Photos for Official Documents in England

The UK official documents mainly cover UK passports, UK baby passports, UK provisional driving licences, UK passports online, etc. If you want to find more documents, you can reach the bottom of this page. When you apply for these certifications, you should prepare all required materials, among which a photo is necessary for all applications. If you have no idea of the picture, you can click on the relevant document and check its detailed regulations below. By the way, our online photo editing tool can help you change the size and background of your picture if there is something wrong with them.

General Requirements of The Picture in UK Official Documents

The information page of the British passport mainly involves the photograph of the owner, passport number, nationality, sex, given name, surname, date of birth and date of issue.

Here we will discuss the photo requirements. The size of most UK passport photos is 35 x 45 mm. Only the full face and the top of shoulders of the applicant can be shown in the picture. Other objects and people are not permitted to show up. What's more, any shadows or glares on the face or the background are not acceptable. As for the dress code, the applicant should not wear head coverings except for religious reasons. He should avoid wearing uniforms or other similar clothing. Besides, the facial features of the applicant should not be blocked by the hair, glasses or other stuff. When taking photos, the applicant should open his/her eyes and close his/her mouth. After shooting, if you are not quite sure about the compliance of your photo, you can check it on our website.