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AiPassportPhotos can generate your digital biometric photos online in seconds, allowing you to get them printed at stores that provide photo services at a more favorable price.

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The inception and application of AI technology is our trump card, which examines your passport photos online intelligently. Let modern technology escort your passport photos!

Ensured Compliance

Rejection is depressing, but you will never experience discouragement anymore with the fully-featured photo tool, for AiPassportPhotos will ensure 100% acceptance of your photos.

Time Saver for Photos

Gone are days when you have to spend hours lining up for taking photos at a photo studio. With the help of AiPassportPhotos, you can get your online passport photos at home in seconds.

How Does AiPassportPhotos Work?

  • Upload an image

  • Crop size automatically

  • Save printable template

  • Cut it out and use it

Size and Specifications of UK Baby Passport Photo

  • Size

    Width: 35mm

    Height: 45mm

  • Is it suitable for online submission?


  • Resolution

    300 dpi

  • Is it printable?


  • Image definition parameters

    Head height: 55%

    Top of the Photo to Top of the Hair: 15%

  • Background Color

United Kingdom

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When Does Your Child Need to Apply for a Passport? 

  • If your child is under 16 and has never held a British passport, he or she can apply for their first child passport.
  • If your child is under 16 and their British passport has been lost, stolen or damaged, he or she should apply for a replacement passport.
  • If your child is under 16 and has a British passport but their details have changed, he or she can apply for a new passport.
  • If your child is over 16 (or will be in 3 weeks) and has never held a British passport, he or she should apply for their first adult passport.

Basic Rules for UK Baby Passport Photos

Babies are energetic and difficult to control, making them challenging subjects for passport photos. Luckily, the requirements for baby passport photos are not as strict as those for adults, although there are still rules that must be followed:

  • Only your baby can show up in his or her passport photo.
  • There should be no shadows in your baby's passport photo.
  • Ensure that there are no other objects (i.e., toys, pacifiers) in the passport photo.
  • Your baby must face the camera directly, with his or her eyes not looking elsewhere.
  • If your baby is under 12 months old, there is no mandatory requirement for a neutral expression, or whether his or her eyes must be open. 

How to Take a Baby's Passport Photo by Yourself

Want to take your baby's passport photo but don't know how? Not to worry! We will provide you with the following detailed guidelines:

  1. Find a piece of camera equipment, such as the photographic feature of your smartphone. 
  2. Choose a plain-coloured cream or light-grey background.
  3. Dress your baby in a colour that distinguishes their clothes from the photograph's background and with normal clothing patterns. 
  4. Take your baby's photograph.

The following are three tips that can help you take your baby's UK passport photo:

  • Use toys to attract your baby's attention.
  • Babies too young to sit can be laid down on a plain-coloured sheet, rather than being held for the photo. Be careful that there is no shadow in the picture, which may occur when taking a photograph from above. 
  • A car seat, when covered with a coloured background, may be useful for taking baby passport photographs.

After taking passport photos of your baby, you do not have to resize or change the background colour of the photo yourself, but can use a reliable photo generator for adjustments. Our AI-backed photo creator makes the photo retouching process easier, automatically removing any background and cropping the photo to right size.

Pros of Taking a UK Baby Passport Photo at Home

There are several advantages, for both you and your baby, to taking your baby's passport photo at home:

  • It saves your baby from being hurt: Babies are sensitive, and when put in unfamiliar environments or accompanied by strangers they may cry and become frightened. Taking passport photos at home helps your baby stay relaxed, taking a more natural, nicer picture.
  • It reduces difficulties: Going out of the house with your baby is never easy, as parents must carry with them baby care products, clothes, food and water. Moreover, parents must also take their baby's emotions into consideration, being sure to keep the baby calm and comfortable. Taking photos at home can reduce these troubles.
  • It saves time: By staying home, you can save time you would spend visiting an offline photo studio and making travel arrangements for your baby.
  • It is cost-effective: The cost of taking a passport photo at home is much lower than going to a professional photograph shop.

Can Parents Appear in Their Baby's Passport Photos?

No, they can't. Your baby must be alone in their own passport photo. As it is difficult for a baby or infant to sit still for photographs, parents can still support the child's body, but their hands must be hidden from the photograph's frame, as well as objects such as the baby's car chair or toys.

Online Passport Photo Services Offered by AiPassportPhotos

After uploading your photo, AiPassportPhotos will transform it into a professional picture that meets UK passport criteria. You'll get two options for getting your photos: 

  • Get a printable photo template: Your digital photo and template will be reviewed by our human expert, thereby assuring you that the photo will be accepted at the passport office.
  • Try our Premium Service: Receive the same as above, as well as a print-out delivered to your home address, meaning that you won't need to go to a photo store to fetch the photographs. 
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