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Size for South African Baby Passport Photographs

  • Size

    Width: 35mm

    Height: 45mm

  • Is it suitable for online submission?


  • Resolution

    600 dpi

  • Is it printable?


  • Image definition parameters

    Head height: 74%

    Top of the Photo to Top of the Hair: 4mm

  • Background Color

South Africa

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Requirements for South African Baby Passport Photos

Photos are required for various official applications. The passport application is no exception. If you want to apply for a South African passport for your baby, then you should read through the following rules and try to prepare a compliant baby passport photo.

  • Allowable size. Size is quite essential for a passport photo. If you mix the size, then your picture will be ruthlessly rejected. The required size for the passport picture should be 45mm in height and 35mm wide.
  • Appropriate angle. Do not take a photograph downward or upward. The applicant should face right into the camera. Side photographs or tilted angles will fail to clearly show the applicant's facial features.
  • Contents of the picture. Only your baby can be seen from the photo. Toys, dummies, feeding-bottle and other irrelevant stuff are not allowed.
  • Age and quantity of the photo. Two identical colored pictures taken within six months are required.

Should My Baby Open Eyes When Taking South African Passport Pictures?

Well, the rules are lenient for newborn babies, but others should strictly observe the requirements. You can refer to the following items.

  • For newborn infants. It is acceptable if an infant’s eyes are not open or entirely open.
  • For other children. They must open their eyes.

If you want to make your baby open its eyes, you should give it full rest the night before, then your baby will happily wake up.

Taking South African Passport Photos for Your Baby at Home

Taking a passport photo for your baby may sound testing and many of you will not try it. Actually, it is not very difficult but interesting, because you can observe various expressions of your baby. So you can take photos of your baby and enjoy the comfort from home.

  • Lay your baby in bed on a non-textured white sheet or white poster board.
  • Focus the camera on the front face of your baby.
  • Adjust the distance between your baby and the camera.
  • Leverage natural light.
  • Find the perfect combination of lighting and position.
  • Wait until your baby calms down, no laughter or crying.
  • Take more pictures and choose the best one.

Outfit for Baby in South African Passport Pictures

You may ask what kind of clothes your baby should wear when taking passport images. Well, maybe the following tips can help you.

  • Non-reflective materials. Sometimes, the sequins or jewelry on the clothes will reflect the light and cause glares or shadows in the photo, which are not suitable. Therefore, choose soft clothes with non-reflective materials for your baby.
  • Solid colors. Compared with clothes with patterns, solid-colored clothes are more suitable for babies. Refrain from glare colors, such as red, orange and yellow colors. White clothes are not permitted, because they will blend into the background.

How to Position Your Baby for A South African Passport Picture?

It is a little bit challenging to shoot photos for infants, because they are unable to sit or stand according to your guidelines. Here are some ways to help you to position your baby.

  • If you put your baby in the chair, then you need to put cushions and pillows to create a safe environment for your baby.
  • Gently hold your baby with your arms, be careful to hide your arms when taking passport photos.
  • Lay your baby on a soft bed with a supporting ring surrounding it.

Can My Baby Wear Caps When Shooting South African Passport Picture?

No matter how lovely the cap is, you can't put it on the head of your baby, or the photo will be rejected. And head accessories are not allowed. Make sure that the features of your baby are clearly visible. There are other points that you should notice. For example, if your infant does need to wear glasses for medical reasons, it is required to remove glasses before shooting.

How Do I Check The Compliance of the South African Baby Passport Picture Online?

With the advanced AI technology, people can easily use many online tools to do something in a shorter time with better effect. The same goes for your baby passport photo! The South African baby photo generator is designed to solve your problems by checking whether the picture is standard or not.

When you upload your photo on our website, we will quickly check whether it meets the requirements of the South African baby passport image with high precision. Then, when we detect some mistakes in the photo, such as unsuitable size and background, we will immediately crop it to the right size and replace its background. It just takes several seconds to complete the whole process. We are keen to perfect your baby passport photos.

What's more, we are applicable to many other countries, including America, China, India, Malaysia, Ireland, etc. And we are not limited to passport photos. Visa photos, ID Card photos and driving licence photos are also included. When you want to take your baby to travel to other countries or apply for other types of identification, welcome to visit us again!

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