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Technical Requirements for Canadian Visa Photo

  • Size

    Width: 35 mm

    Height: 45 mm

  • Is it suitable for online submission?


  • Resolution

    305 dpi

  • Is it printable?


  • Image definition parameters

    Head height: 34.7 mm

    Top of the Photo to Top of the Hair: 3 mm

  • Background Color

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Must-know Requirements for Canadian Visa Photos

Standard visa photos are a must when applying for a Canadian visa. If you have not yet taken your picture, you can comply with all the following photo regulations to reduce the risk of taking an unqualified photo:

  • Size: The required photo size is 35 mm x 45 mm.
  • Photo color: Canadian visa photographs must be in color and show the applicant’s natural skin tone.
  • Photo quality: The photo should have appropriate brightness and contrast, and should not be altered in any way.
  • Background color: Canadian visa photos should have a white or light-colored background.
  • Applicant pose: Photographs must show applicants looking directly at the camera with a neutral expression, neither frowning nor smiling, with their mouths closed.
  • Picture date: The photograph should recent (i.e., not over six months old).
  • Hats and headgear: You should not wear a hat or head covering in your photograph. If you wear a hat or head covering for religious purposes, submit a signed statement verifying that the hat or head covering is part of traditional religious attire and is worn continuously in public.
  • Glasses: You may wear non-tinted prescription glasses as long as your eyes are clearly visible. Make sure that your frames do not cover any part of your eyes. Sunglasses are not acceptable.
  • Uniform: Uniforms are not permitted in Canadian visa photos.

What is the Content of a Canadian Visa Photo?

A Canadian visa photo should include an applicant’s entire face and the top of the applicant’s shoulders. The applicant’s head should be in the center of the picture. There should be nearly 3 mm of space between the top of the photo and the top of the applicant.

Why is it Crucial to Keep a Neutral Expression When Taking Photos?

You may find that most of the photo requirements for visas and official documents ask you to maintain a neutral expression for your photo, but do you know the reason why? When we relax, our facial muscles and features are better displayed, helping facial recognition systems recognize our unique facial features, which may prevent fraud. Moreover, government officials can identify you quicker if the image in your picture resembles your real appearance.

Therefore, remember that there is no need to smile when taking your Canadian visa photo. All you need to do is relax and look at the camera lens naturally.

Tips for Obtaining High-quality Canadian Visa Photos

  • Keep your eyes open, close your mouth and face the camera directly during the entire shooting process.
  • Do not smile or grin when taking the picture, but relax and keep a neutral expression.
  • Do not dress in white. Since the Canadian visa photo requires a white background, you should not wear clothes that are, or are similar to, white.
  • Take your picture during the daytime to utilize natural light.
  • Occasionally check whether the light in your photo is even. 
  • Do not let your hair cover your face, eyes, eyebrows and ears.

Canadian Visa Photos - Advice on Makeup

Most people want to look pretty in their visa photos and may wonder if they are allowed to wear makeup in their pictures. While natural or light makeup is acceptable in Canadian visa photos, one must avoid wearing heavy makeup, as your face in your Canadian visa photo should resemble your realistic appearance.

Therefore, you must ensure that your makeup does not significantly change your appearance. Be careful when choosing cosmetics, as products such as highlighters and shiny eye shadows may have glitter that reflects on your face. Please refrain from using these items for your Canadian visa photo.

The Simplest Way to Have Your Canadian Visa Photo Taken

More and more people have been taking their Canadian visa photos in a brand-new way, saying goodbye to photo studios and taking pictures of themselves on their own. Why not join them, conveniently making your own visa photos without leaving home? Below are listed some basic steps for you to follow:

1. Read and memorize all official requirements for Canadian visa photos carefully.

2. Find a photographic device that can take high-quality photos.

3. Choose a plain white wall as your background. The background color of your Canadian visa photo must be white and without any patterns or designs. If you cannot find an appropriate background, the AiPassportPhotos tool can remove your old background, replacing it with a new one that qualifies.

4. Ask your friends or relatives to take your photo. Selfies are not permitted for your Canadian visa photo.

5. Perfect your photo, ensuring that it complies with all requirements.

Adjusting your picture is the final, most important step concerning your photo’s compliance. You can save both time and energy if you use an online photo editor to do the job. Upload your photo to our website and wait for a few seconds, and you can get your printable picture with global compliance.

The Cheapest Place to Get Your Canadian Visa Photo

Upload one of your favorite photos to our photo-making tool and it will be transformed into a professional visa photo that meets all official requirements. Then, choose between two of the following options:

  • Download the digital photo and the visa photo template (the photo/template with human expert revision, guaranteeing acceptance at any government office).
  • Print the photo with home inkjet printer or at local stores.
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