AI-Backed Photo Background Removal

Outright Intelligent Background Removing with a Simple Click

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How to Remove the Background of the Image?

  • Upload a Shot

  • AI Removing

  • Background Tailoring

  • Photo Downloading

Features of Background Removal Tool

Features of Background Removal Tool

Advanced AI Technology

Remove any busy background with maximum precision.

Automatic Processing

Get the background scanned and removed automatically.

Save Precious Time

Avoid manual background removal and save time via AI-tech.

Customized Editing

Choose the desired background color and picture freely.

Enhanced-Quality Photos and Great Care of Details


AiPassportPhotos Goes Beyond a Background Remover

Get images in a transparent or customized background in one click. Our photo editor tool intelligently remove or change the background to fit in personal and business needs.


Benefits of AI Transparent PNG Maker

  • Speed up Graphic Design without Photoshop
  • Neat, Smooth & Stunning Cutout Edge
  • Slash Image Editing Time for Effective Marketing
  • Remove or Replace Background for Newspaper Image
  • Make Passport ID Photos without Leaving Sofa
  • Customized Background Eraser for E-commerce

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Inner Voice from Real Users

  • Such an Amazing tool that I have ever met! I can just remove the unwanted objects on my background within one click! Thanks for your invention!

    Joyce Housman, UK


  • I have recommended this tool with a full package of features to my friends! A hassle-free way to get desired photos for official documents!

    Roy Shaw, NL

    Market Manager

  • Never have I imagined getting my required photos in such an easy and hassle-free way. Just three seconds and I can get a compliance-guaranteed photo!

    Richard Hoover, CA


  • It was once a depressing process for you to find a proper background. However, you will find it easy for you to get desired background here! Plus, you can even edit the background at your will.

    Murray Lynch, LE


    • You can just remove and edit the background of photos with an entirely online process at home! Different background colors are at your fingertips!

      Zoe Violet, US


    • Getting digital photos at home is never a dream with this fancy tool! It is beyond a background remover. Instead, it can be a photo magician that meets all your demands!

      Marina Elizabeth, CA

      Senior Manager

    • This all-in-one stop photo processing tool enables you to conduct all tricky tasks online including cropping size, removing and changing background, and so on.

      Henry Strong, AU

      Bank Manager

    • Want to take biometric photos at home, but can’t find an improper background? Handy spotlight featuring automatic removing and editing background can be offered to you with AiPassportPhotos!

      Oscar Lee, KR



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