Pictures for Official Documents

With valid official documents for Singapore, applicants can prove their identities when entering or staying in Singapore. You are not limited to using only your passport, but also your identity card or ID card as your credible official document in Singapore. For those who want to apply for these official documents mentioned above, taking compliant biometric photos is what they can not escape. Different countries and regions have diverse requirements for the photos used in applying for their official documents. For your convenience, we have listed the basic picture regulations of the official documents in Singapore below.

Sizes and Requirements for Photos for Official Documents in Singapore

Arming yourself with all the basic picture requirements can benefit you when obtaining up-to-standard photos for official documents. In Singapore, the most frequently used official documents are passports and IC cards, and the photo requirements for these two are the same. Here we will show them to you.

The photographs of these two documents should be 35 x 45 mm in size, displaying the applicant's full face and upper shoulders. The background of the photo should be white and illuminated evenly, without any patterns, designs, other people or stuff. The pictures must be in color and of good quality. Besides, any picture which is blurred, overexposed, or underexposed is not acceptable. Since the photos need to be biometric, the eyes of the applicants should be clearly visible. Besides, presenting the current appearance of the applicant is of importance so that the photos can not be older than 3 months old.

The photo regulations mentioned above are suitable for other official documents for Singapore.