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Size & Requirements of UK Digital Passport Photos

  • Size

    Width: 900 px

    Height: 1200 px

  • Is it suitable for online submission?


  • Resolution

    300 dpi

  • Is it printable?


  • Image definition parameters

    Head height: 55%

    Top of the Photo to Top of the Hair: 15%

  • Background Color

United Kingdom

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UK Passport Photo Guidelines

Checking the following requirements before taking your UK passport photo can reduce unnecessary difficulties:

  • Photo size: Printed passport photo size must be 35x45mm. Digital passport photo measures at least 600 pixels wide and 750 pixels tall. It's recommended that the picture measures 900x1200 pixels. The file size should be between 50kb and 10MB.
  • Background: The UK passport photo must be taken with a solid and light-coloured background. You can get such a background with a white wall or sheet behind your back.
  • Expression: Do not smile for the photo, but keep a neutral expression. The mouth must be closed and you have to look directly at the camera, and the head must be kept straight.
  • Eyes: Applicant's eyes must be open and visible. Make sure there is no "red eye" effect in your photo.
  • Glasses: Sunglasses and tinted glasses are strictly forbidden. You may wear prescription glasses so long as they have no reflection and clearly show your eyes.
  • Hair: You may leave your hair down as long as it does not cover your face. Make sure your eyes, eyebrows and ears are not covered by your hair.
  • Headwear: Head coverings such as hats, headbands and caps are not allowed. However, religious and medical headwear are allowed as long as they do not cover the face.

Suggestions for Makeup in Your UK Passport Photo

Many people wish to wear makeup when taking their passport photos to make themselves look prettier. While there are no special restrictions regarding whether you may wear makeup in your photo or not, you should be careful when wearing makeup to reduce your photo’s chances of being rejected. The golden rule is to keep your makeup simple by wearing natural, causal or daily makeup that might help others identify you. 

Here are some other tips regarding makeup use:

  • Try not to apply heavy makeup or use too many cosmetic products.
  • Use makeup that doesn’t reflect light, such as too much highlighter makeup.
  • Your lipstick color should look natural.

Where to Take My Bristih Passport Photo?

A quality digital passport photo is required when applying for a British passport online. The passport photo must meet official requirements and be taken within the last month. You can either take a passport photo by yourself, hire a professional photographer, visit a photo shop or photo booth. In the UK, there are many places you can get your pictures printed, such as Tesco, Asda, Snappy Snaps or Costco.

For example, you can visit a Boots passport photo booth at UK and get compliant passport photo with ease. It can take and print your passport photo at right size. But remember to check the opening and closing hours of a specific Boots store. If you don't want to travel or there's no Boots store near you, you still can get UK passport photo with AiPassportPhotos.

Simply take a passport photo using your smartphone or tablet, then upload to our online UK passport photo checker. Or you can use the photo from your photo gallery. In just a few clicks, you will get a compliant and quality passport photo. It can resize the regular photo to passport size, change background color and check compliance automatically.

How to Take a UK Digital Passport Photo at Home?

To take a British passport photo on your own, simply follow these steps:

The first step is to find photographic equipment, for example your smartphone with high-resolution camera. Then prepare a plain, light-coloured background such as a simple white wall. Stand in front of your background and ask someone to take your photograph. Plus, make sure you have appropriate lighting. Keep relaxed and maintain a neutral expression during this process.

After taking your digital UK passport photo, you must adjust the photo size or background to meet official requirements. You can upload the photo to our smart passport picture checker. Its AI technology will verify if your photo is compliant with British passport photo specifications. It will also remove unwanted background and resize photo to passort size in seconds. No advanced skill is needed during the process. You don't even have to visit photo shop or wait in line.

Can I Take a UK Passport Photo on My iPhone?

Of course! You can take your passport photo with your iPhone as long as you make sure that the photo is clear and in focus. Your photo’s resolution should be above 600 dpi. Other photographic equipment, like Android devices and digital cameras, are also useful for taking your UK passport photo.

When Do I Need a New Passport Photo?

If your appearance has changed in the following ways, you must take a new passport photo:

  • Facial surgery: Your facial features account for most of the information on your passport photo. If you have had a facial surgery performed you must get a new passport photo taken, as otherwise you will not be identifiable from your previous picture.
  • Gender transition: You are undergoing a gender transition, the process of which will impact your appearance significantly.
  • Change in figure: If you gain or lose a significant amount of weight to the point that your figure has completely changed from your previous photo, you should take a new photo.

How Many Passport Photos Do I Need?

It depends. One digital photo is needed if you apply for UK passport online, which you can take one using your own device. You need to provide 2 identical printed photos if you apply for a passport using paper form. It should be noted that some paper applications and photos must be signed by countersignatory to confirm your identity. The countersignatory must have known you at least 2 years and be able to identify you. He or she should be a person of good standing in the community.

Why Is My UK Passport Photo Not Up-to-standard?

Feeling frustrated when your passport size photo fails to meet the standards? Check whether you have made any of the following mistakes:

  • Shadow: Ensure that there are no shadows on your face or behind your body.
  • Size: Check the size of your photo; it should be 900x1200 pixels.
  • Background: The background colour to your photo must be cream or light grey. If any objects or people appear in your photo’s background, your photo will be ineligible.
  • Pose: Your entire face and shoulders must be visible in your photo, with your eyes open and mouth closed.
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