Blur Background of Photo Online Seamlessly

AiPassportPhotos works like a real magician to blur the background in any picture. Create a blur effect as good as DSLR cameras by applying the advanced tech of AI.

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How to Blur an Image?

  • Upload any Image

  • One-click Background Blur

  • Adjust blur effect

  • Save blurred image

Virtues of Auto Blur Background

Virtues of Auto Blur Background

Backed by AI Tech

The image blurrer comes with smart focus functionality to automatically identity which area to blend into the background.

Focus Automatically

Only one click away to blur the background of portrait, product or animal images, without skill or prior experience required.

Time-saving Option

This background blur tool works on both Android devices and iPhone. You can blur image background anytime and anywhere, without downloading software.

Customized Editing

Customize the blurry background with different blur options. Choose a blur effect in the gallery and make the subject, object or any part of your picture the center of attention.

Quality Image Blurring and Excellent Photo Processing

Highlights of Picture Background Blurring


AI Focus Smartly

Every uploaded picture will be automatically identified which area to remain clear, sharp, and in focus and which to blend into the background. Create a misty effect for your content background without any difficulty.

ai focus smartly

Quality Image Blurring

Hide locations and surrounding objects to protect your privacy. Plus, hide other persons in your document photos by making unnecessary elements fade away into the background. You are supposed to be the main character in your own photo.

quality image blurring

Blur Adjustment

Adjust the level of image blur to remove distratcions and highlight the portrait. 6 different levels of blurring effects are available to choose from. You can use the blur intensity to create a focus on your portrait.

Benefits of Using Blurred Photos

for photographer

For Photographer

Save time and energy on repetitive photo processing tasks by using the picture blurer. Effortlessly blur image background online with AiPassportPhotos and spend less on camera lenses or expensive tools!

blur for content creator

For Content Creator

Elevate your content with blurred backgrounds! AI tool lets you easily remove or blur your image backgrounds online, drawing focus to you and your creativity. Using blurry background in your LinkedIn profile also conveys a sense of professionalism and attention to detail. Share visually striking posts that grab attention and boost your social media presence in seconds!

for ecommerce shop

For E-commerce Shops

High-quality product photos attract more people's attention to the items. Try to grab your potential buyer's eyes with clear and focused images and let your product stand out in the market. Say no to all the flashy or messy backgrounds and apply professional photography to impress.

for website graphics

For App/Website Graphics

Blur background photo and converts pictures into a unique canvas for the app or UI design. The perfect solution to blur unnecessary items to grab users’ attention to crucial content or controls while offering contextual awareness to users in the navigation hierarchy.

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Inner Voice from Real Users

  • Your site is really easy to use. Before using image blurrer, we had to blur content background manually all day through, now that we access this tool, blurring the background in pictures is just a breeze!

    Gigi, Hadid, NY

    E-commerce Shops

  • When we have a huge volume of photos in hand, we often resort to this tool to greatly boost the efficiency of our work by using it for batch automatic editing. This background blurer really improved our workflow.

    Tina E. Aponte, US


  • I work in a professional photography studio. I have to deal with dozens of pictures everyday. Blurring the background in the image manually is a nightmare. I was so happy to found this AI restored tool and amazed by the quality of the blurred photos. Great work!

    Denise Vitali, IT


  • I want to hide unimportant elements in my travel pictures. I had tried a few other software but I find this site is the most effective so far, which saves much time than Photoshop or any other photo editing apps.

    Simon Faure, FR


    • Personally, I think this online program is cool, it has the ability to mask off parts of the image in portrait mode, making the results become much more natural. It is perfect, would definitely recommend it!

      Finn Miller, AU

      technical staff

    • Excellent, 5 starts! I am satisfied to this blur photo background editor as I can easily blur my background photos without doing it on my own. It literally does everything it says it does.

      Julieta Duarte, BR

      College teachers

    • Best auto blur too that I’ve ever use on focus! Very easy to use, simple but works very well. You don’t have to be worry since there is an option for refocusing automatically. Keep going...All the best.

      Aliyah Lee, CA


    • Want to take biometric photos at home, but can’t find an improper background? Handy spotlight featuring automatic removing and editing background can be offered to you with AiPassportPhotos!

      Oscar Lee, KR



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