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Cost-Effective Solution

AiPassportPhotos can generate your digital biometric photos online in seconds, allowing you to get them printed at stores that provide photo services at a more favorable price.

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The inception and application of AI technology is our trump card, which examines your passport photos online intelligently. Let modern technology escort your passport photos!

Ensured Compliance

Rejection is depressing, but you will never experience discouragement anymore with the fully-featured photo tool, for AiPassportPhotos will ensure 100% acceptance of your photos.

Time Saver for Photos

Gone are days when you have to spend hours lining up for taking photos at a photo studio. With the help of AiPassportPhotos, you can get your online passport photos at home in seconds.

How Does AiPassportPhotos Work?

  • Upload an image

  • Crop size automatically

  • Save printable template

  • Cut it out and use it

Technical Specifications for Macau Visa Photos

  • Size

    Width: 33 mm

    Height: 48 mm

  • Is it suitable for online submission?


  • Resolution

    600 dpi

  • Is it printable?


  • Image definition parameters

    Head height: 31.5 mm

    Top of the Photo to Top of the Hair: 5 mm

  • Background Color


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How Much Does It Cost to Apply for A Macao Visa?

The cost of applying for a Macao depends on your needs. Normally, it costs 430.00 MOP to apply for a Macao visa. However, if you need your Macao visa urgently, you should pay an additional fee of MOP 150.00 to have your visa done quicker. The approval result of an urgent Macao visa will be informed within 2 working days. If the applicant's original travel document is damaged, he or she needs to pay the extra processing fees to replace it. The charges are as follows:

  • First time: an additional fee of MOP 150.00;
  • Second time: an additional fee of MOP 300.00;
  • Third time: an additional fee of MOP 600.00;
  • Fourth time: an additional fee of MOP 1,200.00;
  • Fifth time or above: an additional fee of MOP 2,400.00.

General Requirements for Macao Visa Photos

You need to submit a standard visa picture together with all the other required documents when applying for your Macao visa. Without an acceptable visa picture, your Macao visa application will be delayed or rejected. Therefore, please be patient and learn the following photo requirements.

  • Dimensions. The size of the Macao visa photo is 33 mm by 48 mm.
  • Background color. The background of the Macao visa photo should be white.
  • Photo color. The Macao visa photo must be in color.
  • Photo age. The photograph must be taken within the last six months.
  • Photo quality. The photograph must be clear and in focus, without any alteration.
  • Light. Any uneven light, reflections, or shadows are not allowed to appear in the photograph. Besides, the photo can not be overexposed or underexposed.
  • Content. The applicant's entire face and shoulders should appear in the center of the picture.
  • Pose. One should directly face the camera with full face in view.

Requirements for Clothes And Accessories in Macau Visa Pictures

Although a small part of your clothes will appear in your Macao visa picture, what your wear also matters. Let's talk about what you can not wear first. You can not put on your uniforms or too casual clothes when taking your picture. Besides, clothes that have a similar color to your background are also not appropriate. That is to say, avoid wearing white or light colors when taking your Macao visa picture. We suggest you wear formal clothes because they will make you look tidy.

As for accessories, you should avoid wearing them in your picture. You can not wear your hair accessories, hair coverings, jewelry on your eyebrows, nose, or lips in your photograph.

Can I Wear Contact Lenses in My Macau Visa Picture?

Your eyes are one of the most essential parts of your facial information and they can not be blocked or obscured by other objects. You can wear your contact lenses if you make sure they will not change your pupil's features. However, you are not permitted to wear cosmetic contact lenses that enlarge your eyes or change your pupil's color.

Can I Use My Hong Kong Visa Photo to Apply for A Macau Visa?

No you can not. Although Hong Kong and Macao are both special administrative regions of China, the visa for Macao and Hong Kong is not universal. More importantly, the size of a Hong Kong visa photo and that of a Macao visa are different. The size of a Hong Kong visa picture is 40 x 50 mm, while a Macao picture should be 33 x 48 mm. Therefore, you can not use your Hong Kong visa picture to apply for your Macao visa and have to take a new photograph according to the requirements set by the Macao government. 

Guidelines for Taking A Macau Visa Photo at Home

Is there any way to get your Macau visa picture conveniently and cost-effectively? The answer is ''yes, to take it at home.'' You do not need to wait in queue or spend your time on the traffic anymore. Following these guidelines can you make your perfect picture without leaving home.

  • Prepare high-quality photographic equipment. Find your smartphone or a digital camera to take pictures. Make sure the photos you take with your equipment are of good quality.
  • Remove your glasses, headgears, and accessories, and put on your decent attire.
  • Stand or sit in front of a plain white wall and keep a distance of 1.5 to 3 meters from your camera. This can enable you a compliant photo background.
  • Face a window or door, or open the lamps in your room to obtain adequate light.
  • Ask someone else to take you a picture. Your selfies are not allowed to use as your Macau visa photos.
  • Select your favorite picture and adjust it to a standard one. You can use our online photo editor to help you do this job. Upload it to our website, wait for a while and see how magical it is to obtain a global compliant visa photo without effort!

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