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Standard Photograph for a Mozambique Visa Photo

  • Size

    Width: 35 mm

    Height: 45 mm

  • Is it suitable for online submission?


  • Resolution

    600 dpi

  • Is it printable?


  • Image definition parameters

    Head height: 34.5 mm

    Top of the Photo to Top of the Hair: 3 mm

  • Background Color


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General Guidelines of Mozambique Visa Photo

A visa photo is one of the integral parts of a visa. The visa photo will be verified by the embassy official and experience a series of strict checks. Failure to meet the requirement might result in an annoying refusal, which impels you to apply for the document once again. What’s worse, it might even propel you to cancel your trip plan if you have inadequate time to reprocess your visa for an improper photo. All your preparations will be in vain, and your mood has been destroyed. Therefore, it is important for you to know the basic requirements for Mozambican Visa:

  • The size of the photo should be 35mm in width and 45 mm in height. (Equivalents to 3.5 cm x4.5 cm or 1.38 in x1.77in or 827x1063 (in pixels at 600dpi)
  • The minimum head height should be 31.5 mm to 36 mm. Top of the head should be at a minimum of 3 mm from the top.
  • The background should be white. 
  • The eyes should be open and face directly to the lens.
  • The photo submitted should be in color and printed on good-quality photo paper. (Matte and Glossy)
  • The facial expression should be natural, without a smile or frowning look.
  • All your facial features should be exposed to the camera.
  • No accessories like headphones, jewelry, and so on (Special situations like glasses will have a detailed demonstration in the following parts.)
  • The photos should reflect your recent appearance, for it will be conducive to quick identification.

Let’s unlock more details of a visa photo in order to make sure 100% acceptance of your visa picture.

Background of a Mozambique Visa Photo

The requirements of background might vary in different documentary applications. A Mozambique visa photo requires you to take the photo against a white background. Also, you’d better find a place with great light, which can light your face evenly, without any shadows on your face. A professional studio will prepare a proper background for you. Or if you are planning to get your photos done at home, you can try to take them against the white wall. Also, a background editor powered by advanced technology like AiPassportPhotos is highly recommended if you want to make visa photos on your own. The service can adjust to the background automatically with the application of AI technology.

What Should You Wear for a Mozambique Visa Photo?

Sometimes, failure to procure an adequate visa photo is often the cause of clothes. Therefore, you should get the right ones worn while taking a visa photo. The dress code of a Mozambique Visa photo includes:

  • The clothes must form a shark contrast with the plain background.
  • Wear common clothing instead of military clothes or uniforms. (Religious clothes are acceptable if you need to conform with the religious customs.)

Considering the white background, a white shirt can be excluded from the option list. Instead, a shirt with dark color will be preferred.

Should You Wear Glasses in a Visa Photo?

All your facial features should be seen clearly and completely in the photo. Hence, the visa photo you submit should perfectly depict your eyes.

Although you are permitted to wear glasses in your visa photo, your eyeglasses shouldn’t cover any part of your eyes. Please ensure your eyes can be utterly seen in the picture without any obstruction or covering. Therefore, if your eyeglasses have thick and large frames, you’d better take them off. Translucent eyeglasses with a thin frame can be your optimal solution if you want to take a visa photo with your glasses. Needless to say, sunglasses and glasses with tinted lenses are not permitted in a visa photo.

Should You Shave Off Beard in Your Photo?

A lot of men consider that shaving off beard before taking a visa photo can be troublesome. Here will be good news for you: The fact is that if you wear beard regularly in your daily life, and the beard won’t cover any facial features on your face, it won't unnecessarily be wiped out for a visa photo.

Can You Wear Accessories in a Mozambique Visa Photo?

Please note that you aren’t allowed to wear any accessories including earrings, headgears, and so on while taking a visa photo, for they might cause some reflection or shadows in your photo. Only one exception exists: according to your religious belief, you have to keep your headgear. However, don’t let your head covering cover any part and features of your face. Your face from the top of your forehead to the bottom of your chin should be visible on a visa photo.

Can You Simile in Your Visa Photo?

Sorry to tell you that you should avoid similes in your visa photo. You should have a neutral facial expression with eyes open and mouth closed. If you have submitted a photo with a toothy simile, you might get rejection.

Should You Have a Makeup in Your Visa Photo?

Yes, you can have moderate makeup for your photo taking in order to get the best version. A slight makeup can help you have a pretty look in the Visa photo.

However, you shouldn’t cover any facial expressions on your face.

Where Can You Get a Visa Photo?

It is generally known that a selfie is not allowed to be used for a visa photo. Does it really mean that a professional studio is the only way left for you to choose from? No really! You can still get a visa photo at home.

Just need to get all settings prepared. (For example, background, clothes, facial expression, and so on) You can also get a visa photo anywhere including at home. Just use the tripod or ask someone to help you take photos. Then, you can get a visa photo at home. How to make sure the self-made photo is acceptable? Why not try an online photo generator? The service powered by advanced AI technology will process automatically in seconds as soon as you have uploaded your photo.

How to Get a Visa Photo at Home with the Help of AiPassportPhotos?

Firstly, you should take a photo of your visa at home. Then, you are prompted to enter AiPassportPhotos, which can smartly process your visa photo. Upon you have uploaded your photo, the online passport photo generator will scan your photo, resizing your photo intelligently to a proper size. Then, background checking is also carried out online. The tool will scan and check the background. The smart tool will automatically change the improper background for you. Last but not least, the online visa photo editor will 100% guarantee that your photo will be in compliance with the blessings of AI-Tech.

What Should You Avoid When Taking a Visa Photo at Home?

Here are some common mistakes that you should avoid:

  • The photo is over or underexposure.
  • The vital parts of your face have been covered or not fully exposed.
  • You are wearing clothes in white colors, which might blend in with the background.
  • You are wearing headphones, wireless hands-free devices, or other accessories.
  • The photo is too old to recognize and identify you. (Older than 6 months)
  • Your photo is printed on damaged, creasy, or low-quality photo paper.
  • You take a visa photo with your head tilted.

Please get away from the above-mentioned mistakes when you are taking a visa photo at home. To save you from unease and annoyance, you can let AiPassportPhotos generate a visa photo that can comply with the requirements for you online in seconds.

How Much Will You Spend on a Mozambique Visa Photo?

When you choose AiPassportPhotos as your online passport photo tool, you will never be disappointed with our service. With just $5.99 (400 MZN), everything for your visa photo can be taken care of. Why not get the biometric photo ready for your document without leaving home.  

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