You might in one moment find a number of your friends on your contact lists or your Facebook friends are using anime PFP. Nowadays, with the popularity of anime, many people tend to use the character of a cartoon they like as their avatar. Or some tend to show their personality among others using a cartoon avatar. Or some want to attract others or find those who share the same interest in anime by showing their anime avatar.

Among avatars, you almost can see Goku, Vegeta, and Natsume in picture profiles everywhere. As a result, avatars tended to look rather common and similar.

No worry, in this post, several online avatars maker will be recommended to let you create a special anime PFP and make you distinguished among others.

Best 5 Free Online Anime PFP Makers

With these 5 online anime PFP makers, you can easily create your own anime PFP or you can turn your own picture into an anime or cartoon character. Below are the five anime PFP makers with individual features, pros & cons for your reference.


AiPassportPhotos, as its name shows, adopts the latest AI cartoon technology to make cartoon-style pictures online for avatar or other uses, like illustration, or a cover page. Upload an image into it and choose a cartoon style from its provided templates, only 15 seconds, it can generate a cartoon picture for you.

In addition to avatar making capability, AiPassportPhotos also allows you to remove or blur background for photos. What makes it more popular among other anime avatars is that let you convert photos to passport for more than twenty countries, including US, UK, Canada, Singapore, etc. Hence, whether you need passport photos or fun pictures, AiPassportPhotos has you covered. 

the homepage of AiPassportPhotos

AiPassportPhotos Anime PFP Maker


– 5 free credits for each new user, meaning every new user could download 5 anime avatar pictures for free

– Generates cartoon pictures fast

– Adopts advanced AI technology

– Varied cartoon-style templates

– AI remover and AI recovery tools


– Only supports portraits

– Limited anime styles

The is a web-based 3D avatar maker available on all devices only if there is an internet connection. It is popular among people who love anime or cartoon avatars for the equips itself with a plethora of styles for them to choose from. Styles are like 3D Doll, Disney, Barbie, sketch, kawaii, LOL, and so on. 

Just upload the original photo you want to add anime style on it to the and then choose the style you like and finally apply it. You can get the anime avatar for your social account.

the homepage of Avatar Maker


– High-quality preserved

– A number of anime styles for use

– Other photo enhancements are supported, like image sharpener


– A little longer to upload images

– The Customer support responds slowly


Cartoonize enables you to cartoon your photos or add cartoon effects to your photos in a matter of seconds. It is easy to use. Besides serving as an anime avatar maker, it can also be used to edit photos, remove photo backgrounds, crop, resize, brighten images, and blur photos.

To cartoonize a photo with it, upload a photo from your library and then select a cartoon effect as you need. It is a pity, here you need to upgrade to unlock the effects. After an upgrade, you can add the effect to your uploaded photo. For further photo editing, you can choose tools from its toolbar on the left.

the homepage of Cartoonize

            Cartoonize Photos to Cartoon Effect


– Converts photos to cartoon effects automatically

– Advanced photo editing tools are provided

– Adopts AI-assisted cartoon filters


– Loaded with ads

– Upgrade to use cartoon effects


If you are a leaguer or a Marvelite, chances are that you would like to use one of the popular characters, like Superman, Batman, Spiderman, or Wonder Woman as your social avatar. As a result, you find many fans of Marvel are using the same one as yours. The Superherotar rescues you. It let you customize your own full-body Superhero Avatar.

The whole process of creating a new avatar is like a dressing game. The first step is to select a category ( Face, eyes, nose, makeup, and more). The second step is to select your desired design and color. The last step is to go back to the first step to keep designing your avatar and save it when it is done.

the homepage of Superherotar

Superherotar Avatar Maker      


– A fandom of Marvel fans

– Provides classic characters, Manga, Harry Potter, Pirate

– Multiple languages are supported


– Lack of other cartoon filters, only the Marvels characters are on the site


Nowadays more and more people show an appetite for Japanese anime for its unique stories and eye-catching characters. As a result, these anime fans turn to using an anime-style pictures as their avatars to show their love for the anime. And Japanese Kawaii anime avatars are the most popular. Do you want also want it? Pick Charat.

Charat is a free online Japanese cartoon avatar maker. You can dress for your character, design a haircut, and paint it as you like.

the homepage of Charat

Charat Aime Maker


– Allows you to customize a character as you like

– Provides a variety of options for design


– The interface is a little cluttered

– Too much advertisement


Avatar, besides serving as a symbol of you, has also become a way of entertainment. A special avatar can make you stand out from others. A special avatar can attract others sharing the same hobby with you and thus you can make new friends and explore new circles. 

Choose one of the five anime avatar makers to start creating a cool avatar and have fun.


Question 1: Is It Legal to Use Anime PFP or Cartoon Profile Picture?

To be honest, it depends on what is used for. If you only use it as your avatar, you will not be warned. But if the anime character you use is under copyright protection, you should ask for permission before using it.

Of course, if you make use of the anime characters to make a profit, it is illegal. By the way, the anime avatar generated by AiPassportPhotos could be used at your will if you have copyright for your uploaded photo, like your own selfie or drawings.

Question 2: Can I Make Anime Avatars on An APP?

Yes, you can. In this post, we have recommended 5 online anime avatar maker for people who prefers online tools. You may use them on desktop, laptop, tablets and cellphones.

If you want an anime avatar maker app to create anime avatars on the go, you could try Avatoon, Bitmoji. You can get them from App Store or Google Play Store.