getting a compliant Indonesia passport at once.