Pictures for Visas

A visa is a document that allows people to cross a foreign border or stay in a foreign country. The visa must be issued to foreigners by the consulate of a certain country, except for the so-called visa-exempt travel. Whether the applicant needs a photo or not usually depends on the country that issues the visa. (Friendly reminder: It refers to countries that has visa-free policy) And, the visa photo is a convincing identification for the applicant to obtain the right to stay in the country. Apart from the visa, there are times when you also need to showcase a passport or another document that can officially confirm your identity.

Measurements and Requirements for Visa Photos

The latest requirements for a visa photo are determined by the regulations of individual issuing states and are customarily published on the Embassy and Consulate official websites. Thus, it is vital to note that the photo format and its sizes often differ.

Basically, all visa photos are also known as biometric photos. These photos capture an individual’s features for a quick and reliable identification process. In that case, you ought to be positioned frontally and look straightly ahead in photography. The background requirements vary but in most cases, it should be uniform and one color. Rules regarding glasses and headgear are usually the same, for instance, you are not supposed to wear a hat and you should take off your glasses (this helps cut down the risk of photo rejection.)

Photos for visas differ greatly in size. Some countries demand for only a specific photo format, while others offer several options. Hence, to minimize the possibility of your visa photo being declined, you better get to know some of the size and requirements before applying.