Turn Your Photo into Cartoon Selfie with AI

Convert face photo to cartoon and cartoonize yourself 100% automatically in seconds with one click!

How to Turn a Photo Into a Cartoon?

  • Upload a Shot

  • One-click Cartoonize

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  • Finalize & Share

Image to Cartoon Features

Image to Cartoon Features

Smart Tech

The advanced AI image cartoon algorithm is adopted and used for making fun and ultra realistic image cartoonify effects.

100% Automatic

Powered with the latest AI cartoon technology, the AiPassportPhotos image cartoonizer can convert any portrait photo to cartoon style without clicking.

Fast and Reliable

Use AI image cartoonizer to turn portrait into cartoon selfie and create fun cartoon images of yourself in a couple of seconds!

Customized Edit

The best photo-to-cartoon converter that can be used to cartoonize face photos exactly to your likes. Upload an image to cartoonify now!

Ultra Realistic Image Cartoonify Effects

make 3D cartoon pictures

Easily Turn Pictures into Cartoon with AiPassportPhotos


Convert Any Image Into a Cartoon

No need to break out the colored pencils. With AiPassportPhotos, you can transform anything into a cartoon with a single click. Convert your face to cartoon style, turn your boring portrait picture into a cartoon one as well as make a cartoon avatar without a fuss!


Cartoon Yourself for Amazing Effects

Cartoon art comes in handy to make yourself more approachable and fun across social media presence. With our image cartoonizer, you can turn pictures into cartoons and get stunning cartoon art right in front of your eyes.

Fuel Your Creativity with our AI Cartoon Generator

This free AI Cartoon Generator offers you unlimited chances to create and download cartoon photos. Awaken your imagination with this AI Cartoonizer now!
convert a girl's picture into five different styles of cartoon pictures

Create Your Own AI Cartoon Characters

Generating an AI cartoon character just like you is easy on AiPassportPhotos. This AI cartoon character generator is easy to navigate with no need to conceive or input AI prompts. Whichever cartoon character styles you choose, our AI tool will keep your personal characteristics and generate a cartoon doppelgänger of you. Try all the five cartoon styles to make your own AI generated cartoon characters!

convert portrait photos into 3D style cartoon photos

3D Cartoon Photo Editor Online for Stunning Effects

Wanna create a 3D cartoon character just like you? AiPassportPhotos is here to help. Whether you want to cartoonize your lover, kids, families or yourself, this 3D cartoon maker scans your face and converts it into 3D cartoon photos immediately. The resulting photos are vibrant, playful and immersive enough to bring more fun to your life. Try our 3D cartoon character creator free now!

cartoon avatars for social media profile

Make Cartoon PFP Using Cartoon Filters

A fun, cute or cool cartoon pfp helps you stand in the crowd on social media! Use our cartoon filter online to turn your portrait to cartoon with ease, and upgrade your pfp with these stunning cartoon avatars. We offer various cartoon face filters for you to start creating. Whether you need cartoon avatars for Discord, Instagram, TikTok or other social platforms, you can make a perfect one by using our website.

using cartoon pictures for pillow case and paper bags

Make Art Images with Cartoon AI Art Generator

With this cartoon AI art generator, you can turn your images into AI cartoon art and utilize them in various aspects of your life. Use AI cartoon arts as wallpapers, social media avatars or birthday cards. You can also print them on mugs, T-shirts, phone cases, etc as merchandise. Or you can make them as home decor, including canvases, pillows, or tapestries. The applications can be endless. Unleash your creativity and express yourself in countless ways!

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Stories From Our Customers

  • This is a cute, fun, and easy-to-use tool. The templates are social media friendly and it's easy enough to create a cartoon face profile picture for my Instagram and Facebook. Love it!

    Jerald Cohen, US

    Arts teacher

  • The cartoon selfie maker brought me a lot of fun! The cartoon looks like the person from the photo and I used it for my social media profile. Almost everyone asked about the tool I used. I strongly recommended it to all my friends.

    Lucas Austin, AU


  • High-quality cartoon versions of pics. I really enjoy making cartoon face photos with this useful tool. I posted one on my Facebook and everyone liked it. My 6-year-old daughter loves it too. Even a little kid like her can make cartoon photos with a click. Very easy to use!!

    Bethany Fry, UK

    Operations director

  • Quite fun, entertained me for a while. There are a lot of options to choose from and the cartoon selfie is so adorable! I used it as my profile picture in TikTok as I don’t want to use an authentic photo of myself. This photo maker caters to my need. Highly recommended!

    Emmily Ruesink, NL

    Financial analyst

    • This is the best tool I've ever used to cartoonize a picture. It helps you cartoon yourself online. Some of the results are fun and quite stunning. Everything is automatic and all I need to do is just upload a photo. That’s amazing!

      Annie C. Ivery, CA


    • Awesome! I took a picture with three friends and converted it into a cartoon version very easily. All our faces can be detected and changed into cartoons! I really like the cartoon picture maker. Please add more cartoon styles!

      Adam B. Wood, US


    • Amazing technology that automatically turns photos into cartoon pictures. Sometimes I would avoid using realistic selfies as my profile pictures on all kinds of social media platforms so as to protect my privacy. This photo maker can create cartoon versions of avatars and images in one tap. Very useful.

      Irene J. Lo, NZ


    • Interesting! This photo creator can convert my face images or photos to cartoons. What’s best about this tool is that it cartoonizes my selfies 100% automatically in a few seconds. The best cartoonizer online that I have ever used!

      Isabela Ferreira Correia, BR



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