A birth certificate is one of the most crucial identification documents you need in many circumstances, such as applying for a passport and enrolling in school. However, due to various reasons, some of you did not register birth to the government timely. In that way, you will need to apply for a late registration of birth certificate. Luckily, the application is not difficult actually. This guide will show you how to file late registration of birth certificates in the Philippines.

How to File Late Registration of Birth Certificate Online

What Is Late Registration of Birth Certificate? 

According to Sec. 2 of Presidential Decree 6512, in the Philippines, all births are required to be registered with the local civil registry office within 30 days from the time of birth. Otherwise, the registration of the birth certificate is deemed late or delayed. One typical example of a late registered birth certificate is that in some remote villages, women have to give birth through a midwife instead of in a hospital and fail to register timely. Another common case is that if Filipinos born abroad fail to register their birth within 100 days in the Philippine Embassy, then this will be considered as late registration of birth certificates as well.

What Happens If I Don’t Have A Birth Certificate?

The Philippine Statistics Authority birth certificate acts as a permanent and official document that records a child’s existence and provides legal recognition of that child’s identity. It can be used as preferred evidence in many bureaucratic procedures such as attending schools, passport application, and acquiring government benefits.

If you don’t have a birth certificate, you could miss out on your rights being protected and upheld by the government, as well as essential services like health care and education. Living without a birth certificate in the Philippines can be challenging and sometimes frustrating.

Requirements for Late Registration of Birth Certificate

Since the birth certificate is such a vital document, it is of utmost importance that you file a late registration as soon as possible if you still have not got one. You are required to submit the following documents as minimum requirements for the late registration process:

  • Negative Omnibus Certification issued by PSA.
  • 4 copies of the Certificate of Live Birth completed and autographed by the parties involved.
  • Certificate of marriage (if the person is married).
  • Any two of the following documentary evidence that shows the name of the child, date & place of birth, and name of mother: baptismal certificate; school records (nursery, kindergarten, or preparatory); income tax return of parent; insurance policy; medical records; barangay captain’s certification.
  • Affidavit of two disinterested persons who might have witnessed or known the birth of the child.
  • Affidavit of Delayed Registration found at the back of the Certificate of Live Birth including the following details:
    • Name of the child;
    • Date and place of birth;
    • Date and place of marriage of parents (if married);
    • Name of the father (if applicable);
    • Reason for not registering the birth within 30 days after the date of birth.

How to File Late Registration of Birth Certificate

There are four steps you need to follow for delayed registration of a birth certificate.

Local Civil Registry Directory
Local Civil Registry Directory

Step 1. Go to the local civil registry office, and confirm that there’s no record of your birth.

Step 2. Collect a Negative Certificate of Live Birth from the Philippine Statistics Authority office.

Step 3. Gather the necessary documents and submit them to the local civil registry office.

Step 4. Wait for your application to be validated about a 10-day waiting period. If approved, your official existence is recognized. You may go to the local civil registry office and claim the birth certificate.

Can I File a Late Registration of My Birth Certificate Online?

No. Currently, the late registration should be filed at the Office of the Civil Registrar of the place where the child was born in the country. If the child was born abroad, it should be filed to the DFA Office of Consular Affairs of Parañaque City.

How Much Is Late Registration of Birth Certificate?

Fees for late registration of birth certificates vary in different situations.

💰 For Philippine-born applicants, the fee may vary depending on the local civil registrar and on the age of the applicant. Generally, a fee of about PHP 200 might apply for the delayed registration of your Birth Certificate.

💰 For foreign-born applicants, a consular fee of USD 25 and a translation fee of USD 25 (if applicable) are applied for the registration to the DFA Office of Consular Affairs.

Processing Time for Late Registration of Birth Certificate

After submitting your documents to your local civil registry office, your pending application will be posted on the bulletin boards as notice to the public for ten days. During this time, if there is no disagreement on the registration, the office shall register the birth.

Can I Get a Passport without A Birth Certificate in The Philippines? 

Generally, a birth certificate is required when applying for a passport. In case you don’t have a birth certificate, you should prepare the following documents instead:

If you were born after 1950, you should first file for late registration with the Local Civil Registrar with jurisdiction over the place where you were born. Besides, you should submit the original copy of the PSA authenticated late registered Birth Certificate and IDs.

If born on or before 1950, you should submit the original and photocopy of the Certificate of No Birth Record authenticated by the PSA office and an affidavit of two disinterested persons who can prove your identity. The affidavit should be enclosed with a photocopy of the IDs of the two disinterested persons).

Does The Birth Certificate Expire in The Philippines?

From August 1st, 2022, it was enacted into law that birth certificates have no expiration date regardless of the date of issuance, as long as they are issued by the Philippine Statistics Authority and the local civil registries. Still, some government agencies such as the Department of Foreign Affairs and embassies accept only birth certificates obtained in the past 6 months before submission.


This article walks you through every aspect of late registration of a birth certificate, including the definition, the importance of a birth certificate, and the application process. If you or your child haven’t got birth registration under the government, it is of vital importance that you get a delayed registration as soon as possible.

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