AI-Powered Face Cutout in a Click

Accurately detect the subject's face and make big head cutout with just a few taps

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How to Get Big Head Cutouts?

  • Upload the target image.

  • One-click Face Cutout.

  • Personalized Editing.

  • Easy Access to Final Photo.

Features of Face Cutout Tech

Features of Face Cutout Tech

AI Head Detection and Recognition

The tool has a strong capacity for face-hair segmentation for adults, kids, and pets with hair-level fine details.

Automatic Cutout Technology

The service support 100% intelligent cutout including other objects other than your face like background.

Fast Final Result Access

The tool can take full advantage of AI-backed bulk face cutout, which frees you from the strenuous manual cutout.

Personalized Close-up Photos

AiPassportPhotos can offer customized services including the background color and picture editing. Get perfect close-up images now!

Get Quality-Assured and Precise Face Cut Out Online

cut out a boy's face photo

Create Custom Face Cutouts for Next Event

ai-enabled face cutout

Seamless and AI-enabled Face Cut Out

Create giant head cutout smoothly and make digital photo collage in no time! All you need is to upload your image to our face cutouts tool, and our AI system will detect the face and remove unwanted parts automatically. It only takes a few seconds to get big head cutouts in AiPassportPhotos.

big head cutouts for nex event

Big Head Cutouts for Next Event

Stunning face cut out in big event always works wonder. Simply use AiPassportPhotos to create face cutout signs, big head posters, big heads on a stick or cardboard head cutout. These creative image cutout can add more fun and creativity to your celebration! You also can cut out image online for all your social media videos and graphics.

cut out face for social media

Create Face Cut Out for Social Media

Cut out someone's head from photo and make it the center of attention! Whether it is a portrait, beloved pet, athlete, graduate, a group photo of several people, or other funny faces, you can create eye-catching face cut out instantly. Apply big head filter and share your custom cutout to win over likes and fans!

cartoon big head

Big Head Cutout to Be Composited with Cartoon

Bring a fresh new look by creating custom cartoon head cutout! After cutting out faces from photo, you can turn cutout to cartoon directly in AiPassprotPhotos. Several cartoon filters are available to choose from or you can change photo background, then get your unique giant head cutout for party or set it as profile picture.

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Review on Users' Comments

  • I am preparing a close-up shot for my document. I have a tight schedule, and I don’t know how to deal with the problem until I meet this powerful tool, which can help me have a face cutout instantly.

    Taylor Ricardo, US


  • AiPassportPhotos works smoothly and greatly! It is so much better than other auto portrait segmentation tools in the market. My first pick!

    Antony Yale, AU

    Market Manager

  • Your guys should listen to me! It just does me a big favor in portrait cutout! What’s more important is that it just takes a few seconds! It saves a lot of effort for me!

    Belle Hamilton, UK


  • Awesome face cutout product! I will definitely recommend it to my friends! I will give it five stars!

    Egbert James, CA

    Senior Manager

    • Thanks for your great invention. We are in urgent need of such a good tool as AiPassportPhotos. We will always company you, just keep it on.

      Catherine Leigh, NL


    • One-click image matting function provided by AiPassportPhotos is so easy to use, saving me a lot of time, and works perfectly for portraits.

      Cliff George, ID


    • I have tried your product for the first time, but it just leaves a deep impression on me. Your tool can just get the background removed and face cut out from the image.

      Polly Duncan, MAS


    • It is a time and money-saving option for me to use the tool for photo processing. Just come and enjoy the fancy features offered by AiPassportPhotos!

      Matt Bowen, US



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