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Sia Licence Photo Requirements

  • Size

    Width: 35mm

    Height: 45mm

  • Is it suitable for online submission?


  • Resolution

    600 dpi

  • Is it printable?


  • Image definition parameters

    Head height: 32.8mm

    Top of the Photo to Top of the Hair: 3mm

  • Background Color

United Kingdom

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Those who work legally in the private security industry must obtain an SIA licence, such as close protection, door supervision, key holding, public space surveillance, or security guarding.

What Is a SIA Licence

SIA refers to the Security Industry Authority (SIA) which aims to ensure a high level of private security around the United Kingdom. SIA licence, also called SIA security licence, is a legal requirement for anyone working as a close protection officer, door supervisor, CCTV operator, security guard, cash and valuables transporter, and vehicle immobilising man within the UK. Applicants must be at least 18 years old, pass an identity and criminal record check, and have a recognised qualification for door supervision.

How To Get SIA Licence

The licence can be applied by yourself or your employer. The whole process will be done online after passing the training course.

Create an SIA Online Account

Go to GOV.UK and register on it. To apply for the licence, you must pass SIA licence check. If your employer applies and pays for you, you should link your account with the organisation's.

Complete Application Form

Log in to your SIA online account and click on "start a new application". There is an application form consisting of 9 sections. Agree on the enquiry of consent for identity and background check in Section 1. Sections 2 to 8 will gather your personal information, criminal record, etc. Make sure everything you provide is authentic and correct, which will be declared in section 9. After completing the whole form, click on the "submit" button.

Submit Applications to SIA

After handing in the application form, the authority will send a "next steps" message which includes an application reference number and next-step instructions. Applicants living within the UK will be required to go to a nearby post office with all supporting documents listed in the instructions and pay the application fees. The staff will ask for your application reference number, review your application, and verify your identity. The ID photo can be taken at the post office or be prepared in advance. To ensure everything goes smoothly, make sure it complies with SIA licence photo requirements.

Collect the SIA Licence

After your application is approved, you can return to the post office and pick up your licence which is valid for 3 years. The processing time ranges from 1-3 months.

SIA Licence Photo Requirements

An unqualified photo for SIA licence might lead to the rejection of your application. To pass the identity check, the photograph must be passport-style. Therefore, it is necessary to learn about what a compliant photo should be.

  • Photo Quality

The biometric picture must be coloured, clear, and in focus. A black-and-white photo might look vintage and classic, but unacceptable. The printed photo must be professional standard without creases or tears. Don't retouch it with any computer software.

  • SIA Security Licence Photo Size

It should be 45mm in height and 35mm in width. Make sure the whole face and upper shoulder are visible. The subject’s head measuring from the crown of your head to your chin must be 29 - 34mm.

  • Background

The photo must be taken against a plain cream or light grey background without shadows, distracted items or persons, or stains.

  • Photo Age

To present your most recent look, the photo must be taken within the last month. Don't use old photos because they might be of low quality and do not resemble you.

  • Pose

Face forward and look straight at the camera with eyes open and mouth closed. Don't look away from the camera, rotate or tilt the head. Additionally, shrugging shoulders are prohibited. Just stand or sit relaxingly in front of a camera.

  • Facial Expressions

Keep a neutral expression. Smiling, grinning, laughing, crying, or other exaggerated faces are not allowed.

  • Clothing

There are no specific requirements on attire as long as you look decent and contrast to the cream or light grey background. Just wear what you daily wear. T-shirts, jackets, shirts, blouses, and suits are recommended. Don't wear uniforms, vests, off-shoulder tops, or clothes with shiny decorations. Head coverings are prohibited unless for religious or medical reasons.

  • Accessories

Glasses are not suggested unless you have to, such as for medical reasons. In no cases should it cover your eyes or generate any glare, reflection or shadow. When it comes to earrings, necklaces or piercings, don't wear oversized or shiny ones in case of covering your face or reflecting lights.

  • Hairstyle

Just keep a daily hairstyle and organize your hair off your face.

  • Lighting

To prevent the "red eye" effect and shadows on the background and the subject, let the light evenly spread over the subject and the background.

Where To Get a Photo for SIA Licence in the UK

After learning about the SIA licence photo requirements, it is important to learn about where you can make a qualified image.

Post Office

While submitting applications at the post office in person, you can take a biometric photo there. The staff is familiar with the licence photo requirements. They will guide you on how to pose, smile, and dress, thus ensuring that the picture is 100% acceptable. It is considered the fastest and most convenient way because you don't have to look everywhere for a photographer. However, the post officer might be too busy to take care of whether you look good in the picture.

Photo Booths

It is one of the most popular options. These small kiosks are equipped with various photo templates, thus ensuring the compliance of your SIA license pictures. They are usually located in busy and crowded and busy districts, shopping centres, and transportation hubs, such as TESCO, ASDA, MORRISON, Sainsbury’s Shop, and railway/metro stations.

Photography Studios

Photo studios are known for taking fashion portrait photos. Their professional equipment and photographers can also help you take a perfect identity photo. A studio is easy to find in the downtown and you can search it on Google Maps. However, it usually requires a prior appointment and charges more than photo booths.

Take a SIA Licence Photo at Home

With the help of advanced passport photo makers, it is possible to take a qualified photo for SIA licence at home with a smartphone or camera. All you need is to dress properly, take a picture in a well-lit room on a sunny day, and use AiPassportPhotos to check photo compliance.

Make a SIA Licence Picture with AiPassportPhotos

With a built-in photo quality checker, photo resizer, and background remover, AiPassportPhotos can generate a 100% compliant photo in a few seconds through the following steps.

  • Visit AiPassportPhotos website.
  • Select country and services for “Document Type”.
  • Click on the “Upload a Photo” and import the photo you take at home. Wait for a few seconds and AiPassportPhotos will automatically scan the photo, resize photo online, and replace the background if necessary.
  • Preview the results. If you are satisfied with it, click on the “Get the Photo Now” to download it.
  • Print it out at a photo store, pharmacy, or photo booth.

This all-in-one photo editor supports over 150+ formats. You also can create BRP photo, driving licence photo, digital passport picture online in just a few clicks.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Submitting SIA Licence Photo

Whether you are good at taking photos or not, you should pay attention to some common mistakes that will disqualify your photo.

  • Take the picture in a poor-lit room or under uneven lighting, which will cause over-exposure, under-exposure, or shadows on the background and the face.
  • Stand or sit too close to or too far away from the camera. In this case, your head and shoulder might be cropped out or you are not clearly seen in the picture. 
  • Take a photo in front of a dark and dull background.
  • The resolution of the photo is too low, thus making it blurred while printing it out.
  • Wear oversized or shiny earrings, necklaces, and piercings that might generate reflection or obscure your face.
  • Wear hats, caps, headbands, or carves.
  • Wear sunglasses or prescription glasses with tinted lenses.

Sia Licence Photos Cost

How much it costs to get a qualified SIA license picture depends on where you take the photo. Here are the pricelist for reference. You are supposed to check the exact fees with the staff.

  • Post office: £16. It comes with a compliance check.
  • Photo booth: £4 to £8. It comes with a compliance check.
  • Photo studio: At least £6. (subject to the studio). Do not come with photo verification.
  • AiPassportPhotos: 2 free credits for 1 printed photo. It can verify if your photo is compliant with official requirements.

Can I Alert My SIA Security Licence Photo Digitally

No. Any alteration to the subject itself on an ID picture with computer software is prohibited. You might have been accustomed to retouching life photos before posting them on social media, such as tuning color tone, changing face shape, removing blemishes, or adding filters.  Please note that all these are not accepted for SIA licence applications. The photo must present your current and real appearance. Only resizing or background removal is allowed.

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