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What Licence Do I Need to Drive in South Africa?

If you want to drive in South Africa, then you must have a credit card format driving licence. There are different driving licences for various categories of motor vehicles, so you can refer to following common types and see what kind of driving licence you need to apply for. If you want to learn more, you can search on "South African Government" website.

  • Code A1 & Code A: They are applicable to a motorcycle with or without a sidecar and with an engine not exceeding 125 cc. But Code A1 is for people aged 17 years or above. Code A is for people aged 18 years or above.
  • Code B: It is suitable for a motor vehicle, a minibus, a bus and a goods vehicle, with a gross vehicle mass not exceeding 3500 kg. For people aged 18 years or above.
  • Code C1: It is used for a motor vehicle, a bus, minibus or goods vehicle with a gross vehicle mass between 3500 kg and 16000 kg. For people who are 18 years or older.

How Many Photos Should I Submit for the South African Driving Licence?

Before you apply, make sure that you have two identical black and white pictures measuring 45mm x 35mm. When you apply, you are required to hand in four black-and-white ID photographs. During this process, you should also submit your ID and valid learner’s licence, bring a pen to complete the green colour-coded form and provide proof of address within 3 months.

Codes for South African Driving Licence Pictures

The quality and quantity of photos quite matters in the application for a South African driving licence. To avoid being rejected and wasting time, energy or money, you can conform to the following requirements when you prepare your driving licence photos.

  • The background should be clear and white, without any shadows.
  • The photo should be taken within six months.
  • Your features must be clearly visible, with your eyes open, and mouth closed.
  • You can cover your hair for religious reasons, but your face must not be blocked.
  • Beard or moustache covering the face is acceptable.
  • A neutral facial expression is the best. A slight smile is okay, refer to the Mona Lisa smile.
  • Front view, with your eyes directly looking at the camera lens.
  • Sunglasses or tinted glasses are not permitted. If you always wear spectacles, you can go ahead in your photo. Be aware that your eyes should not be covered.
  • Even and balanced lighting without any shadows or glares in the picture.
  • Clothing. Dark-colored clothes with a collar are preferred. Do not wear any white clothes.

Where Can I Take A Photograph for A South African Driving Licence?

There are many places available for you to take your South African driving licence pictures. For example, you can go to Driver License Testing Centres or DLTCs, photographic shops, photo studios or Internet cafés. If you want to get rid of the long queue and the troubles of going outside, here is a good option for you--taking photos at home. Well, you may wonder how to ensure the compliance of the photo if you take photos at home. Don't worry, all you need to do is to take your photos and upload your photos on our website, and we will do the rest for you!

Take Your South African Driving Licence Image at Home

In the era of the Internet, you may have used your camera or smartphone to take pictures for many times. So it would not be difficult for you to take your driving licence photos at home. To obtain high quality pictures, you can pay attention to the following details.

  • Prepare a digital camera, smart phone or tablet with high definition.
  • Use a tripod to fix the camera.
  • Use natural daylight or sufficient artificial lighting.
  • Stand or sit against the wall (any background is okay because we will help you change the background).
  • Stand about 1.5-2.5 meters (5-8 feet) meters from the camera.
  • Look at the camera, relax and show a neutral facial expression.
  • Take several pictures and select the best one from them.

What Can We Do for Your South African Driving Licence Photo?

After taking photos, you may want to modify the background of your photo. Why not use some online photo editing tools to help you? We believe that our South African driving licence photo maker could be your best choice.

We are not limited to changing your background. When you upload your photo, we will automatically check the compliance of your picture. If your size and background is not compliant, we will immediately improve it. So you can get a satisfied driving licence photo.

Furthermore, we guarantee that your photo will be acceptable, or you will get 200 percent of money back. And we will offer an additional expert check for you. Come on, have a great deal with AiPassportPhotos!

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