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Photos with dimensions 35x45 mm 

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    600 dpi

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  • Image definition parameters

    Head height: 34.5mm

    Top of the Photo to Top of the Hair: 3mm

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Relevant Information of a 35 x 45 mm Photo

A 35 x 45 mm photo is a standard size photograph with specific dimensions. Its width is 35 mm (3.5 cm), and its height is 45 mm (4.5 cm), which is equivalent to 1.38 x 1.77 inches. In the United Kingdom, this size of photo is commonly required for applications such as UK passports, visas, and driving licenses. If you need to prepare a 35 x 45 mm photo and want to know more about the photo requirements, this page can provide you with helpful information.

Size Requirements for the 35 x 45 mm Picture

In addition to the overall size of the 35 x 45 mm photo, there are specific guidelines regarding the image within the picture, with a recommended dimension of approximately 34.5 mm.

For ordinary individuals, it may be challenging to determine if their picture meets the size regulations. In such cases, an online photo cropper can come in handy. AiPassportPhotos is an outstanding photo editor that can resize your image and ensure it meets precise size requirements within seconds. Simply upload your photo and crop it with ease using our platform!

35 x 45 mm Photos - General Guidelines

Except for the size, there are many rules that specify what you need to do and what you can not do in your 35 x 45 mm photo. Learning all this knowledge is necessary and therefore, please spend some time to have a look.

Requirements for the photo:

  • It should be a close-up of your full head and upper shoulders.
  • It should contain no other objects or people.
  • It should be taken against a plain background.
  • The applicant should be in clear contrast to the background.
  • The photo can not be altered in any way.
  • The photo must not have a red-eye effect.

Requirement for the applicant:

  • You should face forwards and look straight at the camera.
  • You should have a plain expression and close your mouth.
  • You should open your eyes and make them visible in the picture.
  • You should not have hair in front of your eyes and eyebrows.
  • You should not have a head covering (unless it's for religious or medical reasons)
  • You should not have anything covering your face.
  • You'd better take your picture without your glasses. If you must wear glasses, they cannot be sunglasses or tinted glasses, and you must make sure your eyes are not covered by the frames or any glare, reflection, or shadow.

Content of a 35 x 45 mm Photo

As for the content of the picture, the applicant's head and upper shoulders must be visible in a 35 x 45 mm photo. Besides, the applicant's face should be in the center of the picture. Additionally, some space should be kept between the top of the photo to the top of the applicant's hair, which is supposed to take up nearly 3 mm. If you make your picture by yourself, please inform your partner of these rules before asking he/her for to take you a picture.

Facial Expressions in a 35 x 45 mm Photo

You are not supposed to take whatever pose and make facial expressions to your heart content when taking 35 x 45 mm photos. Any facial expression that distorts your facial features will result in an ineligible picture. Therefore, you are encouraged to present a neutral expression when snapping the picture. Additionally, there is no need to smile in your picture. So be relaxed and look at the camera lens without making any facial expressions next time you are being photographed.

Resize Photo to 35x45 mm

35x45 mm photo size can be extensively used for official identification documents like passports, visas and driving licence. Submitting the right sized photo saves time and avoids complications in obtaining your official identification. Resizing your photo to 35x45 mm is a quick and easy task with AiPassportPhotos. The following section will discuss which documents your 35x45 mm is good for.

North America
DocumentCountrySize(Width x Height)Unit
Canada Visa PhotoCanada35x45mm
DocumentCountrySize(Width x Height)Unit
Indonesia Visa PhotoIndonesia35x45mm
Thailand Visa PhotoThailand35x45mm
Philippines Visa PhotoPhilippines35x45mm
DocumentCountrySize(Width x Height)Unit
Carda Age Card PhotoIreland35x45mm
Croatia Visa PhotoCroatia35x45mm
Czech Republic Visa PhotoCzech Republic35x45mm
European Union Visa PhotoEuropean Union35x45mm
Germany Visa PhotoGermany35x45mm
Netherlands Driving Licence PhotoNetherlands35x45mm
Netherlands Passport PhotoNetherlands35x45mm
Netherlands ID PhotoNetherlands35x45mm
UK Driving Licence PhotoUK35x45mm
UK Printed Passport PhotoUK35x45mm
UK Residence Card PhotoUK35x45mm

Where Can I Take a 35 x 45 mm Photo in the UK?

Finding places to take a 35 x 45 mm photo in the UK is quite convenient since you have plenty of choices. You can take a 35 x 45 photo at some specialist photo shops, which is the most traditional way. Besides, there are many photo booths near you for you to go to, from local shopping districts to transport hubs. Some pharmacies and supermarkets can also offer you the services of taking universal photos. In addition, you can make your universal photos in person at home! We will guide you to make one on the following topic.

How Can I Take My 35 x 45 mm Photo at Home?

Haven't tried taking 35 x 45 mm pictures at home? It is alright. In this part, we will provide you with some useful guidelines.

  1. Use your smartphone or a digital camera as your snapping device.
  2. Set your shooting device properly. You should arrange an appropriate distance between you and your camera. Besides, you need to ensure the camera lens is at your face level.
  3. Ask your friends or your family members to help you take photos. 
  4. Dress properly and put off your glasses if possible. Do not put on clothes that share a similar or the same color as your background. In addition, sunglasses or tinted glasses are not allowed to wear.
  5. Take many photos and choose the best one as your final photograph from them.
  6. Edit your picture to make it standard.

For the final step, you can turn to AiPassportPhotos! We can help you crop your picture to meet all the size requirements. Additionally, we can change your background if necessary and replace it with a suitable one. Once we have made the necessary adjustments, we will send back a printable 35 x 45 mm photo in digital format. With the digital photo, you can apply online or print it out for paper applications.

Where to Print a 35 x 45 mm Photo?

After getting a 35 x 45 mm photo in the digital format perfect by our online photo tool, you can then have it printed with your home printer.

Another option for getting your prints is to find a photo-copying stores near you. In the UK, there are many places you can have your pictures printed, for example, Tesco, Asda, Snappy Snaps, or Costco.

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