Images for South African Official Documents

South African documents are legal documents issued by the South African government, such as a baby passport, driving licence and ID card. These documents will have a validity of certain years. For instance, the passport card is valid for ten years. Furthermore, each of these documents will have a photo of the owner for identity recognition and face authentication. If you want to apply for these documents, you should make sure that your picture is in accordance with the requirements, or you will be rejected. To avoid that, AiPassportPhotos can help you scan the picture with advanced technology, resize it and replace its background. So, you can get an acceptable image within seconds.

Size And Requirements of The Photograph in South African Official Documents

As for South African official documents, they share some similarities. For example, the photo size of a South African ID card, driving licence and baby passport is 35 mm in width and 45 mm in height.

The general rules of pictures in official documents will be presented below. The photo must show the entire face and shoulders of the applicant clearly. The background must be white or light grey without any shadows, patterns, designs or other people. The applicant should sit or stand straight and fix his/her eyes on the camera lens. The applicant is not allowed to smile or show his/her teeth. As for clothes, the applicant can wear daily clothes except for white clothes, uniforms or off-the-shoulders dresses. The photo should have proper exposure and high resolution. Any digital retouch or enhancement of the photo is unacceptable.