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Basic Requirements for Australian Queensland Driving Licence Photos

  • Size

    Width: 35mm

    Height: 45mm

  • Is it suitable for online submission?


  • Resolution

    600 dpi

  • Is it printable?


  • Image definition parameters

    Head height: 35mm

    Top of the Photo to Top of the Hair: 3mm

  • Background Color


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Who Can Apply for An Australian Queensland Driver's Licence?

Once you turn 16, you can apply for your learner's licence to drive a car. A learner's licence allows you to drive a car under supervision. Your supervisor must have held an open licence for at least one year and currently hold an open licence (for example, their licence must not be expired or suspended).

Other requirements you need to satisfy:

  • You need to complete PrepL or pass a written road rules test to get your learner licence. 
  • You must also be medically fit to drive.

Technical Specifications for Australian Queensland Driving Licence Photos

A current photograph is required for the submission of your Australian Queensland driving licence. So before taking your recent photo, please spend a minute reading these official photo specifications.

  • be 35mm wide by 45mm long in size
  • at a resolution of 600dpi or higher
  • have a plain white background
  • be close up, clear, and in sharp focus
  • be less than six months old
  • clearly show your face and eyes
  • printed on glossy/matte type of photo paper

Common Errors in Australian Queensland Driving Licence Picture

Due to a lack of familiarity with the detailed photo regulations, most people will make mistakes when taking their driving licence photos. We list some errors below for you to consider.

  • Photo of the wrong size. The size requirement is 35mm wide by 45mm long.
  • Smile or show your teeth. Keeping a neutral expression is enough.
  • Your hair covers your eyes, ears, and the edge of your face. Please make sure your hair will not cover any part or organ of your face.
  • There is uneven light or shadow in your face or your photo.
  • The background of your picture has a pattern or includes other objects.
  • Wearing a hat or head coverings but not for religious or medical reasons. 
  • Your photo has a reflection caused by your glasses or your eyes are blocked by their frames.
  • The appearance of the red-eye effect.

What Kind of Pose Should I Take in My Australian Queensland Driving Licence Photo?

What also matters is your posture in your licence photo. If you have no idea of how to pose when taking your driver's licence picture, read these tips for getting a nicer Australian Queensland driving licence photo! 

  • Sit or stand up straight. Your image should be in the center of your driving licence photo and without any tilt. Therefore, keeping your back straight is of importance.
  • Look at the camera lens directly. Keep your eyes fixed on the camera.
  • Be relaxed and keep a neutral expression. You do not need to smile in your driving licence photo. Besides, frowning is also not permitted.
  • Try not to lift your chin upwards or downwards.


What to Wear When Taking My Australian Queensland Driving Licence Photo?

When it comes to dressing, the Australian government has no special restrictions. Nevertheless, it does not mean you can wear whatever clothes you like. We collect some tips for you.

  • Avoid wearing white. White clothes are not recommended to wear because the background of your Australian Queensland driving licence photo is white. 
  • Clothes in soft colors make you look better. Since the background of the photo is light-colored, if you are fair-skinned, wearing light-color clothes makes you look very pale and sickly. On the other hand, you should not wear black clothes for photos either, because it will make you look pale again. Try to put on clothes with pastel colors such as blue, green or pink.
  • Not to worry about your lower part's clothing because only your head and shoulders need to be included in the picture.
  • Any uniforms are not acceptable. 

Australian Queensland Driving Licence Photo-Makeup Suggestions

You can wear makeup when taking your picture. Nevertheless, to lower the chance of being rejected because of an inappropriate image, you need to be careful when choosing your makeup products. The most important rule to remember is to keep your makeup as simple as possible and keep it the same as the type you apply in daily life.

  • Use makeup that will not create reflections. Try not to apply too much highlighter as it can create reflections easily.
  • Choose a foundation that is close to your skin color. Your foundation accounts for a large part of your face, so please wear a natural one to avoid needless troubles. Besides, do not forget to match the foundation on your face and neck. Otherwise, you will look strange in your picture.
  • Using matte eye shadow can make your eyes look clean and refrain from applying glitter eye shadow. 
  • Your lipstick color should look natural. 
  • Cat eyeliner is not recommended to wear.
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