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Basic Dimension for Photo 33×48 MM

  • Size

    Width: 33 mm

    Height: 48 mm

  • Is it suitable for online submission?


  • Resolution

    600 dpi

  • Is it printable?


  • Image definition parameters

    Head height: 31.5 mm

    Top of the Photo to Top of the Hair: 5 mm

  • Background Color

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In Regard to Photo 33×48 MM

One of the common practices at a photography studio is to purchase a generic photo service that can facilitate your application for different documents. Photo 33×48 mm is one of the common cases. It means the dimensions are 33 by 48 millimeters. The width is 33 mm, and the height should be 48 mm. If asked how to grab such a picture, you might first go to a professional photography studio. However, you can also get access to the proper photo by yourself at home. A photo cropping tool allows you to tailor the photo in a smart and fast way.

Gone are days when a photo studio was your sole option to get the right photo. Instead, you can get access to it on your own at home right now!

The Size Requirements for a 33 x 48 MM Photo 

Obviously, the photo size should be 33 mm in width and 48 mm in height. Also, the size can be interpreted as followed: 

  • 3.3 x 4.8 cm photo (i.e. photo's width 3.3 cm and height 4.8 centimeters)
  • 1.3 x 1.89 inches photo (i.e. photo's width 1.3 inches and height 1.89 inches)

Basic Requirements for the Photo 33×48 MM

There are universal rules for the photo in 33×48mm, including:

  • The size should be 33 mm×48 mm.
  • The background should be bright, with a single color (usually white, off-white, or light blue)
  • The date should be within 6 months from the date of application.
  • The photo should be in color and printed on high-quality photo paper.
  • All facial features should be fully visible in the photo, with no coverings on any facial features.

Sometimes, the photo only comes in digital versions. However, a common mistake might be made at the moment-It means that you should keep the right proportion here. The resolution of the printout can vary greatly in terms of the size of pixel (px). For example, these might be sizes:

  • for dpi=100 resolution: 130 on 169 px (width = 130 px, and height 169 pixels)
  • for dpi=300 resolution: 390 on 507 px (width = 390 px, and height 507 px)

for dpi=600 resolution: 780 on 1014 px (width = 780 px, and height 1014

The requirements for different documents might vary slightly. For example, in a Chinese visa photo, the background color can be light blue. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you should browse thoroughly the detailed documents on the official website.

Rejection of a document might incur extra cost and time. What’s worse, it might even result in putting off the schedule! Therefore, it is necessary for you to grasp the basic requirements of photo taking.

Rejection of a document might incur extra cost and time. What’s worse, it might even result in putting off the schedule! Therefore, it is necessary for you to grasp the basic requirements of photo taking.

Background of the Photo 33×48 MM

Generally speaking, the background of a documentary photo might differ slightly according to the documents you are applying for. However, the vast majority of the documentary photograph should have a uniform background. A bright background is a preferred option, often white or off-white. Also, for a Chinese visa photo(33×48mm), a background in light blue is acceptable. An AI-powered online passport & visa photo maker can help you get a photograph with the right background. It can take charge of all the tricky jobs of the photo background in a few seconds.

Provided that you want to know more details information about the background color of the document you are applying for, you are supposed to check the official document of the specific country.

Glasses in Photo 33×48 MM

A full understanding of the regulations and the rules about a documentary photo can help you avoid extra effort and time spent on the application, and any possible schedule delay caused by a document rejection. Many elements might lead to rejection, even with a small spot on your documentary photo. Therefore, it is important for you to avoid any mistakes when you are taking a photo.

However, some questions might be devoid of a specific explanation from the official documents. For example, whether you are allowed to wear glasses might be unsure in the official statement.

The general rule might allow you to wear glasses if the frame neither covers any part of your eyes nor obstructs any part of your facial expression. However, considering it is inevitable for you to use a flash when you are using a camera to take a photo, eyeglasses might cause reflection or glare. Therefore, if possible, it is more advisable to remove your eyeglasses when taking a photo.

Kindly note:

  • Whatever the case is, sunglasses or tinted “transition lenses” are not allowed in a photo.
  • If you want to make the rules clear, you can check the regulation on the official websites of the documents.

What Should You Wear in the Photo of 33 by 48 Millimeters

In the part, it might include the dress code and accessories. As you might bear risks of covering facial features with a head covering, head covering, hats and accessories are avoided while taking a biometric photo. The only exception might be keeping the headgear on for religious purposes. In this case, you have to submit the documentary proof. Even if you need to wear headgear for religious beliefs, you need to make your facial features visible in the photo!

When it comes to the outfit, you can just wear the everyday outfit instead of outrageous clothing or uniform. Religious clothes are respected and allowed in the photo.

Can You Have a Make-up While Taking a Photo?

Undoubtedly, moderate make-up might make you look good in the photo. However, the make-up shouldn’t cover or alter any facial features, which might cause the failure of identifying your current appearance.

How Can You Get a Photo of 33 by 48 MM?

It might be cumbersome for you to get a photo of 33 by 48 MM in the U.S., for the American studios commonly provide you with 2×2 inches photo. Therefore, you might be unable to depend on the phone studio to do the job for you. The intelligent biometric photo resizer can help you get a photo of 33×48 mm by yourself at home. Just take a wide shot on your smartphone, and upload the photo to the tool, the online photo cropping tool will offer a photo tailoring service to you instantly, enabling you to get a photo of 33 by 48 MM without stepping out of your house.

Common Mistakes You Should Avoid

It is a feasible method for you to take a photo at home instead of going to a professional photo studio. However, some mistakes are mentioned here to prevent you from taking the wrong pictures:

  • Selfies and photos used with filters, blurred pictures, and over-exposed or under-exposed photos. (You should prepare a tripod for photo taking, or ask for help from your family and friends)
  • Wear sunglasses or glasses with a thick frame that might cover your eyes.
  • Wear clothes that are easily blended into the background.
  • Wear jewelry, accessories, headphones, and similar devices.
  • Wear a hat, head covering, and mask. (Only religious custom can be allowed in this case)
  • Get your head tilted while taking the photo.
  • The photo is taken a few years ago, which can’t show your current appearance.

Any little mistakes might exert great effects on the results. Therefore, you should pay more attention to the details we have listed above!

How Can AiPassportPhotos Help You Get Your Perfect Biometric Photo?

Never will you need to step out of your house to get your perfect biometric photo, AiPassportPhotos can help you get it with an online process.

  • Take a photo against any background at home with your smartphone or camera.
  • Upload the photo to AiPassportPhotos.

Once you have uploaded the photo to the tool, a wonderful photo-making trip has begun. According to the document you apply for, an AI-based photo-making tool will automactically do the following job for you:

  • The photo resizing tool allows you to crop the photo into a proper size. You will never need to worry about getting a photo in the wrong size. 
  • Photo background removing tool can help you get the incorrect background changed within a few seconds.
  • The photo verification tool enables you to get the perfect and compliant biometric photo without extra effort and time.

Both the technical staff and advanced technology have supported the photo processing, which will ensure you a hassle-free processing experience on the website! You can choose to download both digital and printout versions through AiPassportPhotos. You can get your photos printed by following the below solution:

  • Print photos at home if you have a color printer ready. (Note: Make sure your photo paper is in high quality)
  • Head to photo store or some places that provide photo service like CVS, Walgreen, and so on.
  • Book online printing service.

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