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General Information about Turkey Visa Photo  

  • Size

    Width: 50 mm

    Height: 60 mm

  • Is it suitable for online submission?


  • Resolution

    300 dpi

  • Is it printable?


  • Image definition parameters

    Head height: 34 mm

    Top of the Photo to Top of the Hair: 10 mm

  • Background Color

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What Requirements Should You Meet If You Want to Get a Proper Turkey Visa Photo?

It is commonly aware that you have to apply for a visa or passport for tourism or business. However, many of you might be unaware of the rigorous requirements of a Turkey visa. A suitable photo can be an integral part of the approval of your application. Therefore, knowing more about the specifications of Turkey Visa photos will expedite your application process. Here is a guide for you:

  • Only colored photos are allowed. Please avoid black and white images.
  • Old photos that fail to recognize your facial features will get you rejected by the government. All photos should be taken in 6 months.
  • The size should comply with government regulations—50x60mm(5x6cm)
  • Hats and other distracting hair pieces might result in rejection except for religious purposes. (If you do wear a hat or hair pieces, please make sure it won’t obstruct any part of your face)
  • Glasses can be worn if your eyes are visible, but thick rims, tinted lenses, and sunglasses are not acceptable.
  • Keep a natural facial expression with no smile and mouth closed, in case distortion is caused by a big smile.
  • Clothing should avoid blending with the background. Uniforms such as military or law enforcement should not be worn. Religious uniforms can be accepted. However, just make sure that the photos should form a contrast with the background. 
  • Any digital alteration should be prohibited. It means you are not enabled to use Photoshop to make any adjustments to your photos.
  • Turkey doesn’t establish a specific rule for beards. Therefore, you don’t have to shave your breads if you wear them in daily life.
  • Number of photos required in the application: 1

If you are longing for a romantic Turkey trip, it is high time that you should start with a compliant visa and passport photo. The faster you can submit the application, the quicker you can set off for your trip.

What Should You Pay More Attention to When You Are Submitting Visa Photos?

Each nation will have formulated its own rules and specifications regarding the visa photos. If you have ever paid attention to the rules of visa photos of different countries, you might note that the size requirements are greatly manifold. Therefore, you should reassure that you have prepared and submitted a visa photo in the proper size.

Illustrations can be given to visa photos in some countries. For example, China Visa photos are assumed to be 33x48 mm, while the USA passport and visa photos should be 2x2 inches. If you want to apply for a Turkey Visa, you are supposed to prepare photos of 50x60mm. 

Find it hard to memorize these detailed specifications? Feel annoyed at referring to the official documents on the websites? A reliable online passport photo service is unmissable for you to facilitate your preparation for your Visa photos, which can save your time and energy.

What About the Requirements for Babies and Infants?

We always want to share the beautiful scenes with our family and enjoy the carefree hours with our loved ones. If you are planning to take the family abroad, each child and infant must have their own passport or visa. However, passport and visa photos for babies have more intractable problems to be addressed. Here, we list some tips for you to assure proper photos:

  • Make sure that there are no other objects in the shot. (No toys or other people, etc)
  • If you need to hold your child, make sure that your hands are invisible
  • Make sure you should take a photo against a plain background. Use a plain, white sheet or cloth to hide the background if your baby is laying on the ground or in a car seat.
  • You might need to spare some effort to make sure that your child’s face needs to be looking directly at the camera, squared off, eyes open and mouth closed.
  • Be sure there is no underexposure or overexposure.

Here, an all-in-one solution like AiPassportPhotos comes in handy to help you cope with all the annoying issues with your child’s passport and visa photos.

How Much Should You Pay for Your Turkey Visa Photos?

Cost can be another consideration for you to prepare Turkey Visa photos. Let’s talk about the conventional way first. On one hand, you might grab an unsatisfying photo for your visa in the photo studio. On the other hand, a set of photos will cost around 50 TRY. The high cost and consumption of more time result in the increasing popularity of online passport photo tools like AiPassportPhotos. AiPassportPhotos is an excellent online option for you if you are emphasizing simplicity and convenience. By using our service, you can get the best version of your photos and keep more money for your trip. More importantly, our hassle-free service can avoid the disturbance of rejection for your photos.

How to Get Turkey Visa Photos Online?

AiPassportPhotos, as a thriving online passport photo processor, is designed for alleviating stress and keeping more money in your pocket. Our easy-to-use tool gives you full control over the processing procedure. Choose the categories of your passport photos, and the tool will do the rest job for you. Your submittal of photos will be 100% ensured to pass government compliance. If you have any questions when you are using our service, our technical team will resolve the problems for you instantly. Therefore, getting Turkey Visa Photos online is close at hand with the help of AiPassportPhotos. 

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