AI Restore Old Photos Online

Restore old, damaged and faded pictures by automatically performing quality and face clarity enhancement, and photo colorization in seconds.

How to Restore Old Photos?

  • Upload picture

  • One-click repair

  • Customized editing

  • Download image

Highlights of AI Repairing of Old Photos

Highlights of AI Repairing of Old Photos

AI Restoration

AI can intelligently detect human faces, remove blur and imperfections, colorize photos in one click.

Fully Automatic

Old damaged photos can be automatically restored online in seconds, without manual work involved.

Hassle-Free Restore

Deep learning algorithm and intuitive interface smooth restoration process, without spending hours manually repairing old photos in Photoshop.

Privacy Protect

No photos will be stored and used for other commercial purposes without your permission.

Old Photo Restoration Online with AiPassportPhotos

What a Photo Restorer Can Do for You

old photo restoration

Old Photo Restoration

Revive cherished memories with AI-powered photo restoration. Our online tool uses advanced AI technology to restore old damaged and faded photos to their original vibrancy. It can automatically remove scratches, creases and tear, enhance facial details and color, fix damaged faded photos! Embrace the magic of free online photo restorer!

photo colorization

Photo Colorization

Using AiPassportPhotos photo restorer, you can restore old photos and enhance them for crisp and beautiful effects. Add clarity and natural color to your old photos while repairing them. No expertise or technical experience is required.

photo enhancement

Photo Enhancement

Brings old photos back to life instantly. You can easily enhance old photos to a higher level by making blurred pictures clear, getting rid of noises from photos as well as improving image quality with AiPassportPhotos.

Old Photo Restoration Examples in Full Size

for vintage picture restoration

For Vintage Pictures Restoration

Digitize and repair flaws in old photos to improve image quality for use in documentaries, biographies, historical publications or photo exhibitions. AiPassportPhotos photo restorer will perform the necessary photo enhancements to make vintage and antique photo as glorious as ever.

for portrait photo restoration

For Portrait Photos Restoration

AiPassportPhotos uses innovative photo restoration techniques and enhancement algorithms to accurately fix blurred or unclear portrait photos. Save your precious memories and make your images look like originals or even better.

for old family photography restoration

For Old Family Photographs Restoration

Our photo restorer can highlight favorite details lost to time, enhance old photo to a higher resolution, and fix damage without leaving any traces. Together with photo colorizer to bring new life to loved ones' faces in vintage old family photos. Trace family tree and preserve precious moments now!

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Well Trusted by Million Users

  • My parents wanted me to redtored old photo that they took at their wedding but they looked terribly damaged. I was so happy to find AiPassportPhotos photo restorer. It’s online and the photo restoration process is that easy!

    Arisha Huynh, UK

    Store Shopper

  • I’ve been working with its AI tools for a long time and this photo restorer is definetly a handy tool that I can use to restore old photos. I look forward to uploading more photos to repair for my customers.

    Samirah Dodd, MX

    Photo Retoucher

  • AiPassportPhotos photo restorer can 100% automatically remove background from photo, enhance image resolution as well as add colors to black and white photo and turn it into a high-definition and realistic photo.

    Rose Salia, US


  • AiPassportPhotos works like magic. It changes my black and white photo into color in just a few clicks. The images look like they were taken using a digital camera.

    Elper Phelps, CA


    • The image restoration, enhancement and colorization are very easy to use and really fun! I hope this developer continues to improve its accuracy, it is a very good photo editing tool!

      Charles White, AU

      Guitar Repairer

    • I had some old photos from my grandparents that were small and hard to make out details. This incredible AI system was able to give our family photos a whole new level of depth and detail…

      Alex Warner, IN

      QA Engineer

    • This tool helped with my portrait orders as an artist. I can now accept customers who have blurry images that they want me to work with. Restoring old low-resolution images on this site is so simple. I love it!!!

      Jasmine Gormly, IE

      College Lecturer

    • I have a box of old family photos, some 100 years old or more. It’s good to know how AiPassportPhotos restores the photos. It’s a great tool for photo restoration.

      Archer Mansom, NZ

      Social Worker


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