Get Compliance-Guaranteed Biometric Photos

Fetch acceptance-ensured photos with an AI-backed online photo generator

Explore AI-Tech for Ensuring Photo Compliance

Get Facial Features Scanned and Recognized

AI technology featuring powerful facial detection techniques implement numerous testings to scan and identify facial features.

Conformance to the Official Requirements

Choose the document you are applying for, and the tool will implement the compliance test based on the official rules.

Professional Technical and Manual Assistance

A test report from advanced technology and pundits in photo processing can set your mind at rest.

Smooth Photo Processing and Enhanced Quality

The entire processing process will take just a few seconds, and you will get access to a biometric of ultra-high quality!

Powered by Cutting-edge Artificial Intelligent Tech

More Facets about Our Compliance Testing


Sight Line

The AI-powered tool will check if your sight line confronts the lens directly. Just stay focused!


Head Positioning

Have your head placed in a proper position in the photo, and you shouldn’t get your head tilted!


Eyes Visibility

The tool will detect your eyes intelligently, and see whether your eyes are closed or not while taking photos.


Head Completeness

It might be inevitable for you to get your head covered in the process, but AiPassportPhotos is here to spot the flaw for you smartly.


Correct Photographic Scale

Your close-up shot should capture your entire head and upper shoulders, or you might get rejected.


Body Positioning

An inappropriate body positioning will be detected and remind you of the result of your photo! Just take another shot!

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