Pictures for Official Documents

New Zealand passports, ID cards, and driver's licenses are popular official documents which are determined and regulated by law. They can be essential and give you powerful support when you need to prove your identity in New Zealand. Your biometric picture shows your facial features and is of vital importance. Nevertheless, it is sad that a large number of people fail to get their official documents because of unqualified photos. To help you avoid unnecessary troubles, we collect the latest photo requirements for New Zealand official documents for your reference.

Sizes and Requirements for Photos for Official Documents in New Zealand

Since the New Zealand passport is one of the most commonly used official documents, we will introduce its photo requirements first. Please take the official photo regulations seriously. Otherwise, your application will be delayed or rejected because of unqualified photos.

First of all, your NZ passport pictures should be biometric. That is to say, measurements of your features, such as your eyes, are used to help others to identify you. Besides, the size of your NZ photos should be 1500 x 2000 px. As for the background, the NZ passport photo requires a plain white one with bright and neutral light. NZ passport photos need to include the whole face and both shoulders of the applicants, with his or her eyes visible and mouths closed, without any obscure. The photographs must be clear, in color, and in focus, without any alterations or creases. Do not forget to ensure your photos are up-to-date. They should be taken within the last 6 months.

If you want to know the photo information of other types of New Zealand official documents, you can refer to the relevant documents at the bottom of this page.