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Concerning the AU Victoria Driver’s Licence

The driver’s licence is an official title that allows Australians to drive various types of vehicles on public roads. If you come from abroad, the law in Australia differs from state to state. Some administrative units demand an international driver’s licence along with a valid driving licence issued in the applicant’s country of origin.

However, in most Australian states, such as Victoria, you can legally drive a car with only a foreign driving licence provided that it is valid. But, one can only drive these vehicles under certain conditions that your driver’s licence allows you to drive them in your country of origin.

To get a Victoria driving licence, there are several stages you are required to go through. Among other data, the driver’s licence also requires the driving licence photo, which has to follow the stated requirements. For example, the Victoria driver’s licence must live up to established standards and you can learn more about them on our page.

Specifications for a Driving Licence Photo in Victoria

There are some rules you must follow while preparing a photo that you want to attach or submit with your application form. The Victoria driver’s licence requirements in a nutshell:

  • The photograph must show your face and taken within the last 6 months.
  • The photo must be in color.
  • The photo has to show your natural skin and eye color as well as facial features.
  • The photo taken must be sharp and in focus.
  • The photo must be 35 x 45 mm or 3.5 x 4.5 mm in size.
  • The photo has to be taken on the required background.
  • The photo can not be altered by any computer software.

Find it hard for you to follow all the rules mentioned above? Take it easy, making correct size and quality photos is pretty easy if you seek help from AiPassportPhotos - an online photo creator. With our solution, you can take your photo in your own home. The only requirement for you is to pay attention to the main rules above and let us do the rest.

Official Requirements for Victoria Driving Licence

As stated previously, the photo that you use on your driving licence has to be the dimensions of 35 mm in width and 45 mm in height. However, apart from the size, the requirements of your head, hair, and clothing are also important in a driver’s licence.

  • Size: The head and hair must fill about 70 - 80 % of the image. It also means that the minimum height of your head has to be 29 mm and the maximum must be 34 mm. The crop has to include your head, shoulders, and upper body.
  • Posture: The person being photographed has to stand 0.5 meters (1.5 feet) away from the background so as to not let shadows appear and 1.5 meters (5 feet) from the photographer.
  • Lights: Natural sunlight exposes the real colors and tones of your skin, hair, and eyes are recommended. It is best to take the photo in natural daylight, facing a window.
  • Background: Use a light-colored background with no patterns or textures. There can be no other people or objects visible behind you and the background has to be free of shadows.
  • Glasses: It is allowed to wear your glasses when taking your driving licence photo. However, it is best to take them off as the glass can cause reflections in the photo, and your eyes must be fully visible. Sunglasses and tinted glasses are forbidden.
  • Jewelry: It is not necessary to take them off and you may keep them on as long as they do not give off any glare in the photo. However, be sure that they are small and do not give off any glare. Do not wear large earrings as they may cover your face or cast shadows.
  • Dress: It is advised to wear something casual or elegant, but your need to choose a color that is darker than the background for better contrast.
  • Hairstyle: A beard is allowed but you may be asked to send a new picture if your face is unrecognizable. Also, there are no rules about hairstyle and you may have your hair down but make sure that it does not obscure your face.

Most Commonly Made Mistakes on Victoria Driver’s Licence Photo

If you want to receive your driving licence without any delay, keep in mind that incorrect photos are the main reason for rejection. Regardless of whether you uploaded a digital photo or submitted a printed one, pay attention to the commonly made mistakes. They are:

  • Head tilted or sight directed away from the camera,
  • Smiling, frowning, or making faces,
  • Open mouth or closed eyes,
  • Wrong background or size
  • Bad quality of the photo (picture not sharp or in focus, overexposed or underexposed),
  • Poor quality of the paper (photos printed on a home inkjet printer).

Online Photo Editor and Checker

The AU Victoria driving licence photo rules are not so complicated but must be strictly obeyed. If you are not sure whether your photograph is correct or not, let AiPassportPhotos do the job for you. Simply upload your picture to our online photo maker and let the accurate AI technology verify the image for you. All you need to do is navigate to our official website and follow the short instructions provided on our homepage.

100 % Compliance-ensured Guarantee

There is no need for you to drive around, look for parking spaces in front of the shopping center or wait in queues. Thanks to the advancement of AI tech, the AiPassportPhotos online photo processor allows you to make correct and compliant photos in the comfort of your own home! That is the reason why we introduce you to take help with the perfect photo tool for you. With the assistance of our photo editor and checker, you will be able to:

  • Create an ideal photo with a guarantee of acceptance.
  • Enable you to not take the risk of photo rejection.
  • Save you money because our service is much cheaper than a visit to a photography studio or photo booth.
  • Save your time as you can prepare the picture in a couple of clicks and seconds.
  • Let you take unlimited photos so that you can pick the one you like the best.

Once you have paid for our service, you will receive ready-to-print photos and you will also get digital photos that you can use as many times as you wish. You can print your photos many times in a photo store near you!

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