Anyone who has spent time on social media lately has surely noticed a huge influx of cartoony profile pictures. Some of them look cute, some of them look flashy and some of them even look quite artsy. Does it make you want to get your own? Then here’s how to create a personal cartoon profile picture that will be unique and cool!


Step 1: Take a Proper Selfie


The very first thing you need to do is have a good picture ready. It would be best to take a new picture so that it will meet the requirements of a perfect cartoon profile picture.


The selfie should be taken with the most high-quality digital camera you own. Take it in a well-lit room, as cartoon filters will benefit more when as many details of your facial features are noticeable.


While your face should be visible and taken from a head-on angle, feel free to make any kind of pose you want that you feel will look great as a cartoon. Just try to make sure your core facial features are still exposed if you have any headwear or long hair, such as the eyes and nose especially.


Try to take the selfie with the camera relatively close to your face, as cartoon profile picture filters work best with close-up shots. A lot of these filters use AI facial recognition technology to scan a human face and turn it into a 2D or 3D cartoon equivalent, so don’t worry too much about what the background of the picture portrays.


women taking selfie


Step 2: Find a Proper Photo Editing Software with Cartoon Filters


Now that you have your selfie ready, it’s time to find the right software for creating your cartoon profile picture. While some major social media apps have filters along these lines, you will be much better off finding a dedicated platform that specializes in tools such as this.


One great place to check out would be AiPassportPhotos, as they have a great Cartoon Selfie feature that will create perfect cartoon profile pictures for any major social media platform, including Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.


cartoon style


In order to turn a photo into a cartoon selfie, simply upload your photo, use the one-click cartoonize function, edit as needed, finalize the image, and then share it to your social media!


Despite the fact that this site specializes in formatting photographs for official government documents like travel visas or passports, there is nothing to stop you from taking advantage of their cartoon selfie capabilities. The site will accept any kind of photo, no matter what its intended function and destination are.


Simply upload your selfie to AiPassportPhotos and then you can get to customizing it and converting it any way you see fit.


Step 3: Select your Cartoon Design Style


Now that you have a proper cartoon photo editing tool, you can select the kind of cartoony style you want. The best sites will give you several options to choose from. Some people like to go with sketches, others prefer something more artsy like an oil painting, though many people prefer the standard cartoon avatar displays.


This is definitely the most fun part about turning your photo into a cartoon profile picture. You get to experiment and see what you would look like as a 3D doll, a 2D anime character, a person in a Western-style animation such as Disney or so many other different kinds of cartoonish vibes.


Depending on the style you choose, you will see certain facial features accentuated much more than others. Many cartoon designs will make your eyes much larger, giving them an adorable touch that’s reminiscent of cartoon kittens and puppies.


What’s more is that you don’t have to finish things once you’ve selected a style. Sites like AI Passport Photos will allow you to continue editing your cartoon profile picture even after you’ve selected a style.


There are several tools available to you to touch up your picture and make it look picture perfect, no pun intended.


Blur and photo enhancer

Just like with editing non-cartoon photographs, you can use blur correction to remove any fuzziness and sharpen your photo so it looks perfectly still. There’s also a photo enhancer that will add extra sharpening to the picture, making it look crystal clear.


Color  correction

Additionally, the photo color correction tool will be one of your best friends when making a cartoon profile picture. Colors that are as vibrant as possible are very important in animation in general, and your cartoon profile picture is no exception.


Color correction not only helps with making lips or eyes look brighter, but it can also remove any perceived white or grainy filter that persists in the photo. This will be especially useful for people who don’t own the most expensive digital cameras.


You can also try messing around with the contrast and lighting. It will feel odd at first as cartoon lighting looks a little different than in real-life, so just try to get settings that make your face look as detailed as possible.


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Step 4: Download it and Upload it to your Social Media


Once you’ve finished cartoonifying yourself and editing the picture to completion, download it in a format of your choice, preferably the highest quality option available or whatever the highest resolution is allowed on your favorite social media sites. Upload it as your profile picture and you’re set!


Feel free to also crop your cartoon profile picture so that it shows off as much of your cartoon face as possible. If necessary, you can use AI Passport Photos once again to crop and format things properly so that it will be the perfect size for any social media site.




Now that you know exactly how to create a cartoon photo of yourself that you can use as your profile image for social media or gaming sites, you can create one in minutes and start using it right away.


Cartoon photos are a fun way to express yourself, so don’t miss out on the chance to make one and start using it anywhere you want! Just use the in-built tools at AiPassportPhotos to create one in minutes!