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40 x 60 Millimeters Photo's Size and Official Requirements

  • Size

    Width: 40 mm

    Height: 60 mm

  • Is it suitable for online submission?


  • Resolution

    300 dpi

  • Is it printable?


  • Image definition parameters

    Head height: 36 mm

    Top of the Photo to Top of the Hair: 6 mm

  • Background Color

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Regarding the 40 x 60 Millimeters Photo

A universal photo is one of the most widely used options to be ordered at a professional photo studio. As the name implies, a universal photograph comes with preset dimensions, for instance, the 40 x 60 millimeters photo means the width is 40 mm and the height 60 mm. It is the equivalent dimensions of 4 by 6 centimeters. You can get such a picture either by taking it with the help of a professional photographer or by yourself.

Specific Size and Official Requirements for 4 x 6 Centimeters Photo

Check the comprehensive guides on some of the must-know rules before you going to make a 40 x 60 millimeters photo. So, without wasting too much time, let’s dive right into it!

4 x 6 cm photo basic requirements:

  • The standard size of the 4 x 6 cm photo is 40 mm in width and 60 mm in height.
  • The resolution of the picture requires 300 dpi.
  • The image definition parameters of head height should be 36 mm while the top of the photo to the top of the hair must be 6 mm.
  • The background color should be white only.

Technical specifications of the size 4 x 6 cm photo:

  • Dimensions: The precise dimensions of the photo are the most important requirement for any document. If you intend to apply for an official document, you have to make sure the photo you submit with the correct dimensions.
  • Equivalents: As you can see, the equivalent of a 40 x 60 millimeters size photograph is 4 x 6 centimeters, which means the photo’s width is 3 cm and the height is 4 cm. Or, 1.57 x 2.36 inches. These are the same size as the 40 x 60 millimeters photo.
  • Digital Form: It’s important to maintain the right proportions when you plan to submit digital photos online. That is to say, the ratio of 40 mm wide to 60 mm high must be the same as 4 cm to 6 cm.
  • Pixels: Digital photos are made up of pixels. The number of pixels varies because of the photo resolution. While the resolution is expressed in dots per inch or dpi. In a nutshell, one digital px equals one dot in the printout.


For instance, with a resolution of 100 dpi, the number of pixels is 157 x 246 px, this also means the width is equivalent to 157 pixels and the height 246 pixels. Similarity, for dpi =300 resolutions: 471 x 739 px (width = 471 pixels and height = 739 px ), for dpi =600 resolutions: 942 x 1479 px (width = 942 pixels and height = 1479 px ).

Must-know Rules When Taking a 4 x 6 cm Photo

Taking a 4 x 6 cm photo on your own is not as hard as it seems to be. To make a perfect photo for a document, you need to strictly follow all the below guides through the process and prepare your photos. Here are a few vital things you should consider when making a 4 x 6 cm photo at home:

  • Background: The background color must be uniformly white and clear without any patterns or shadows. There should not be any object or person in the photo.
  • Position and Expression: Keep your back and head straight and look directly at the lens. No smile or frown and do not squint or open your mouth.
  • Appearance: Subtle make-up is advised and it should reflect your everyday look and show your features.
  • Accessory: It is recommended to remove any jewelry. Sunglasses, decorative hairpins, and headbands are not allowed. However, you can wear eyeglasses for medical reasons and wear a head covering only for religious cases.
  • Outfit: You should wear a casual but proper outfit. Avoid black and white clothes as they may blend in with the background color.

That is all about all the must-know things you need to worry about when taking a 4 x 6 cm photo at home. So, please make sure that you will follow and meet all the rules before you do so.

A Complete Guideline to Shot a 40 x 60 mm Photo at Home

To get a professional 40 x 60 mm photograph, as we said earlier, you can either resort to a photo studio or take a snap on your own without going anywhere. For the latter to work, you might need help from a 40 x 60 mm photo maker tool. In a word, the very first thing for you to take action right now is to snap a photo of yourself!

Now, follow these steps below to take a photo without having to leave the comfort of your home:

  • Choose a smartphone or digital camera that takes quality photographs.
  • Follow all the 40 x 60 mm photo guidelines and requirements while snapping photos.
  • Ask a friend or family member to shot a photo of yourself.
  • Take as many photos as you like until you are satisfied.
  • Navigate to the official AiPassportPhotos website with your desktop browser.
  • Upload your final photo to our photo tool online.
  • Get the printable 40 x 60 mm photo for offline printing or online submission.

Thanks to the photo maker and cropper services, making professional and good-quality photos over the internet has never been so easy! Just come and give this photo tool a try to prove its values.

What Is the Size 4 x 6 Centimeters Photo Background Required Color?

Commonly, a professional photograph for official documents ought to have a uniform background. Even though the background color itself varies from specific applications. Generally, it is a bright background, normally white or light grey. Nevertheless, there can be a particular background requirement for red color.

With the assistance of a photo cropping tool online, you can get a photograph with the correct background. Just upload any photo to the website and our background removal tool will do the rest for you. Then, you will obtain a photo on the perfect bright background.

40 x 60 Millimeters Photo Cropper and Background Removal Tool

Find the rules described above hard to meet up with when taking a 40 x 60 mm photo? Take it easy as we got the best solution for you to fix any photo problems. Simply upload your photo to our website and watch our accurate photo cropper do the rest for you including covering resizing, cleaning, or replacing the background, automatically verifying by AI tech, and carefully checking by a human expert.

AiPassportPhotos photo tool helps cut the picture for your document easily and quickly with our photo cropper. We assist in checking and adjusting the size of the face, the height of the eyes as well as the distance from the top of the head or from the top of the photo to the top of the hair, resizing it correctly as required.

If you need to change the background color, no worries, just take help from our background removal tool. This background remover replaces your background with the correct one within only a few clicks and mere seconds!

Moreover, AiPassportPhotos provides all-in-one photo service. You can choose our digital+print package, so you can get digital photos and have printed photos delivered right to your house. Come and get perfect photos without leaving your home! 

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