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Do Babies Need A Passport?

The answer is yes. Every person, even if a newborn baby, needs a passport to be able to travel to any other country. However, the type of passport for babies is different from that of an adult. Child passports are for children aged 15 and under. Child passports are valid for 5 years. Once a child turns 16, they must apply for an adult passport.

A biometric photo of your baby is a must when applying for his or her New Zealand passport photo. We understand your worries and stresses in getting an appropriate baby passport photo, and we gathered some useful information and tips for you. Check it Out right now!

New Zealand Baby Passport Photograph Requirements

A New Zealand baby passport photo needs to meet all the following specifications:

  • Size. New Zealand baby passport photo size is the same as adult passport. It should be 35mm by 45mm. 
  • New Zealand baby passport photo must be in color.
  • The background color should be white or off-white.
  • The photo must be taken within the last 6 months.

Regulations concerning the appearance of your baby:

  • Your baby should face the camera directly.
  • Your child needs to appear in the photo alone.
  • No smile or frown.
  • No toys or other items are allowed to appear in the picture.

Find Out An Easier Way to Take Your Baby's Passport Photo

Taking your delicate baby to a professional photo studio is a laborious job. Why not try to take a baby passport photo at home? It will not take long and is easier to finish the task. Here we listed the main steps for you.

  1. Find a device that can take a good-quality photo. Using your smartphone to take a baby passport photo is a convenient choice.
  2. Choose a plain white background. The background color of the New Zealand passport photo should be white.
  3. Take your baby's photo. For babies who are so young that they can't sit yet, you can lay them on a plain sheet so that you don't need to hold them while taking pictures. Besides, you can also put the car seat to use. Let your child sit in a car seat, put a white backdrop behind their head, and then you can take a picture of them easier too. If your baby keeps looking somewhere else, you can pick some of their favorite toys to grab their attention.
  4. Resize the photo. When finishing taking the photo of your baby, the next step is to adjust the photo to make sure it can satisfy all the requirements. If you find it hard to meet all the rules, you can turn to an online photo tool for help.

Common Errors in Baby Passport Photos 

We know how difficult it is to take a perfect baby passport photo and we appreciate your effort in helping your baby to do this laborious task. We collected some common mistakes for your reference. 

  • Other items show up in the photo. Most parents will use toys or pacifiers to attract their babies' attention. It is a nice try! Nevertheless, you need to make sure all the tools you use will not appear in the passport photo.
  • Babies open their mouths or smile. Opening mouths when taking a passport photo is not allowed, so please take a photo of them quickly when their mouths are closed.
  • Shadows in the photo. Shadow is also an important factor affecting the quality of baby passport photos. Besides, they are very likely to appear when you take a picture of your baby from above. Therefore, please be careful!
  • Baby's face is not in the center of the photo. Try to keep your baby's face in the center of the photo, whether by supporting them or cropping the photo afterward. You can support your baby with your hands as long as your hands are not visible in the photo.  
  • Wear a white outfit. Since the background color of a New Zealand baby passport photo is white, if you dress your baby in white, it is difficult to contrast your baby to the background, which is a big mistake in the passport photo.

Must Babies Appear in Their Passport Photo Alone?

The answer is yes. The purpose of the baby passport photo is to show the unique facial features of the photographer. Therefore, parents are not allowed to show up in their babies' passport photos. Additionally, any other item is not supposed to appear in the photo, too.

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