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Digital Dutch Passport Photo Requirements

  • Size

    Width: 35mm

    Height: 45mm

  • Is it suitable for online submission?


  • Resolution

    600 dpi

  • Is it printable?


  • Image definition parameters

    Head height: 29mm

    Top of the Photo to Top of the Hair: 6.5mm

  • Background Color


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What Are the Basic Requirements for Netherlands Passport Photo?

Are you looking forward to the majestic scenery in other countries? Are you busy preparing for the trip and applying for a passport document for your journey? It is supposed to be a wonderful chance for you to get relaxed. Yes, the passport of the Netherlands is the official document given to Dutch citizens, allowing them to visit more than 180 counties without a visa. However, you might get discouraged when you find your passport rejected for improper passport photos, which might force you to postpone your schedule. To avoid such an embarrassing situation, you should know more about the basic rules for Netherlands passport photos:

  • The passport photos should be 35mm x 45 mm in full color.
  • The photo should expose your full face. 
  • Both the eyes should be open facing straight to the lens.
  • The background should be plain or in light color(like light gray, light blue or white).
  • Your eyes should be visible and open in the photo.
  • Headphones, wireless hands-free devices, or other similar items should not be seen in the photo.
  • The photo should be taken within 6 months.

You should pay great attention to the general requirements for the Netherland passport photos to avoid unfavorable rejection. Our online passport photo generator can take all the details into your account. What’s more, it can ensure the acceptance of your passport photos. The whole process can be implemented online without extra effort and energy.

Can You Wear Glasses While Taking Passport Photos?

If you wear glasses, both eyes should be utterly visible without any covering or obstruction. As the spectacles might catch the light and cause any reflection and shadow caused by the glasses, you should ensure that your eyes won’t be sheltered by your glasses if you do wear glasses! In a word, prepare fully translucent glasses with no reflection and no shadow if you want to put on your glasses while taking passport photos!

Can You Wear a Makeup for the Photos?

It is common that all of you want to have a good-looking photo. Therefore, you are allowed to wear light makeup for your passport photos. However, you should make sure that you can be recognized in the photo. It means that you should expose all your vital facial features in your passport photos. The spots or some birthmarks shouldn’t be covered by concealer.

Can You Wear Headgear in the Passport Photos?

None. The only exception is that you need to put on your headgear if it is strictly required for religious reasons. For example, you might need to keep your head covered due to your religious belief. In this case, your headgear should be plain, in a single color, and in contrast with the background. More importantly, you should make sure that your face should be fully visible.

Can You Wear Beard in Your Passport Photos?

Yes, if you have a beard regularly, it is acceptable for you to wear beards in your passport photos. Just ensure that your beards won’t cover any vital part of your face. In the same way, you can wear earrings if they won’t obstruct any part of your face, or impact negatively your shot. (The negative impacts on your image might include the shadows, shade, etc.)

Can You Smile in Your Photos?

It is highly recommended that you should keep a neutral representation in your photos with your mouth closed. Therefore, you should make sure that your mouth is closed in the photos.

What Should You Avoid While Taking your Passport Photos?

There are some details you might easily miss while taking your passport photos. Let’s have an overview:

  • Unequal light on your face.
  • A possible red-eye effect caused by a flashlight.
  • Shadows on the face or in the background. (Note: The background should avoid any other objects other than you.)
  • Reflection resulted from accessories.
  • Head tilted or turned, or your head isn't placed at the center of the photo.
  • Your eyes are closed or covered by glasses.

Feel annoyed at memorizing all these requirements? AiPassportPhotos can help you resolve problems and help you get access to 100% compliant passport photos online within seconds!

How Can You Get Your Passport Photos?

Let’s start from the universal way here. We can go to a professional photo studio where professional photographers can take photos and make further adjustments for you.

Another easy method for you is to fetch your passport photos without stepping out of your house. Although you aren’t allowed to submit the selfies, you can prepare a tripod to take passport photos on your own at home. You can also ask your family members or friends to take photos for you.

However, it might be harder for you to guarantee the environmental condition like background in this way. AiPassportPhotos is here to help you. The background editor enables you to remove the background, and replace it with a new one.

Can You Print Your Passport Photos at Home?

Surely, if you have high-quality printed papers like Glossy or Matte, you can just get photos printed at home with your colored printer. If not, you should go to the stores which offer photo printing services. However, one thing is for sure, compared with a full package photo service in the photo stores, printing a passport photo can save you a lot of money.

Can You Take Passport Photos for Your Babies at Home? 

If you want to enjoy the happy moments with your baby on a foreign trip, you might need to take passport pictures of the baby. Just check the following tips here:  

  • The eyes of the baby should be open. Therefore, please keep your baby awake while taking the photo.
  • The background must be in a light color. Therefore, if the background is improper, you can use a white blanket or bed sheet to cover the background, or you can utilize AiPassportPhotos to remove and change the background within a few clicks.
  • If your baby is too young, it is suggested that you should hold the baby and keep him safe. However, your hands or arms shouldn’t appear in the photo.

It is important for you to learn more about the requirements when you are planning to apply for a Dutch passport.

How Much Should You Pay for the Dutch Passport Photos?

If you have ever experienced photo booth service in your region, you might know it is a costly option. However, AiPassportPhotos enables you to get the most perfect passport photos at a more considerate price(about €6) ! You can pay for the service until you are satisfied with your passport photos. With a click on the website, you can get digital passport photos in seconds! Furthermore, you can avoid detours, for AiPassportPhotos can ensure your acceptance of passport photos!

Therefore, just take multiple photos, and choose one to upload on the AiPassportPhotos!

How Long Will You Wait for a Passport?

You might need to wait for 5 working days or up to 4 weeks for getting your passport. Also, you might need to line up for hours to take perfect passport photos. If you live in the Caribbean part of the Netherlands, you might spend 2 weeks gaining your passport.

However, now, you can get your Dutch passport photos immediately online supported by AiPassportPhotos!

How Can AiPassportPhotos Work for You?

We are committed to providing you with the most perfect shot with the highest effectiveness. Therefore, you can activate our service by the following easy steps:

  • Get ready to upload your passport photos taken at home.
  • Choose the document you want to apply for and upload your passport photo with a few clicks on the website.
  • Let the tool do the rest work for you (It will scan your photos and make sure your passport photos can pass the authority, and it will remove and change the background for you.)
  • Get the digital and printed version at your will.
  • You can get your photos printed at the store at a lower price.

In a nutshell, you are always set to go with the help of AiPassportPhotos! Come and grab your photos with AiPassportPhotos before your trip to Netherland or Europe, and enjoy yourself during the trip! 

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